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Michael Jackson – Speed Demon Lyrics 11 years ago
I cant remember where I heard it from, but Michael got busted for speeding and he was rather wound up about it. He was running late getting to the studio, then when he got there someone said to him to write a song about it, about how he felt. Guess it could double for paparazzi and insane fans of his. =P

Michael Jackson – Escape (Outtake from Invincible) Lyrics 11 years ago
Hm, i've listened to this over and over...I get a real deep feeling of anger eminating from it. Questioning WHY people make it thier business to invade his personal life and judge him the way alot of people have.

Michael Jackson – Dirty Diana Lyrics 11 years ago
I freakin' love this song, don't think i've clapped my beady eyes on the video. Probably have done in past years on MTV but i'm not too sure. I'm a girl, and a friend of mine can be such a groupie to any hot 'rocker' available, kida reminds me of her and the times i've had guys lower themselves just to get what they want from me. x.x; I remember the time when girls used to faint at the name Michael Jackson, I wasnt one of them cuz I respected his music. <3

Michael Jackson – Come Together (The Beatles cover) Lyrics 11 years ago
I had no idea this was originally by the Beatles, I first heard it on the Moonwalker 'film' and man...I wasnt sure I liked this until I listened to it a few more times, then POW. OMG...I can really say I love this song. <3 Its very sexy, i'll agree. <3 The way he sings and moves during...gonna miss him. RIP

Deathstars – Synthetic Generation Lyrics 14 years ago
Both god and the antichrist?

God is the ultimate antichrist, is what he's saying. A twisted perversion of faith

Deathstars – Little Angel Lyrics 14 years ago
Innocence doesnt last long, strike out of yourself and show the world the sick twisted fucker you are.. x)

Alice Cooper – Cold Ethyl Lyrics 14 years ago
XD Nice, I dont have a dick so I cant fuck the dead, but I do spean a lot of time pondering around the graveyards, thinking of what I could do? XD

Bluenuts, lovely XDDD

Good old alice!

Mötley Crüe – Bastard Lyrics 14 years ago
"Don't you try to rape me"

Umm...ok, I only thought Vince was a girl on 3 occasions, about time he realised that XD

Mötley Crüe – T.N.T. (Terror 'N Tinseltown) Lyrics 14 years ago
Umm, may I point out ... its about nikki's OD!?


My Chemical Romance – I'm Not Okay (I Promise) Lyrics 14 years ago

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California Lyrics 14 years ago

I had to play this on my drums! It so fucking assed itself!

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California Lyrics 14 years ago

I had to play this on my drums! It so fucking assed itself!

KISS – You Matter To Me Lyrics 14 years ago
Awesome song! Peter Criss is my main man!

KISS – I Love It Loud Lyrics 14 years ago
-cant hear a thing-
This is a track you can put on the PA system and annoy the WHOLE STREET! (you have to hide inside though XD)

KISS – Wiped Out Lyrics 14 years ago
Easy, Ace Frehley getting hammered!

KISS – That's The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes Lyrics 14 years ago
You cant sit still to this track! Peter Criss rocks!

KISS – Let's Put The X In Sex Lyrics 14 years ago
I think this is self explanitory XDDDD

KISS – Jungle Lyrics 14 years ago

KISS – What's On Your Mind? Lyrics 14 years ago
"What the hell?"

Ace is hawtness y'all!

KISS – Young And Wasted Lyrics 14 years ago
Peter and Ace come into mind,
Both of them were the bad boys of KISS, XD
the pranksters! the drugs! the...drink...and utter silliness of them both!

KISS – Talk To Me Lyrics 14 years ago
Ace is sexy in this vid! ^.^;;
Great vocals, his own cheekiness back in the court, good to see he's the better singer of KISS. Both he and Pete have great voices

KISS – Rocket Ride Lyrics 14 years ago
"Its about entering a 'black hole'"

Ace talking about a good ol fashoin fuck

KISS – Cold Gin Lyrics 14 years ago
oh, Gene DOES drink. Not as much as Peter and Ace though.
You see him with an odd glass of champagne or something casually. Or whatever

KISS – 2000 Man Lyrics 14 years ago
Frehley, is releasing a new album. Thats if hes not too bust being mr, AHK!

