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Ugly Casanova – Smoke Like Ribbons Lyrics 8 years ago
So, I think I finally figure this out. The lyric is:

Lawtey Lawtey loved him
Starke don't give a flat fuck

John Orth (along with his band Holopaw) lives in Gainesville, Fl. For a while, Isaac Brock lived here too, and he saw Holopaw play a bunch of times. They got to know eachother, and Isaac Brock asked John Orth to work on Ugly Casanova with him, which he did.

Point is, Starke and Lawtey are both neighboring cities. And Gainesville's a small town, so they're not a long way away (Starke also has a major prison that Gainesville feeds into). Even after I moved to Gainesville, I didn't really think about it until I saw both names on a road sign and made the connection to this song. (Holopaw itself is named after a city in Florida, which makes this seem even more likely.)

The Bird and the Bee – Heard It On The Radio Lyrics 8 years ago
I think this is pretty much The Bird and The Bee's version of a Hall and Oates song- corny, extremely repetitive, about a relationship, upbeat- but it's also an explanation of the importance of Hall and Oates for the band, and the reason for the tribute album.

The song is about a popular radio song that gets a lot of play; the narrator hears the strong throughout a relationship, and at some points confuses her feelings about the relationship with her feelings about this song, and how ultimately the presence of this song is her life over the course of that relationship has caused the two to become completely tied to eachother in her memories.

It's also worth noting that the lyric "when we first kissed you made it to my list" references "Kiss is on my list," a Hall and Oates song.

In other words, I think they're more or less just saying they love Hall and Oates' sappy, catchy music and that at certain points in their lives, the songs have insinuated themselves into their memories which creates a kind of importance, hence the tribute CD.

Actually, although the CD is pretty great overall, this song is the best part of it.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – Since U Been Gone/Maps Lyrics 10 years ago
Ted Leo actually expressed that he loved Since U Been Gone.

Jason Collett – Charlyn, Angel Of Kensington Lyrics 10 years ago
And I guess if we're talking meaning it's straightforward. This woman is more than likely an orphan ("from St. Christopher's house, into the streets you set out" seems to imply this) who's fully invested herself in her city and in the people in it, essentially building her own family out of these masses.

Jason Collett – Charlyn, Angel Of Kensington Lyrics 10 years ago
This track is so different from the country vibe that was so typical for him before Here's to Being Here. It was sort of jarring for me at first, but I've really fallen in love with the album as a whole. This track is one of the best though.

Mirah – Gone Sugaring Lyrics 10 years ago
This song definitely does leave me wanting more. It hits this beautiful climax at "take me to the twentyfourth floor," and then ends a few seconds later. I've listened to it five times today.

I'd like to think this is deliberate; she's leaving and she's left wanting more just like I am (or we are).

Stars – Take Me to the Riot Lyrics 10 years ago
I really don't think this has anything to do with a prostitute. I think it has to do with an extremely destructive relationship between two extremely destructive people.

The prostitute angle seems possible in some places, but not in light of the riot part, or "Sunday in the cell" (arrested and released on bail every single week?), or really in light of the romantic parts either.

Shapes And Sizes – Island's Gone Bad Lyrics 10 years ago
The first several times I heard this song, it was in my car, and it was playing on an Asthmatic Kitty sampler. So I normally sort of just missed the first part of the song and then got really into the "fruit always tastes much sweeter" part of the song, which I thought was a song on its own. I actually sort of wish they were two separate songs, because I think the second part is a lot more successful than the first.

Kevin Drew – Backed Out On The... Lyrics 11 years ago
Sorry, guys... The CD book says it cocks.

Backed out on the cocks.

Ugly Casanova – Cat Faces Lyrics 11 years ago
Someone else mentioned that Isaac is from a logging town; I take this song to be about the fruitlessness of life there; the town lives to kill trees and kills trees to live; this pointlessness is the reason why their hearts aren't beating; they're living a sort of empty, half-life, or they're barely alive at all. They pour their blood into the ground (which I take to mean that they're putting their whole lives into sustaining the city), the trees soak it up, and then they cut down the trees; and I think the pointless of that act is also reflected in the carving, because the cat faces will be gone as soon as the tree is cut down.

Feist – Sea Lion Woman Lyrics 11 years ago
It's alternately named See-line Woman, actually, but that definitely makes a lot of sense. I have wondered about this often. "See the lyin'."


