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The Fall – Bury, Pts. 1 + 3 Lyrics 7 years ago
The Spanish Inquisition

The Fall – A Day in the Life Lyrics 9 years ago
MES says:

found my coat and grabbed my stash
made the bus in seconds flat
found my way upstairs and had a smoke
and nobody spoke cause I went into a dream.

Mose Allison – Parchman Farm Lyrics 11 years ago
A cautionary tale about drinking too much wine and shooting your wife, I reckon.

Johnny Cash – Jackson Lyrics 11 years ago
We named our first son "Jackson" because we loved the song.

More of the song came true than I'd care to reflect on.

The Rolling Stones – Soul Survivor [Alternate Take] Lyrics 11 years ago
opiates and/or women.

The Rolling Stones – Soul Survivor Lyrics 11 years ago
Kiss off to Bianca:

When you're flying your flags
All my confidence sags,
You got me packing my bags.
I'll stowaway at sea,
You make me mutiny,
Where you are I won't be,
You're gonna be the death of me

Devo – Freedom Of Choice Lyrics 11 years ago

They are drawing attention to the distinction of "Freedom Of" and "Freedom To"
and so that simply tossing the word "freedom" around by itself is meaningless out of context.

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock) Lyrics 11 years ago
My little herbs talk to me, too! Jah bless.

David Bowie – Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?) Lyrics 11 years ago
"That was about young people just before the two wars wanting to go and screw girls and kill foreigners called Aladdin Sane."

- David Bowie

Bridge School Benefit
Saturday, October 19, Sunday, October 20, 1996

Talking Heads – Animals Lyrics 11 years ago
Byrne told me he was inspired one day when his cat pissed in his shoe.

Just a rant to remind pets they have it easy, it's a jungle out there.

Donovan – Mellow Yellow Lyrics 11 years ago
Always loved the tune, concerned about 14, though.

The Velvet Underground – Some Kinda Love Lyrics 11 years ago
some kinds of love
are mistaken for vision

Between thought and expression lies a lifetime.

you betcha

Death in Vegas – GBH Lyrics 11 years ago
Acronym Definition
GBH Grievous Bodily Harm (UK criminal law)
GBH Great Blue Heron
GBH Gamma Hydroxybutyrate
GBH Great Big Hug
GBH Game Boy Horror (game, Luigi's Mansion)
GBH Group Busy Hour
GBH Going Back Home
GBH Great Britain Hardcore (music genre)
GBH Great Blue Hill

Syd Barrett – Baby Lemonade Lyrics 11 years ago
This song links Syd with Flannery O'Connor, who was into the mail order swan scene.

send a cage through the post
make your name like a ghost

Neil Young – Yonder Stands the Sinner Lyrics 11 years ago
sounds like leo to me.

Cream – Tales Of Brave Ulysses Lyrics 11 years ago
the wpediers say:

The lyrics are inspired by Homer's Odyssey, an account of the adventures undertaken by Ulysses. This can be seen in the song's reference to "naked ears ... tortured by the sirens sweetly singing," an event from Homer's epic. When interviewed on the episode of the VH1 show, Classic Albums, which featured Disraeli Gears, lyricist Martin Sharp explained that he had recently returned from Ibiza, which was the source of many of the images in the song (e.g. "tiny purple fishes run laughing through her fingers") and the general feeling of having left an idyll to return to "the hard lands of the winter"; Clapton stated in the same show that he had been independently writing a tune based on the Loving Spoonful's "Summer in the City", and when Sharp gave him the words (on the back of a bar napkin) they fit the tune.

Cream – Badge Lyrics 11 years ago

This is one of my favorite tunes, aside from the interesting history.

George was helping his longtime friend come up with his required tune for the final Goodbye album.
Some friendships survive stress that ruins others, but you knew that.

My theory is that these three gentlemen used whatever means at their disposal, and they had no shortage, to get something done before a deadline. I do my best work that way, too.

Cream – Badge Lyrics 11 years ago

That's how i understand it.

John Lennon – John Sinclair Lyrics 11 years ago
Jul 1969 - Sinclair had been sentenced to prison in July 1969 for 10 years -- he'd been busted for possession of two marijuana cigarettes. (Hence the John Lennon lyric in "John Sinclair": "They gave him ten for two...what else can the judges do?") Amazingly, three days after the John Sinclair Freedom Rally, John Sinclair was freed.

Those were the days, when things could get done like that.

John Lennon – John Sinclair Lyrics 11 years ago
I don't know of anyone these days who can write like that.

John Lennon – John Sinclair Lyrics 11 years ago
On April 15 2009 John played a show to launch his new book IT'S ALL GOOD at Filthy Macnasty's Whiskey Cafe in Islington. Accompanying him were Charles Shaar Murray, Gary Laminn and Buffalo Bill Smith on Harmonica.

In September and October of 2009, John Sinclair had two surgeries in Detroit, MI USA to repair a hammer toe problem. He plans to return to Europe in November after recovering.

As of late November 2009, John is serving as "High Priest" at the 22nd Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

John Lennon – John Sinclair Lyrics 11 years ago

The Velvet Underground – Some Kinda Love Lyrics 11 years ago
It can be fun, it can be all kinds of things. Ask my friend, Phil Hartman. Los Angeles police stated Hartman's death was due to "domestic discord" between the couple.

Neil Young – Tired Eyes Lyrics 16 years ago
What do you mean,
he had bullet holes
in his mirrors?

I love that line.

Ween – Buckingham Green Lyrics 16 years ago
The child is female.

Buckingham Green is a potent form of lsd.

Talking Heads – Don't Worry About The Government Lyrics 16 years ago
Worry about the government.

Miss Kitten – Frank Sinatra Lyrics 16 years ago
Frank Sinatra would stay up all night and then have breakfast served upon a naked show girl.

The point is Frank IS dead, but newer generations continue to celebrate decadence.

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