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Say Anything – Woe Lyrics 17 years ago
This is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Everything just falls together perfectly.

Hellogoodbye – Bonnie Taylor Shakedown 2K1 Lyrics 17 years ago
catchy.. cute.. good song.

Limbeck – Tan + Blue Lyrics 17 years ago
Another reason why Limbeck is a great great band.

Limbeck – Julia Lyrics 17 years ago
When everyone met, everything was different.

Limbeck – Albatross + Ivy Lyrics 17 years ago
Why hasn't anyone commented on this lovely little song?

Limbeck – I Wrote This Down Lyrics 17 years ago
this is a good graduation song.

I love Limbeck.

Limbeck – In Ohio On Some Steps Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is absolutely amazing.

It's one of those great songs. Simple lyrics but the way it all falls together holds so much meaning and it's just absolute magic. i can listen to it on repeat forever and it just doesn't get old.

The Format – Tune Out Lyrics 17 years ago
I love this song.
I love when it goes into "havent we heard this song about a thousand times before...."

it makes me smile.

The Format – Give It Up Lyrics 17 years ago
this is a song about
-leaving your passed behind
-growing up.

The Format – I'm Ready, I Am Lyrics 17 years ago
"overprivileged kids keep crying
the need to fit in gets harder when living life from a screen.

old classmates please put down your pens,
don't write a word cuz i won't reply,
and i'm not bitter, no,
it's just i've passed that point in my life."

i just love those lines.

The Format – Sore Thumb Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm surprised not many have commented on this song.

it's truly amazing.

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