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T.I. – No Matter What Lyrics 9 years ago
t.i. is awesome

jj – Things Will Never Be the Same Again Lyrics 9 years ago
living next door to challenge
things will never be the same again
i close my eyes and remember
a place in the sun where we used to live

now death is in my yard
its sneaking around out there
hoping that i step on out
it longs for me
and someday we
will go downtown in his car

ask someone who knew me
they will never be the same again
they tell their lies
and something dies
inside us all
it makes me cry

even though i know
that the ship will still sail on
long after im gone
ill be gone

in this world of wisdom
no one ever really has a clue
they kill their lives every day
with what they say and what they do

but heaven knows i know
that the ship will still sail on
long after im gone
ill be gone

jj – My Love Lyrics 9 years ago
i know where people go when they know how to breath slow
they lay low, dont want the world to know

wake up, boy you better shake off the things in your head so you can be alone
when youre alone, i am alone

all i ever want to know,
is why you never let it show
when youre around me,
when youre in me
why dont you tell me
you know i belive you
take me for granted
its all i ever wanted
why dont you get it
before we lost it, we lost it


make up your mind
for the time that drove us to breakup
say it isnt so, boy i let you go

im not the one to tell you
where to go
you should know by now
i always gave my all to the one i love

i will never mind the things you said
but i remember every word i read

go on let it out
if you scream i will shout

dare open your mouth
what are you about

youre looking for divine
if you leave i will shine

next time you see me
you better stand in line

hold the line

jj – My Hopes and Dreams Lyrics 9 years ago
and im out
and im out on the streets at night looking
looking for someone to share my hopes and dreams with
but no one's there for me

when i stand on the street at night im crying
crying for someone to see
the importance of being free
will someone ever be?

of course theres people out to get me
but they dont have a trace of me and my soul
ridin high tonight

jj – Me & Dean Lyrics 9 years ago
someday i know well meet again
without knowing exactly when

and until then
take care of yourself my friend

if you tell it to my heart
where would you start
with the truth we shared
or the lies that drove us apart.

tell it to my heart
du du du du du du duuo

jj – Masterplan Lyrics 9 years ago
wanna hear my masterplan
here's my masterplan
hear my masterplan
fear my masterplan

me and my baby
now you know the deal
there's no maybes
be all you wanna be

who are you
im you, you are me

(im dying in this country ass fucked up town)

there's nothing you can't do
im on my way
where are you?

they tell you,
youll never win
don't mind, lets go for a swim
belive what your dreams may bring
now youre with jj

and now, when im still free
take a chance on me
and this is how forever will be

ah ah ah
ah ah ah
ah ah

jj – From Africa to Málaga Lyrics 9 years ago
it's too easy to cry
when everything eventually dies
if not today
then maybe tomorrow

dont let that thought slip away
let it come out and play

it takes you down
at the speed of sound
when youre on the ground
you never think you get up

up and around
then it goes down

the thought that you found
takes you to town
smashes your face
burns out your heart
then you go home
and turn it into art

it's not easy to die
no matter how down you are, you eventually rise
if not today
then maybe tommorrow

don't let that soul get away
let it fly high to your dying day

this is the chance for one last glance
one brilliant romance

dont cry for the time you lost in your life
the money you spent or those cheap white lies

kiss them goodbye
and see whats left

i know its you
i hope its you

i bless the rains and winds coming in
from africa to malaga

jj – Are You Still In Vallda? Lyrics 9 years ago
belmondo was a french actor by the way, learn some popcultural references and you might hear what they sing. lol.

jj – Are You Still In Vallda? Lyrics 9 years ago
i never thought about you this winter
i never thought about you this spring
but now when the summer is here
i never thought i think about you again

you smoke like a young belmondo
you wear yor flowers in your hair
when you were always too late
i still waited for you in the sweet summer air

so i wonder my love, are you still in vallda
like ten summers ago
so i wonder my love, are you still in vallda
like ten summers ago

someday i know we'll meet again
but i said that every summer
and every summer is a summer
closer or further away from you

jj – Ecstasy Lyrics 9 years ago
when im in the club
im always on a drug
if you get a hug
guess what drug im on?

in miami!
bienvenido a miami!

where are you?
were gettin high
but only on our own supply

its the truth, we never lie
whatever i do im ready to die

in the new school
learnin to fly

never follow the rules
dont ask me why

were by the pool
waiting to dry

on my way to the sky
bye bye

Mineral – Parking Lot Lyrics 10 years ago
well the christian interpetation of 'Parkin Lot' seems aqequate. For a secular mind, idno, maybe standing still in life or something contemplating what road to take, the next step.

