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Sam Sparro – Black and Gold Lyrics 8 years ago
I haven't looked through the other comments to see if someone else has said this, so please excuse me if I am repeating another comment.

I'm quite sure the line is:

'I feel the weight of something beyond them' rather than 'I feel a way of something beyond them'.

That is how it sounds to me, and it makes much more sense this way.

Peter Gabriel – More Than This Lyrics 9 years ago
This song always seemed like it is about a higher being, an entity we are all one in - and a longing to understand that and to be close to it.

It is a fantastic song from an amazing, underrated album.

Yeasayer – I Remember Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm just going to throw it out there - I think it's 'Bright fallen hearts'.

As in, they are happy and in love - they have fallen for each other.

Incubus – Paper Shoes Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree with aliawesome, It sounds to me like it's being sung to a person who's attitude is getting the singer down. Their mood is all over the place - as reliable as paper shoes in bad weather. The part where he says "I'd rather be on my own" gives us the idea that it is probably an intimate relationship.

This is a great song that I think most people should be able to relate to.

Damien Rice – Rootless Tree Lyrics 13 years ago
'Rootless tree' could be an image alluding to being 'shallow'.

I think the song is about a relationship that the protagonist needs to get out of. He needs to let go of this person and the feelings he has for them because they aren't doing him any good. The other person in the relationship is the rootless tree, just using the protagonist.

"What I want from this
Is to learn to let go"

I don't know, the song confuses me a bit. It's just an idea.

Muse – Map of the Problematique Lyrics 13 years ago
Hoodoo sucks?

What do you have for brains!?

Muse – Map of the Problematique Lyrics 13 years ago
Are you people sure it's "saw"?

I was so sure the line was "...everything I sow is being swept away"

To me this song is about depression. It is a song that can be easily manipulated/translated to relate to any person's life situation.

Audioslave – Moth Lyrics 13 years ago
Everyone is arguing what the song is to Cornell, but that's only half of what the song is.

I think songs like this are written without specificities so that all people can relate to it in one way or another.

Having said that, this song is obviously about an addiction of some sort. Addicted to a person, drug, habit etc. The fact that you can be so screwed around by an addiction once - and vow never to return to it again - yet you come crawling back. And you get screwed all over again. This song is about realising the mistakes and vowing never to be a slave to the addiction again.

The chord progression in the chorus is brilliant. And Cornell has lost nothing as a lyricist.

As for those who say the new album sucks, I don't see how you can say that.

System of a Down – Dreaming Lyrics 13 years ago
To me this song was always about the treatment of indigenous peoples.
History shows Western nations (such as Australia and America) have abused and mistreated the Aboriginal peoples of their adopted countries.

"For today we will take the body parts and put them on the wall"

This line shows people's attitudes to Aboriginal peoples. They are like specimens, not people. We are willing to take their body parts and put them on display.

I'm not sure of all the lines, but I've found out 'digenously' isn't a word, but 'digenous' is. It means..."sexually reproductive", so I'm guessing that indigenous people were treated like livestock - living only to reproduce. They had no human rights.

"You, you went beyond and you lost it all Why did you go there From
beyond you saw it all why did you go there"

I figue the chorus is asking why these awful things happened? Why did 'you' go beyond (out of your way) and lose your humanity to see all these terrible things done to another human race.

"Dreaming of screaming
Someone kick me out of my mind
I hate these thoughts I can't deny"

Dreaming of the people's screams, their pain. Wishing someone would take these thoughts away. Because we can't deny that we are guilty by association, It's our ancestors fault that this shit happened.

System of a Down – Violent Pornography Lyrics 13 years ago
What I think Daron is saying is basically that the same people who show us all this shit on tv are self-proclaimed 'Christians'. I think he is talking about the hipocrasy of people who are meant to be living the Christian lifestyle, but manipulate and lie to people via censorship.

And I don't think SOAD are agaisnt Christianity - I'm pretty sure they are against the hipocrasy surrounding organised religion.

