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The Offspring – Gone Away Lyrics 16 years ago
great song..

The Offspring – Living In Chaos Lyrics 16 years ago
is that really noodles?! ^^

The Offspring – Self Esteem Lyrics 16 years ago
i think it can apply to anyone "now i know i'm being used, that's ok man cause i like the abuse" who hasn't felt used at one point and not done anything about it? i think there's alot of sexism/stereotypes/grudges in here...

The Offspring – No Hero Lyrics 16 years ago
i love the guitar in the beginning and the lyrics. i think ignition is one of their best albums, so i don't understand why other people always say americana is so good. but yeah i love their deeper lyrics.

The Offspring – Have You Ever Lyrics 16 years ago
i love the part about truth and crime, even though it seems like a different song compared to the beginning but that's ok because both parts rock

The Offspring – Genocide Lyrics 16 years ago
genocide:Mass murder of a racial, national, or religious group.

i don't really like this song.. i'm sorry but genocide.. that's like the holocaust... i don't think it's an appropriate title really. i can understand what they mean about dog eat dog and all, but the death of 6 million jews is genocide... idk but i've never really liked the song because i dont think genocide is something to sing about so easy going and a track filler to make some money... don't get me wrong i love the offspring but i don't agree with this song

The Offspring – Dammit, I Changed Again Lyrics 16 years ago
lmao neovulcan... interesting view on it. pms sucks alot. yeah i agree with everyone, it's about trying to find yourself and once you think you've finally figured yourself out something happens and you're forced to rethink your beliefs and such. in other words confusion and an identity crisis? or something like that

The Offspring – Vultures Lyrics 16 years ago
this is my favorite song ever. i love the offspring alot and have almost all their cds (except for the first cd which i'm getting soon) and i don't think conspiracy of one gets enough credit. alot of other offspring fans like americana and ixnay on the hombre best, and conspiracy of one seems pretty far down on the list. anyways...

I think this song is about losing a loved one to cancer (i'm assuming its a girl). he's confused about how he feels and has a dark outlook on life after it. "now all our rage begs a stage, it's a waste of time though" that is my favorite part of the song, what it means to me is how what we feel (anger sadness etc) in the end means nothing.

i also think this song is about a very indecisive person. they're angry and sad and just plain undecided about the even that happened in their life. but they don't want any pity. "and in the sun a loaded gun makes for conversation" that might imply that he's suicidal after the event and it just becomes a topic for gossip. he's in denial about something, and possibly having a disagreement with some one else. idk.

i probably read into the song too much, or analyze it too much. but yeah it is my favorite song and i listen to it alot, especially when i'm sad. i love the guitar rifts (it reminds me of dirty magic, another good song by them). it's an over all kick ass song.

Chevelle – The Clincher Lyrics 16 years ago
i find it really hard to believe this song is simply about claustrophobia...even if the band said that's what it means.. that's not what it means to me. it didn't strike me at first, but the more i listened to the song and when i watched the music video a couple times i began thinking its about jesus and his crucification (spelling?)
"The brain needs oxygen" the position that jesus was crucified in would cause him to suffocate, idk it has something to do with the muscles not being able to move and then the lungs filling up with fluids/water/or something and in the end it suffocates you. i think alot of other things suggest jesus, like the nailing down, and had we known, because after all, wasn't jesus crucified because they didn't believe that he was really the son of god? in the music video there is that half naked angel (?) chick who is nailed down. true it's not the same position jesus was in, but it's similar.
i think there are alot of layers and depth to this song, and if the band gave a more personal answer than w/e it is about being locked in a cage (?) i think it would lose alot of its meaning to each of us. i like how mysterious it is, to some people it is so obviously about jesus...but then to others it so obviously about claustrophobia. i can see which parts would support that idea, but i just don't see how the part about nailing down has anything to do with claustrophia, but then again i can't seem to fit the part about phobia into my views.
i think part of the songs appeal is that no one can give a satisfactory answer to what it means, half of us don't even believe what the writers of the song claim its about. maybe it's just one of those songs where the true meaning is very vague and subtle so it can represent alot of things instead of just one specific meaning. no matter how you look at it, the song still really kicks ass.

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