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Cyndi Lauper – True Colors Lyrics 14 years ago
the accoustic cut of this is purely fantastic

The Slackers – International War Criminal Lyrics 14 years ago
The lyrics are wrong, its "They said like DOMINOES this;
Whole wide world could;
Fall to peices like they wish the Middle East would;"
not diamond owns this.

Regina Spektor – Pound of Flesh Lyrics 14 years ago
ezra pound was a w=modernist writer, and an anti-semite.

Joni Mitchell – California Lyrics 15 years ago
OHMIGOD. it is NOT a refrence to the BEACH BOYS. its a refrence to Crosby Stills and Nash, because she was dating Grahm Nash at the time

The Zombies – A Rose For Emily Lyrics 15 years ago
I love the story, and i kind of wish the song was about it.

Elvis Costello – Welcome To The Working Week Lyrics 15 years ago
WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS THINK ITS ABOUT A GIRL? this is very straight forward- its about hating work but doing it Anyways because you have to

Missy Higgins – Unbroken Lyrics 15 years ago
and packing your bags and moving out, AGAIN points to divorce. there is no boy/girl relationship with an intricate scenario in this one.

Missy Higgins – Unbroken Lyrics 15 years ago
You are all fucking idiots.
It's about divorce, clearly.

"Watch you mother put her name to the line
Next to the place where your father signed "

is about signing divorce papers on the line.

the part about a red hand print implies she's being beaten, and about how she'll never look at things innocently again due to her parents and so forth. About how everything will be changed from now on.

and as for all that "blue line" pregnancy test stuff, thats just reading way too far into it.

Less Than Jake – Plastic Cup Politics Lyrics 16 years ago
sadly- this song had a lot to do with me quitting drinking

Lit – My Own Worst Enemy Lyrics 16 years ago
uhm- its not meant to be that meaningful. its kinda lighthearted...

Everclear – I Will Buy You A New Life Lyrics 16 years ago
i think that thses posts are ALL wrong. the video is kind of dark. art is outside on a sunny day- grinning at a girls door, creepily, while she's on the inside (im pretty sure its denise richards) crying in a dimly lit room. to me- its about false promises, false hopes, and second chances. i guess i see the song with more of a sarcastic tone than most.

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