System of a Down – Holy Mountains Lyrics 13 years ago
I have to agree with sarkis brassi more on this one...though buddhala's arguements are lacking due to his obvious difficulty with the english language. Buddhala also had an interesting point by saying that music should be to bring peace. But part of brining about peace is admitting that you have done wrong - something the Turks are refusing to do. And that's what the problem is...the Turks' denial is forcing the Armenian people to forget that their history has, and is, being wiped off the face of the earth. It asking a whole race of people to discard their identity.
And it would seem Buddhala is arguing that a war was fought? Attempting to wipe out a whole race of humans is not a war...that's genocide. To me the term war should be used when the fight has a justifiable reason for happening - to improve the peace, so to speak. That's why people call America's advancement into the country of Iraq an 'invasion' - not a war.
This song has to be about Armenian genocide, to say its about something else after seeing all the evidence that is there is rather daft. It's a brilliant song, pretty heavy - not the nicest topic, but an honest and emotional song about the effect the episode has had on SOAD and the Armenians as a people.

Switchfoot – Happy Is A Yuppie Word Lyrics 13 years ago
Happy Is A Young Urban Professional word eh?
It sounds funny when put that way. I can see where Switchfoot are coming from with this song. I used to hate it, but it really makes perfect sense. Yuppies tend to be, as said above, materialistic - and material wealth is not sound.
The song is obviously Christian as can be told by the line "I'm looking for the Kingdom coming down". Jon doesn't believe the emptiness, he doesn't believe that this is all there is. He's looking for a "bridge" he cant burn down, "a life that wont cash out". And that life is in Christ. In Christ you are free from sin, shame, from the things of this world.
Bobby Dylan (the man) was right, this world measures happiness by your possessions - which are not sound. In God you have unfailing, unconditional love. You are blessed.

Hillsong UNITED – Look To You Lyrics 13 years ago
This is definately on of my favorite songs, it is very well written - easy to follow yet still interesting but best of all an awesome mix of praise and worship.

DC Talk – There Is A Treason At Sea Lyrics 14 years ago
Fantastic contemporary poem. Every time I hear this, I love it more and more. It is a fantastic metaphor for life.
For God alone can chart my trip.

Peter Gabriel – Don't Give Up Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm suprised noone has really addressed the context of this song. Whatever the song was written about - a personal breakdown it would seem - it was a song that was vitally important for the UK.
This song was released during Margret thatchers' "industrial 80s". It was a time when Thatcher had reduced the power of Trade Unions and many people had lost their jobs. I always saw this song as being for those people. Especially the line: "So many men no-one needs" It fits perfectly.

Ben Folds Five – Magic Lyrics 14 years ago
One of my fav BFF songs, and Darren Jesse did write it - the drummer. Robert Sledge is the bassist

Ben Harper – So High So Low Lyrics 14 years ago
Awesome song! I'm kinda annoyed no one has posted any comments on it. Basically I think it's a guy showing his frustration with a relationship that is "so high, so low"

System of a Down – Aerials Lyrics 14 years ago
If anyone believes this song means 'nothing' then I have to wonder why they listen to this music

Soundgarden – Let Me Drown Lyrics 14 years ago
Awesome song!! Noone write like cornell, he rocks! :D

Muse – Hate This and I'll Love You Lyrics 14 years ago
I think most of the comments on this page are pretty right, but what about the lines

"You led me on"? and "You left us far behind"?

These lines suggest that Matt B was used by someone (probably a girl considering that he was led on), and that the relationship was never exactly serious.

The first verse shows that Matt is being used by a girl that he would do anything for.
Then I think the second verse is saying how he was ignored and discarded his "soul" (himself) and was made to feel worthless - "unafraid to die".
The second chorus shows the way Matt feels, he wants to destroy her, and he's stronger than he was and is getting stronger by the hour.
The "you led me on" part is just Matt letting out emotions about being used by the girl. He was led to believe she liked him but all she wanted was control.

Anyway thats how I have interpreted the song. Definately one of my favourite muse songs. Hope what I wrote makes sense!