The Tough Alliance – Keep It Pure Lyrics 11 years ago
såå jävla bra, tough alliance är bästa skiten

Archers of Loaf – You And Me Lyrics 13 years ago
the cover made by give up the ghost is so much better.

Killing The Dream – Four Years Too Late Lyrics 13 years ago

Cowboys Became Folk Heroes – Direct Action Gets The Goods Lyrics 13 years ago
this might be the most beautiful song ever written, the way the vocals och the violins goes through the chaos and forms perfect balance is just stunning.

Killing The Dream – Four Years Too Late Lyrics 13 years ago
great song. great lyric.

Brand New – 1996 Lyrics 13 years ago
lovesmeforme: isn't kind of the same thing with morrissey/smiths influenced music? :P

it was aswell the first thing i thought "MORRISSEY"

A Trillion Barnacle Lapse – Fountain Lyrics 13 years ago
really great lyric aswell. is it a argumentation against that mineral song which includes that line:"It’s just not the same when you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and you know you lied yourself to sleep."

Gorilla Biscuits – Cats And Dogs Lyrics 13 years ago

Toru Okada – Our Great Cities Lyrics 13 years ago
so fucking great!

Funeral Diner – Regardless We Fall Lyrics 13 years ago
this might be the best written song about the decline, we humans, as a race is parcipitating in at this very moment. "we all have bloods staining our hands"

Love Lost But Not Forgotten – Nobody's Watching Department 23 Lyrics 13 years ago
fuckOChardcore: wooord! i'd bitchslap him aswell sonuvabitatch!

Shikari – Dead Men Lyrics 13 years ago

Immortal Technique – The Point Of No Return Lyrics 13 years ago
i agree ;D

Propagandhi – Ordinary People Do Fucked-Up Things When Fucked-Up Things Become Ordinary Lyrics 14 years ago

Good Clean Fun – The Ice Cream Man Cometh Lyrics 14 years ago
"Just think what we could do."

Good Clean Fun – Next Year In Jerusalem Lyrics 14 years ago
i agree with everything gcf ever says

Orchid – And The Cat Turned To Smoke Lyrics 14 years ago
orchid at their peak.. a shame they split up. what the hell though know we've got ampere ;D

Children of Fall – Deras Behov Har Ingen Gräns Lyrics 14 years ago
yeah ysterday i throwed up these lyrics by the amazing swe/dk-band Children Of Fall
I really love this song.
it's originally a poem written by the samish poet Paulus Utsi :)

7 Seconds – Clenched Fists, Black Eyes Lyrics 14 years ago
i don't really think bigwilly knows a shit about old school or 7 seconds haha...

Converge – Last Light Lyrics 14 years ago
haha me2 love it, the lyrics, the emotion in his voice, it so fucking great ..
and yes i saw converge last week or something, the where fucking amazing, and i almost broke a leg :D
stage diving is dangerous buissness, and jacob ripped a tee of mine apart haha love that dude and his lyrics are amazing... especally on jane doe and you fail me

The Blood Brothers – Rats and Rats and Rats for Candy Lyrics 14 years ago
"But those rats have chewed a hole straight through."
stands for his understanding of her true identity

The Blood Brothers – Rats and Rats and Rats for Candy Lyrics 14 years ago
i think it's more like this; Candy is a really amazing girl from distance and Mr Howell start's getting close to her and discovers what a fucked up person she is, the rats is the bad in her, i don't freakin' understand why she leaves with all her stuuff from her own appartment thou ;/
but when he finally meets the rats on the bicycle in the ending i guess he can't see the "candy" anymore, just her shitty inside which is the rats :p

The Saddest Landscape – The Sixth Golden Ticket Lyrics 14 years ago
absolutely gorgeous, the way his voice cracks into crying, and the screaming is so fucking emotional.. among the best songs ever...

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