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Nouvelle Vague – Making Plans for Nigel Lyrics 16 years ago
No-one's commented.... hmm.

Seems fairly straightforward to me...

Parent/child relationship... poor Nigel.

I think Mummy just wants him to have a good life, and she's just writing out his whole life for him so it's all good and perfect, so that all he can do is shuffle along this destined path, laid out my Mummy Dearest.

I reckon that he just wants to make Mummy happy, after all... "young Nigel says he’s happy"

I think all kids feel like Nigel once in a while. Rocking song!

Adam Ant – Prince Charming Lyrics 16 years ago
Since no-one's really said anything bout meaning, I might as well give it a go.

Reckon the singer is just trying to say to his "prince charming" that he doesn't have to try so hard, he should loosen up a little... maybe even try something new, I dunno.

Video is insanely good tho... was in the top 100 on a show a little while ago... :D

Orson – No Tomorrow Lyrics 16 years ago
I like this song muchly, it's upbeat, makes me happy :)

I reckon it's about going out with a girl you like, when you're both young and happy, and he's just like "screw everything else, you're the only one that matters"... he's not even bothered that he can't dance!

Makes me think of the start of a relationship, when it's all good... just like this song! All good!! *griiiin*

The Church – Under The Milky Way Lyrics 17 years ago
how many other songs do you hear with a bagpipe solo!

totally amazing stuff. loved it! it's so sweet and quirky.

Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl Lyrics 17 years ago
quite hypnotic... if you're into this kinda music then it's not too bad. i like the way it sounds like a high school marchin band and in the lyrics it's quite against the high-school mentality of... things.

agreein with lots of other ppl: she really does say shit a bit too much... one or twice is cool, but it loses its effect after the millionth time, eh?

Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls Lyrics 17 years ago
i aint a fat bottomed girl, but i aint no skinny... got my curves in places i want (and places i dont) but this song makes me feel better bout it! mags n crap tell u to be uber skinny with the pics and the endless dieting stuff... but songs like this show that guys dont always like the skinnys they CAN like the others too!! go queen!

The Divine Comedy – Something For The Weekend Lyrics 17 years ago
i love this song.... a guy is refusing to listen to his chick's concerns becos of the "something for the weekend" (old slang for condom) in his jeans (not genes!). obv he's a bit worried too, but he's gonna get laid if he puts it to one side... unlucky for him he really should have listened. good song!

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