Switchfoot – Might Have Ben Hur Lyrics 14 years ago
osubuckeye420 - great summation of the song. Hit the nail on the head!

Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench Lyrics 14 years ago
if you are a monkey wrench you are a fool who is being used monkey = fool and wrench = tool (hey that ryhmes!). The song is just about not wanting to be used

Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head Lyrics 14 years ago
I just think this song is about a relationship breakdown with some good metaphors. Anyway I wont create more debate. But I love this song and has anyone noticed how much better the live version is than the studio version?

Soundgarden – Pretty Noose Lyrics 14 years ago
I like the tittle "pretty noose", its like the relationship looks nice at a glance, but its gonna kill him. Its hard to atriculate, but I hope someone grasps what I mean. The relationship seems fine to an onlooker - "pretty" - but really its one sided and its going to kill him - "noose". Anyways its a really great song, love it.
(Just a side note - has anyone noticed that grunge is dying?)

Switchfoot – Bomb Lyrics 14 years ago
Did somebody call for a Christian?! lol....
To me this song is about being at school (hence the page and the folder) and stuck with a depressive teenage attitude. The 'fuse' IS Chritianity in my opinion. God puts some purpose in is life, something to live for. All the 'you's in the song are refering to God, only he can stop him from feeling this way. The fuse has been lit and its heading towards the bomb. The bomb is whatever we want it to be - making an impact on our world.
Anyways thats how i interpret this song.
Hope it helps

Switchfoot – Concrete Girl Lyrics 14 years ago
HAHAHA thats so funny, I wasn't looking at the dates till that last comment, and mine is going to be posted almost a year later!
I never thought of it as a song about brings a whole new aspect to the song. I always thought of it as a song about a girl Jon admires. I think its great that he wrote this song, its a really significant topic. Awesome.

Switchfoot – Home Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is, like sandcastle said, a great song just about life in general. Its just a song about putting your eyes, heart and mind towards God. Its a beautiful song to help you make it through the harder and depressing stages of life.
My favorite line is:

"All thats in my head is in your hands"

System of a Down – Violent Pornography Lyrics 14 years ago
jabbahutt444, you have no idea what you are talking about. All you are doing is having a bitch about chrisitanity (the comment on the first page). This song doesn't have any recognisable reference to the old testament, and nowhere in the bible is rape condoned and it doesnt say anything about the abuse of women being okay, the bible teaches against those things, it condems those acts entirely! If you are going to make an arguement, at least get your facts straight and dont make an irrelevant comment to give you a chance to voice your obviously incorrect opinion.

Ben Harper – She's Only Happy In The Sun Lyrics 14 years ago
Ben Harper is greatly underrated! and its so beyond me! but it is kind of cool how barely anyone seems to notice, it gives the listener a sense of achievement hahahaha. This song is great reminds me of more than one girl i know. I think this song is about a girl who Ben loves, but she is only happy when things are vibrant and her world is sunny...if that makes sense.

Lifehouse – Walking Away Lyrics 14 years ago
To me this song has been about a guy looking back on his life and remembering a girl walking out of it. He's either thinking that he'll still be in the same painful place when he's old or hes singing the song from the perspective of himself as an old man. I got that from the line

" an old man cries"

Then the guy is seeing all these people living in houses with families, happily living their lives and he envies them.
The line

"Freedom spelt by a man in chains"

is the protagonist saying that he has freedom, yet he is imprisoned (chains) by his feelings.

"...the memories of a life I wish we'd lived"

The above live is saying that the protagonist wishes that he could have lived a life like the people in the houses with this girl, but he has nothing but silence.

The last bridge/verse is saying that the girl has moved on, but the protagonist is unable to. He can't just scrap up what dignity he has left and walk away, (even as an old man) the memories of this girl walking away from their relationship still pain him.

I guess it makes alot more sense looking at it the way that MuadDib did, but it makes more sense to me as it being a guy singing to a girl because it relates better to my own experiences.

