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NOFX – Cell Out Lyrics 5 years ago
NOFX makes a ton of money, dude. They're far from broke. Fat Mike is a millionaire.

Anyway, this song is pretty self-explanatory, in which Fat Mike is making light of critiques and older fans calling NOFX "sell outs".

NOFX – Happy Break Up Song Lyrics 11 years ago
vactom and Dippy, this is not NOFX. It's "NOFX', not "NoFX".

A bunch of NOFX nerds (myself included). That song isn't on there at all.

Propagandhi – A Speculative Fiction Lyrics 12 years ago
That allmusic review is correct. The title of the song even gives it away.

Also, the line, "your stupid fucking laser pucks were just the start"

That's a reference NHL (hockey) games that used to be broadcasted on FOX. The network made this laser light cover the puck when broadcasted on TV so viewers could see it easier. In the end it turned out to be annoying and it was better without the laser.

Propagandhi – America’s Army™ (Die Jugend Marschiert) Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is bashing the computer game America's Army which was created by the U.S. military. It's a recruitment tool. Great lyrics.

The game sucks anyway. Play Counter-Strike.

Propagandhi – White, Proud, And Stupid Lyrics 12 years ago
In the lyrics booklet to "Quantity" after it says "Warzone", it says "(not Nazis). I'm guessing he wasn't being serious.

NOFX – Fungus Lyrics 13 years ago
No it's not. "Fungus" is the name of a radio station on XM satellite radio. 53 is the channel. It's a station that plays punk.

NOFX – Shower Days Lyrics 14 years ago
That doesn't seem that great. Hefe has a totally different style of guitar playing than Steve. Hefe's solos are way to jazzy sounding for punk.

NOFX – Pay to Cum (Bad Brains cover) Lyrics 14 years ago

NOFX – Three Shits To The Wind Lyrics 14 years ago
Those aren't the lyrics. Not even close.

I have them:

Happy days are here again.
I'm three shits to the wind.
Its so nice to wet the bed and not care.
Turning matter into mush.
I'm three shits to the wind.
What's another million cells to my head?
Mornings broken, so is my nose.
I'm three shits to the wind.
How did I get into my neighbor's bedroom?
Why does my tongue taste like Doc?
I'm three shits to the wind.
I think I'll try something stronger next time.

I think it's about getting wasted one night and the following morning you have no clue what happened.

NOFX – You Can Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac cover) Lyrics 14 years ago
It's a Fleetwood Mac cover with a metal guitar solo at the end. Genius!

NOFX – Juice Head Lyrics 14 years ago
Where did you get these lyrics? In the song, all Mike says is "Juice Head".

NOFX – Bang Gang Lyrics 14 years ago
He's making fun of what gangs do. The title is making fun of the term "gang bang".

NOFX – Here Comes The Neighborhood Lyrics 14 years ago
Well the title is a take-off on the saying "There goes the neighborhood".
Sounds like the neighborhood is a bad place and he has to get out, but there's got to be something in there I'm missing.

NOFX – Can't Get The Stink Out Lyrics 14 years ago
It sounds like smelling like smoke/cigarettes from smoking to much.

NOFX – Nowhere Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is about the cold war.

"The Soviet threat"
"It's our destiny to make the cold war history"
I think I proved my point.

NOFX – Joe Is The Best Lyrics 14 years ago

NOFX – Gonoherpasyphilaids Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is about getting gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, and aids all at the same time, hence the title.

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