KISS – Calling Dr. Love Lyrics 14 years ago
It screams out one thing -


KISS – A World Without Heroes Lyrics 14 years ago
phrrt. Really? He cries in the vid?
Gene, although he is the most stubborn, greedy fucked up bastard whos shagged more people than you can count.
He is a fun guy, likes to have a laugh and is...well...the Demon

KISS – Beth Lyrics 14 years ago
Sticking to the truth, very emotional.

I like the version he did JUST with Ace Frehley on one of his solo albums.
He isnt overshadowed by the rest of the band and all this musical crap. Just him singing and Ace playing along with an acoustic

58 – Alone Again (naturally) Lyrics 15 years ago
And at sixty-five years old
My mother, God rest her soul,
Couldn't understand why the only man
She had ever loved had been taken
Leaving her to start with a heart so badly broken
Despite encouragement from me
No words were ever spoken
And when she passed away
I cried and cried all day
Alone again, naturally
Alone again, naturally

Its so sad... ; ;

58 – Shopping Cart Jesus Lyrics 15 years ago


58 – Stormy Lyrics 15 years ago
Nikki Sixx - Its about his daughter Stormy ^^ Such a sweetie

Vince Neil – Promise Me Lyrics 15 years ago
I gotta get some of Vince's solo stuff, man 0.0

Vince Neil – You're Invited(But Your Friend Can't Come) Lyrics 15 years ago
80's all over again XD

Methods Of Mayhem – Get Naked Lyrics 15 years ago
Im suprised so many people hate Methods-Tommy lee and fucked like that...y'know?

Methods was a laugh to many, XD

Tommy Lee – Hello Again Lyrics 15 years ago
Can you hear me? Ive missed you...are you there?


Lonliness and the feelings inside when you ring them and dont see thier face

Tommy Lee – Trying To Be Me Lyrics 15 years ago
Done it, its great! XD

Its hard to be famous and its not all fun and games

Tommy Lee – The Butler Lyrics 15 years ago
Thomas Lee...XD

Tommy Lee – Say Goodbye Lyrics 15 years ago
Its hard to walk away from something you know so well

Tommy Lee – Hold Me Down Lyrics 15 years ago
No matter what you do, theres always something holding you back.

Oh, and you fucked little twits who dont like him DONT LISTEN TO HIM THEN DUMBASSES! sheesh...
Tommy is underrated for who he is and what hes done in there...

...lighter note...
I liked 'get naked' The vid, made me smirk, it was way to cocky and...weird XD

Guns N' Roses – 14 Years Lyrics 15 years ago
I was the dog... they all tried to beat
But it's been
14 years of silence
It's been
14 years of pain
It's been
14 years that are gone forever
And I'll never have again

Reminds me that the first years of life sucked. for 14 years (For me) were shit, I wondered who my dad was, some dickhead who I found out recently contacted my uncle...

Guns N' Roses – Used to Love Her Lyrics 15 years ago
Axl kept getting whined and bitched by his girl so much he fucking wanted to kill her. Or left her, but she keeps trying to ring 'I can still hear her complain'

Guns N' Roses – You Ain't The First Lyrics 15 years ago
"Hows it take" hmmmm...I think the guy was Matt or Izzy...I dont recognise the voice, so it may have been wizzy izzy

Guns N' Roses – The Blues Lyrics 15 years ago
A break up. Your partener now seems cold and cruel to you for what he/she did...

...I love this track....

Mötley Crüe – Father Lyrics 15 years ago
I really need to listen to this track, suits me...pshh

Iron Maiden – Fates Warning Lyrics 15 years ago
MWAHAHAHA! Impending doom people

Iron Maiden – The Assassin Lyrics 15 years ago
An assasin's work...
how the mind runs

Guns N' Roses – I Don't Care About You Lyrics 15 years ago
3 words


Guns N' Roses – Bad Apples Lyrics 15 years ago
Everyone trying to copy...

Guns N' Roses – Don't Damn Me Lyrics 15 years ago
This song just fucking rocks!

To me its:

"Let me say what i want WHENEVER THE FUCK I WANT TO! I dont have to keep silent for you, ill speak my mind and kick your fucking ass while im at it!"

Bon Jovi – Bed Of Roses Lyrics 15 years ago
The hotel bar hangover whiskey's gone dry
The barkeeper's wig's crooked
And she's giving me the eye
I might have said yeah
But i laughed so hard i think i died


Mötley Crüe – Smokin' in the Boys Room Lyrics 15 years ago
Just so fucking funny!

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