Incubus – Just A Phase Lyrics 14 years ago
nerdy strange? dude, have you seen the morning view sessions? They play this live and its nothing nerdy at all. This band has an awesome feel, you can tell they have been playing together for ages and it rocks. This song...not sure what it means, but I think that its not as specific as some of the people here are suggesting. I think that it has to do with pop culture in general. There are a few references which can be pointed to particular aspects of pop culture, but basically to me this song is saying that pop culture is just a phase, and that the singer hopes that the phase will be over soon, but the fact is it will just be replaced by another phase, and i think that is the point of all the repetition in this song. Anyways, thats this song to me...

Switchfoot – Daisy Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is sooo good. It's a great way to finish the album, dare i say its even better than 'twenty-four' on the Beautiful Letdown? Twenty-Four was a beautiful song and I love it, but its a pretty personal song, whereas Daisy is relevant to everyone. This song is saying that this world isnt what we want, it isnt what we find ourselves in and we have to let go of it. We have to live for something more than this world

Switchfoot – The Shadow Proves The Sunshine Lyrics 14 years ago
I really like the above comment, well said ; )
I had a friend who was upset that the song says 'O Lord, Why did you forsake me?' but its a way we all feel...i mean it says that how many times in psalms? I've felt that way so many times, but the truth is that God has always been there and it awesome. Thats what this song is saying

Switchfoot – Politicians Lyrics 14 years ago
Awesome song! When I saw Switchfoot live, Jon Foreman said that people misunderstand this song and its not actually about politicians, its about the politician inside of us. It's kind of difficult to understand either way...But its a pretty pumping song and I really like it. The way I see it this song is about the fact that we all want to be in control, in power, like politicians. Yet theres noone that we can really trust, because everyone is looking out for themselves (sounds alot like the politicians we know eh). So I think Switchfoot are saying that they want to live for a country (could be taken as living for God) without these people in power or control. They want out from the entropy, the greed and the corruption. Anyways thats what the song means to me.

Switchfoot – Lonely Nation Lyrics 14 years ago
I saw Switchfoot last night in Sydney and they opened with this song. I didn't know it last night and now I can't stop listening to it. It's so powerful, lyrically and musically. At the concert it really just hit me and I couldnt help giving in to the song it was so great! Anyway I found this on the Switchfoot website, this comes straight from Jon:

"Desperate times call for desperate measures. Over the course our time on the road as a band I have met so many amazing, beautiful, desperate, lonely people. We are the lonely nation. We are the disenchanted, the disillusioned- we are the remnant of lonely souls wanting more than anything that we can buy with this cold, hard cash. I wrote this song while we were playing a stretch of rock radio shows. I'd walk around near the back and just breathe in the loneliness- masses of lonely, scared kids. I remember thinking about the irony. Here you have this connected generation of online communities, IM, TM, myspace, and cell phones that grows more and more lonely every day. This is a song is still yearning, saying, "Don't settle, please, don't give up. Fight for only the true and the beautiful!"

We wanted to start the record with this track because we feel that this song picks up where Meant to Live left off. There is hope for meaning and truth in this life but it probably doesn't come in the form of a corporate slogan. We, the target market, want more than this world has to offer. This is a song where tim and chad drive the verses and the guitars take the chorus. We've played this song many times live and refined it quite a bit from it's original state. There's nothing like playing a new song in front of real people with real opinions. The people at those shows, (the extended switchfoot family), they shaped this song as much as anyone."

Peace out : P

Audioslave – Drown Me Slowly Lyrics 14 years ago
Ah right, sorry mogs, misunderstood you there. I agree with you after recently really getting into soundgarden's stuff.

Ben Harper – Give A Man A Home Lyrics 14 years ago
I really like this song, it really gets that feeling of the despair you get from being world-weary

Ben Harper – In The Lord's Arms Lyrics 14 years ago
awww...I've been lucky enough not to lose any grandparents, I'm sorry to hear you have. This song doesn't have quite a deep meaning for me, I just really love this song. I think it might be talking about Jesus
"He left me with his crown of thorns"
That line suggests it could be. But it might just be a tribute to a friend or something, not sure.
If anyone knows or thinks anything different, please post it

Ben Harper – Please Bleed Lyrics 14 years ago
Meesahunt, good work lol

Ben Harper – When She Believes Lyrics 14 years ago
such a great song! hard to believe that only two people have made comments! go us!

