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Gang of Four – Contract Lyrics 14 years ago
"You dreamed of scenes
Like you read of in magazines"

I'm not sure how it was back in 1979, but today you only have to look in lads' magazines to find pictures of stupidly hot models, or in women's magazines to find exciting sex stories and "tips" to "put in practise in the bedroom".

I'm thinking this song is a comment about the false expectations the media (such as gender-specific magazines) gives people about sex, putting pressure on the other to meet such expectations. Perhaps the most natural and sacred act that could occur between two people has become hijacked by the influence of media and society, who over the past 50 years have become ever more present in our lives and not exactly in a benign way either.

The line "A contract in our mutual interest" I suppose is GoF telling us the blame lies with capitalism.

Radiohead – Bangers + Mash Lyrics 14 years ago
Drugs?! I think you're way off with that.

Here's a clue: On the second night at Blackpool, Thom Yorke said this was about "getting caught with your pants down", particularly polticians - referring to John Prescott and his affair with a secretary at the time.

Radiohead – Go Slowly Lyrics 14 years ago
I was at the debut of this song so yay! But yeah, it does sound like the guitar riff from There There with the mood of Exit Music. However, I don't think this song is anywhere near as good as either songs and certainly isn't album-quality in its present form.

As for the lyrics above, well, it's about as ambiguous as you're gonna get.

Morrissey – America Is Not The World Lyrics 15 years ago
Orion, some words and phrases to describe your post:-
- Long-winded
- Pathetic
- Pedantic
- Missing the point

Where you do look for meaning it either isn't there ("blue eyes" - Sinatra) or you fail to see the irony ("America"). Then again, your post might be ironic itself considering how ridiculous it reads. ;)

The Smiths – Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before Lyrics 15 years ago
"the pain was enough to make
A shy, bald, buddhist reflect
And plan a mass murder"

Brilliant line, I agree CharmingMan.

The Smiths – Death of a Disco Dancer Lyrics 15 years ago
I think this is a satire of The Beatles. It's got a few features typical of their songs such as the climax at the end, and indeed the lyrics seem to ridicule the naivety of the "love peace and harmony" delusions that sixties bands such as the Fab Four had.

The Smiths – Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others Lyrics 15 years ago
Well I thought it was pretty obvious that this is about transexuals/transvestites. Surely?

Coldplay – Twisted Logic Lyrics 15 years ago
Lyrics are a lot like what Radiohead were writing, especially on Hail To The Thief.... references to how we are moving into an Orwellian land, while "You go backwards, but then, you go forwards, again" reminds me of "Sit Down. Stand Up" with its repetition of "Sit down" and "Stand up", before the eventual "The raindrops" conclusion.

Great closer anyway... well it would have been if not for the extra track, which dare I say it should have been a b-side.

Coldplay – X&Y Lyrics 15 years ago
This is the stand-out song of the new album methinks. Definitely has at least a hint of later-Beatles in it.

I think this is a reference to the band's constant efforts towards achieving perfection for the new album, and the strain it puts on family relationships. Would have made a far better opening single than Speed of Sound.

Coldplay – Low Lyrics 15 years ago
Lyrics probably aren't 100% correct but I'll correct it when I see the album sleeve notes.

I think this might be about the sort of people who are apathetic to living and then complain that life's a bitch, just expecting something to come along that is "never gonna give itself up".

Pink Floyd – The Great Gig in the Sky Lyrics 16 years ago
On the subject of this "Dark Side of Oz" rumour, I think it was said by David Gilmour on an "top 100 albums" countdown on UK television that anyone who thought that it ran along side the film and had tried it must be some stoned teenager - basically meaning he thought the theory to be a load of bull.

Hmmm... I have both the CD and the video... it's tempting...

