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Paul Dempsey – Bird in a Basement Lyrics 9 years ago
In Sydney, Paul dedicated this one to his grandmother - to whom it seems there's a reference in the song, if that gives you something to start with.

Paul Dempsey – Safety In Numbness Lyrics 9 years ago
I read this one as about anti-depressents ("A perfectly good poison / for the perfectly numb"..."If flowers should bloom upon your wallpaper face", etc.), and the conflicting senses of knowing that your missing out on something ("Are you missing a stranger / that you might have loved"), but at the same time a fear of what it may mean to lose your letter-boxed view of the world and directly face emotional issues.

Melora Creager – Girl Lunar Explorer Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm hearing;

Across a freezing dust-scape (Wednesday)

It penetrates (deep down the day-side)

Paul Dempsey – Have You Fallen Out Of Love? Lyrics 9 years ago
At a show last night Paul said that this was about the people who come knocking at your door to tell you that the Apocalypse is coming.

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