Ben Harper – The Woman In You Lyrics 14 years ago
I wrote that comment only two months ago, and now I actually know what this song is about lol. Funny how I've known this song for a few years, and only now after personal experience do I understand it.
Ben in this song is saying how he's afraid of losing his relationship with this girl, and he finds nothing to blame his fear on except for the fact that shes a woman. He doesn't understand why the girl acts like she does sometimes (for whatever reason it may be) and he can't tell her that shes the one to blame so he'll "take all the blame". And he hates to remember how the relationship used to be because if its a memory, its past, and it will never be like it was ever again.
I really like that comment by jaywarrietto, I'm happy for you mate. I'm in a similar situation to what you were in, except I've just been told that this girl who my heart has been set on for ages doesn't like me in the way that I like her...its pretty crushing, I mean I've been a great friend to her for so long, but I wont wallow here. All I'm saying is that is what this song is to me. I'm afraid that I'm going to lose this girl to some guy who might be better looking or more outgoing. The woman in her is what is worrying me heh.

Ben Harper – Roses From My Friends Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeah I have to say, erdysouth, thats the best interpretation I've ever heard. Ben Harper is such a great song writer and performer, I'm suprised he isn't more popular. A song like this conveys a very real feeling in such a beautiful and creative way. Friends are supposed to be the people who help you and who support you. It hurts like hell having a friend who pretends like they give a shit, but really they don't. They have their own agenda and are backstabbing. It really does hurt when it happens to you.
I especially love the last verse, where you see that he really loves this person and doesnt want to leave them. It really makes this song alot sadder, because he loves someone who really doesn't love him.

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven Lyrics 14 years ago
stillcruizin....couldn't have put it better mate

Jebediah – Sorry Lyrics 14 years ago
I hate this song. I've never even heard it and I hate it. Someone sent the lyrics to me, obviously feeling this way about me, and I hate this song and I always will.

Temple of the Dog – Wooden Jesus Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree more with the addiction thing, though its good that we have different opinions we can share.

The Prodigy – Firestarter Lyrics 14 years ago
lol im suprised that guy went to all the effort to cut and paste that, but good on him. Do these songs really need meaning though? they are cool beats with wicked random lyrics

Audioslave – #1 Zero Lyrics 14 years ago
When you actually listen to whats being sung, this is a pretty depressing song lol. Someone keeps treating him like he is nothing, but he'd do anything for them. The bit where the song goes heavy seems to be a bit of a retaliation to the person. He's saying that he wont let the person forget that he's there because it wouldn't be fair to him. Thats what it means to me anyways. Have a good one all

Ben Harper – The Woman In You Lyrics 14 years ago
Only six comments!? shocking!
This is a great song. It displays the lyrical talent as well as musical talent that Ben Harper possesses. As if any guy hasn't felt this way about a girl. But how many composers can actually convey the feeling successfully? not many

Ben Harper – Another Lonely Day Lyrics 14 years ago
Its a song that encompases a feeling tommy b, thats why theres all these people here like me. Its nice that you want us to cheer up but we are all here writing on this page because we know exactly what this song is about. I wouldn't call it worthlessness though. I believe theres something more for everyone here on this page. Its just a feeling. And feelings come and go. Things will change.

Audioslave – Drown Me Slowly Lyrics 14 years ago
I really like this song, but to Mogs I'd have to wonder about them being more comercial. I think they have just become less heavy. I think in no way is it a deliberate attempt for extra recognition or anything. Thats never the way that RATM or Cornell are. I agree with Duddits on this one, the song is about there being more to life than what the world sells to you hence the lines:

Don't let them take you down
You'll leave a better world than you found

Anyways I love the way this song is written, the tempo and especially the vocals. Have a good one pples

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