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The Goo Goo Dolls – Iris Lyrics 14 years ago
i dont want this to sound like everyone else's sad tales...this song was played randomly on my itunes when me and my girlfriend were talking about why we were breaking up. then we moved onto the subject of the songs off treasure island...and then i mentioned this song and it just clikced in my mind as i told her the lyics to help her remember the song. This song was/is just the way i think about my girlfriend. everytime i hear this song i just cant help but get mopey and down. To me this songs about a person who doesn't fit in and things always seem to be against him. The only things that makes life worth living is the special person and he's lose everything if he lost her.

Muse – Hysteria Lyrics 14 years ago
Hysteria....what can i say, unique? well that too but simply one of THE best songs i've ever heard. Tune is great, lyrics are deep and the video....well the video's expressive. When the guy screams out in anger it fit the mood perfectly i felt, it displayed the guy's pain perfectly. To me, the song is about loving someone so much that its always on your mind. No matter where you are or what you're doing, or who you're with, the person's on your mind. Simply the best, one of my fav songs.

Hundred Reasons – Silver Lyrics 14 years ago
I, until a year ago, could NOT find a truely good british band to obsess about....then my friends at my boarding school, intro'd me to Hundred reasons. WHOA i was just passing by friends dorm and instantly like the sound of the guitar and vocals. I instantly fell in love with this band. Along with bands like Funeral For a Friend, Feeder, Lostprophets and Muse they one of Brit's Best Rock bands. They in NO way sound like sum41 or blink (although they also rule) they have a totally defining sound.

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