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Mason Jennings – Adrian Lyrics 13 years ago
does anyone know what exactly this song is about? i know that mason often writes about historical figures, and i was just wondering whether the narrator was fictional or not. certain things, like the name adrian and the way he says "we" dont fear death instead of "i" or "you," makes me wonder.

Bright Eyes – The Center of the World Lyrics 14 years ago
until i read these comments, the thought never crossed my mind that this song had anything to do with a romance. personally, i think that the statue is symbolic of god. the narrator being turned to sand is his birth. the beach, society. the sea, death. the girls find honey, as we find ways to entertain ourselves, through our music, our relationships, whatever it is we do. the men make gravestones, as we try to immortalize ourselves. and the priest no longer feels joy at the choir, as we all become jaded. then there is a major shift in the song, and after that i certainly think that it is about suicide. this song is so raw and so beautiful. one of my favorites.

Bright Eyes – A Poetic Retelling of an Unfortunate Seduction Lyrics 14 years ago
now, i may be over-analyzing this, but it has always seemed to me that this song is about drugs...the forbidden appeal, the encapturement, and finally the panic that comes when you realize that this substance is becoming engrained into your identity ("...and watch as it seeps to their hearts to beat within their virgin chests"). i think the image of a brothel is a very effective one in conveying the emotions involved in an addiction. maybe im wrong. but its a beautiful song.

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