Radiohead – Morning Bell/Amnesiac Lyrics 16 years ago
They should have released this version as a Christmas song - has a christmassy feel - bells, "coming down the chimney", a feel to it that is dark and unsettling while springy and upbeat, like winter - well, it'd be different anyway. :p

I like this version although Kid A Morning Bell edges it, as it's more subtle and feels more mournful, plus it has more of a soul to it, if you know what I mean. :S

Radiohead – Morning Bell Lyrics 16 years ago
Seems pretty obvious this to do with a mid-life crisis, or at least divorce anyway.

"Morning bell
Morning bell
Light another candle
Release me
Release me"

This is about the monotony of life, which evidently hits home at that stage in life - it seems to be a running theme in Kid A.

"You can keep the furniture" - Divorce

"A bump on the head
Coming down the chimney
Release me
Release me
Release me
Release me"

- Everything all coming down on the narrator, wanting to escape still - let's face it, a fair percentage of Radiohead's song is about escapism.

"Where'd you park the car?
Where'd you park the car?
Clothes are all over the furniture" - This is the divorce aspect: the car being driven away by the spouse without him/her knowing, and the clothes telling you that the husband/wife is having an affair with someone.

"Now I might as well
I might as well
Sleepy jack the fire drill
Run around around around around around..." - this is the narrator going insane methinks, overwhelmed by all the negative things going on in his life.

"Cut the kids in half" - more divorce - who gets custody of the children.

So there. :p

Radiohead – Karma Police Lyrics 16 years ago
I thought (in the video) that the car was the narrator while the man who was running is evidence of karma ("this is what you get, when you mess with us") - by picking on the poor guy, the result is punishment to the car and its driver when the man turns evil and sets it alight. Great video and song anyway.

Radiohead – Electioneering Lyrics 16 years ago
Are you thinking what we're thinking? ;)

This song is being used on some TV programmes at the moment (I write this within a week to go to the UK General Election) - I heard the opening few bars on ITV where they had some "floater voters" questioning the party leaders.

Radiohead – Bones Lyrics 16 years ago
Best song off The Bends? Really? The lyrics are far too obvious in their meaning, the song itself is bad (can't stand that bass), plus Just, The Bends, Planet Telex, My Iron Lung, Street Spirit and High & Dry are ten times better.

Radiohead – Ed's Scary Song Lyrics 16 years ago
Doubt that would happen - Thom is too much of a control freak when it comes to vocals. :p

Heard this song twice now - has a great organ on it methinks.

Radiohead – Arpeggi Lyrics 16 years ago
I think it's a track four, is Arpeggi. (The sombre song, e.g. Fake Plastic Trees/Exit Music/How To Disappear Completely/You And Whose Army/Barkdrifts)

Radiohead – Creep Lyrics 16 years ago
It's a shame that this is the song most people know Radiohead for. They've done so much better than this i.m.o and I'm not surprised if they're somewhat embarassed by this emo-extreme song.

By the way, jek21, there's no need for that, whatever the guy said.

Radiohead – Arpeggi Lyrics 16 years ago
Fair enough. ;)

Radiohead – Knives Out Lyrics 16 years ago
This song would be suitable for playing in the background when the buffet is served at a wake, just to draw a few more tears out of the unsuspecting mourners. :p

I'd rate this as one of my top three favourite Radiohead songs, but then I haven't heard all their stuff yet!

Green Day – American Idiot Lyrics 16 years ago
*cough* subtlety */cough*

Radiohead – Arpeggi Lyrics 16 years ago

This song was written by Johnny Greenwood, performed by the London Sinfonietta and was sung by Thom Yorke for the South Bank Ether Festival. There are a few recordings of Arpeggi around the internet - I found a link on so look there for this.

