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Dr. Dre – What's The Difference Lyrics 8 years ago
People have multiple bank accounts when they are rich because the government only secures maximum of 100k per account, so they distribute no more than 100k per account. People only have more than one car if they are rich. Only rich people can afford lots of weed. Rappers are never self deprecating in their lyric except eminem :) they always talk themselves up.

The Cars – Hello Again Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this song is about ambitious teenagers who leave home in hope of making it big by themselves. They ultimate come back to reality ('hand on the ground') and come back home, hence hello 'again'.

Go West – King of Wishful Thinking Lyrics 13 years ago
I always thought it was interesting that the gender of the subject of the song is never specified...

Karyn White – Secret Rendezvous Lyrics 13 years ago
One of the best classic dance hits of all time! Last time I heard this was in the lobby of the mirage hotel in vegas...the parking attendent was doing the running man! classic line "first class ticket to ecstasy". So it's seem that the man is married and she is her younger impresionable mistress who is jealous of what little time she gets with her man.

Debarge, El – Who's Johnny Lyrics 13 years ago
I think the girl is with another guy (maybe boyfriend), and she is pretending she doesn't know Johnny to get Johnny jealous and to hide from the other guy that she likes Johnny. She is saying "you know I love you" to the guy she is with, not Johnny.

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