Elliott Smith – Say Yes Lyrics 11 years ago
The "say yes" destroys me every time.

Handsome Boy Modeling School – Class System Lyrics 12 years ago

"I'd ask but that's a no" is absolutely "My husband doesn't know."

Gorillaz – Don't Get Lost in Heaven Lyrics 12 years ago
I think something everybody's overlooking is that this song (and the last one) are songs written by Strange People for Strange People. It's not as though we're the ones being mined; the mining happened and here we are now.

The song has to do, I think, with not just taking advantage of everything that we have without considering the implications.

Broken Social Scene – Looks Just Like The Sun Lyrics 12 years ago
You'd better check your watch, not words. You'd better check your watch; I think it's time you left.

k-os – Crabbuckit Lyrics 12 years ago
I've never heard this song (or anything by k-os) on the radio (I'm not Canadian), but I think he's incredible and I think this is the best song on the CD.

Feist – La Sirena Lyrics 12 years ago
Such a beautiful song. I want Monarch so, so badly.

"You are the end of me" is perfect.

Broken Social Scene – All My Friends Lyrics 12 years ago
Do you mean that "the duvets wish they were still wet" is a reference to "Wet Blanket"? I can see how that would work.

But I am sure that this isn't a song about condemning friends and band members. That's ridiculous.

Mansun – The Chad Who Loved Me Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is pretty incredible. The way it flips from orchestra to guitar is so seamless and amazing.

Ugly Casanova – Smoke Like Ribbons Lyrics 12 years ago
This song never made a big impression, and then suddenly, a few days ago, as I was walking to my dorm late at night, I started thinking about it. I've listened to it over and over since. It's perfect.

cake walk dancers
from their spin
singin' "lawty lawty loved him."
stark don't give a flat fuck.

Radiohead – The Bends Lyrics 12 years ago
Most likely, some friend of the band's didn't show up at a show, and he use the Bends as an excuse. Presumably, a lot of their friends skip their shows, and this song is about that.

Sufjan Stevens – Decatur, or Round of Applause for Your Stepmother! Lyrics 12 years ago
Only Catholics can love. Okay.

Maybe he's refering to the religiousness of the people in Decatur. I really don't know anything about it, but it sounds small.

Air – The Vagabond (feat. Beck Hansen) Lyrics 13 years ago
I think a lot of people don't like that Beck is so much more present here than Air, but I fucking love Beck anyway.

Wyclef Jean – Guantanamera Lyrics 13 years ago
There are mistakes here. For example: it's guajira.

The Unicorns – Tuff Luff Lyrics 13 years ago
This is the only Unicorns song I've heard.

The "Save Us" part just destroys me, but I mean that in the best way.

Tori Amos – Precious Things Lyrics 13 years ago
I have yet to discover another Tori Amos song that I like, but I really do like this one.

Snow Patrol – Gleaming Auction Lyrics 13 years ago
Man, I really lik this song. I don't really like the Snow Patrol, but I really like this one.

Modest Mouse – Heart Cooks Brain Lyrics 13 years ago
Oh, man, I've always thought that "It's a bad thought" was "Don't cry." Shit.

The Flaming Lips – One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21 Lyrics 13 years ago
This album is fantastic. I love that it tells a story--and about a little girl fighting robots, no less.

This song, in particular, is one the best, though. Aside from sounding great, the lyrics discuss the feelings of a robot made to feel emotion, which could easily be ridiculous, but it's a little touching.

Finch – Project Mayhem (feat. Daryl Palmubo) Lyrics 13 years ago
Because music doesn't have to be good if it's loud and energetic enough.

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) Lyrics 13 years ago
I love that the lyrics and the vocals seem improvised. It seems like he really means it, and the song flows so well because of it.

This is definitely their best song.

Beck – Debra Lyrics 13 years ago
It sort of bothers me that some versions of this CD have other tracks following this, because it serves as such a perfect closer.

Death Cab for Cutie – Lightness Lyrics 13 years ago
I think the first thing that struck me abou this song is that they introduce the image of a woman in her favorite dress, and promptly pervert it by mentioning some guy who's peeking through a tear in the fabric. The way that innocence of the image is perverted makes it seem sick in an unashamed way, and it works very fucking well.

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