Just a couple of things about the above lyrics - it's "phantoms" as opposed to "fantasies" (see half-way through) and the penultimate section ("in the bottom of...we fishies") should read:

"Eaten by the worms
And we’re fishies
Picked over by the worms
And we’re fishies
We’re fishies
We’re fishies"

Radiohead – A Wolf at the Door (It Girl. Rag Doll) Lyrics 16 years ago
"This, Myxomatosis and go to sleep are the best songs on the album I reckon.... I'm sure if they'd have released any of those three over the drab There There they'd have had a UK No.1 on their hands" - nomishood

"[No.] 4 Radiohead There There Jun 2003
[No.] 12 Radiohead Go To Sleep Aug 2003" -

Well one of your recommendations did well, didn't it? Although I'd agree Go To Sleep's a good song, There There is not drab - it has a brilliant climax - and I doubt Myxomatosis would have done much better than GTS, even though it is a good song also.

However, I think if Radiohead had released A Wolf At The Door as their first single from the album, then they certainly would have been in with a shout of reaching no. 1. I don't recall hearing There There much at the time, but AWATD would certainly have got more airplay from an airwave obsessed with urban rubbish like R'n'B and rap and commercially-friendly genres like that - I am referring, amongst others, to BBC Radio 1. :p

Radiohead – The National Anthem Lyrics 16 years ago
I like CutSlan's interpretation of the song, and he could well be right, but even if he isn't, it was still interesting reading that.

But not knowing how to play the bass part?! I'd have thought anyone could learn it in five minutes! (well, the rhythm isn't quite as straight forward, but anyone familiar with the song should be able to do it)

It would be a funny picture, though, if there were 50,000+ people in a stadium before an (English) football international, the tannoy announces: "Could all spectators stand for The National Anthem", and they all stand, with their hand pressed against their chest, then the bass booms out and above song ensues (a few trumpeteers abseil/parachute in through the roof and look around with a glazed-eye stare, run manically around a bit and play their bit then run off at the end).

Radiohead – Paranoid Android Lyrics 16 years ago
That's what they say about nearly every other song of theirs. :p

Radiohead – Fitter Happier Lyrics 16 years ago
I watched some programme on BBC3 (digital channel in the UK) about new buildings being built and plants being put inside them to help improve life in the workplace better, with references to how free-range chickens are happier than battery chickens and more on improvement of the worker's job. The presenter even said: "Happier, healthier and more productive" which reminded me of this, and the way the whole show talked about how they tried to improve life for workers did seem like they viewed the workers as chickens.

But how should we view minor improvements to a mundane life? Aren't any improvements a good thing, even if it is only to the mundane lifestyle? Or should we only be happy when repetition and mundanity is removed altogether and save our celebrations for that day instead (if it ever comes)?

Radiohead – Myxomatosis. (Judge, Jury, & Executioner.) Lyrics 16 years ago
I don't think HTTT is as much about Bush-whacking as people like to make out. I can't really see the connection to Bush here (in this song) - I think it's just about people misinterpreting what Thom says, sort of like what's being done here. :p

I'd rather bands were not openly for or against a particular politician/party - I see bands like Green Day (who could learn a thing or two from Radiohead about being political) being openly for John Kerry/against George W. Bush, and I don't agree with them using their influence for a spot of electioneering for their preferred candidate (not that I like George W Bush, it's just I think people should be able to form their own opinions, even if they're influenced by others, but not have it made for them). Musicians should be objective if they're going to get political, and not tell people how to vote.

Radiohead – Treefingers Lyrics 16 years ago
Treefingers doesn't work on its own as a single song but when you play Kid A through it is quite a nice interlude in the album. Makes me think of a tunnel going through the centre of a built-up town.

I think that Kid A is trying to move on after isolating himself from society in 'How To Disappear Completely', with the following tracks (after Treefingers) being the result.

Doves – Snowden Lyrics 16 years ago
Looks like this is the second single from the 'Some Cities' album. I'd say it's about apathy, with other people stating their problems or potential problems that haven't come to him yet, but he just repeats the line 'why should i/we care?'

Doves – Some Cities Lyrics 16 years ago
This one is obviously about nostalgia, concerning Doves' home city of Salford I suppose. Not the best song on the album, but a decent opener.

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