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Genesis – The Cinema Show Lyrics 4 years ago
More of a panic, but that depends on the party.
And there are few absolutes.

Kevin Ayers – Shouting In A Bucket Blues Lyrics 17 years ago
Maybe 'counting all my lovers on one finger' is a clever reference to masturbation. (?) Lovers come, and then after that they go.
Just a thought.

Kevin Ayers – Observations Lyrics 17 years ago
Kevin's most overtly left-wing song.
He begins by noting that leaders by their nature have the greater interest in improving their own personal portfolio than in any self-professed altruism. He particularly targets religion, specifically christianity with its incarnation and martyrdom. He goes on to strike at politicians and advertisers (doctors of dreaming) who distract from the true evils of a society based on exploitation, replacing focus with entertainment (drugs) and controversy [end of first stanza].
Kevin states the basic unfairness of the social structure, reiterating that those in power, posessing privelage, expolit and use, in order to exaggerate the discrepency between rich and poor. To him, this 'class struggle' is worldwide. "You/we do not work for one another" is his most blatant statement of the rigid class system where the many work for the few (rather than for a communal public good). [End of second stanza].
Very much a didactic, educational song--more than just the typical "Kevin Ayers shares his philosophy of life" song.
At this period in his life, Kevin (allegedly) had a problem with a white, powdered pharmaceutical, the recovery from which greatly influenced this album. His anger at those who exploited this vulnerablility is apparent in this song. He takes more responsiblity in his choice of the album's title.

Kevin Ayers – Circular Letter Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is about an amorphous group of homosexuals inviting Kevin to become homosexual. He takes on a Lou Reed pastiche for the song.
The ancient Greeks, who in popular culture are notorious for their homosexuality, considered the circle the most perfect shape, because all points on the circle are equidistant from the center, but more importantly because an object travelling in a circle will cover the same ground infinitely, always returning to its beginning.
Kevin stresses the importance of being complimentary--NOT being congruent, in relationships (versions of the same old coin, tautological, the same thing again)
I especially like the ecological part.

Genesis – The Cinema Show Lyrics 17 years ago
Pardon the arrogance, but pity you folks do not get around or read more. Tiresias was the "Seer of Thebes". The gods were once arguing about who enjoyed sex more, men or women. To settle the question, they employed a wise human. Being absolute believers in empiricism, they sent the usually male Tiresias to earth as a newly minted female in order to gain the experieces to settle the argument. When he returned to Olympus with his results, the gods quizzed him with the question: Who enjoys sex more? Tiresias answered "were I to divide the pleasure humans experience into a portion of 10, men enjoy sex a value of 3, and women a value of 7". The proud male gods, very angry, struck Tiresias blind on the spot. If I remember correctly, they also gave him the power of prognostication but withheld any ability to convince anyone else of his visions (like Cassandra).
About 70% of the earth's surface is covered by the sea. But [in fact] THAT IS ONLY THE EARTH'S SURFACE!
Truly among the most brilliant lyrics in popular music and tremendous wisdom from such young lads.
Do not miss that the final synthesizer riff (of Cinema Show) comes back (full circle) to become the acoustic guitar opening of the album (Dancing with the Moonlit Knight). Truly brilliant music from a group at the pinnacle of their inspiration.

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