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Mayhem – Freezing Moon Lyrics 12 years ago
evildave, just because there is a melody or 2 in the songs oesnt mean its not black metal

Mayhem – Pure Fucking Armageddon Lyrics 12 years ago
these are problably the greatest lyrics ever written

Mayhem – Deathcrush Lyrics 12 years ago
no you moron, it was not euronymous who wrote these lyrics, it was necrobutcher. the rest that kodos wrote is actually true, ive seen/read a few interviews where necrobutcher tells about it

Guns N' Roses – Get In The Ring Lyrics 14 years ago
ok, to straighten a few things up here:
after a show vince neil (motley crue) sucker punched izzy for hitting his wife (id say thats justfied). izzy didnt care much about it afterwards since they actually used to be friends(he even called vince and apologized), and slash duff and steven were good friends to motley crue since years so they had no problem with vince. but axl suddenly started some sort of press war where he acted like if he was the king of the world and he was gonna show the motley crue this and that, saying that they had insulted guns n roses for years(yeah right).
it was AXL who challanged vince to fights but never showed up himself. after a while vince got so fucking pissed that he challanged axl to a fight in TV and thats about it.

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