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In Flames – Discover Me Like Emptiness Lyrics 13 years ago
I see this song about the girlfriend having died?
*always close to the ground *

The chorus pretty much sums it up.

And the endinf *as i bank other options etc..*
makes it even clearer, since his girlfriend is dead, her's got no other option but to forget her, take distance, blures her into never.

Any other ideas?

In Flames – Clad in Shadows Lyrics 13 years ago
Picture this song as your life getting dark, you have seen/felt something terrifying, and it comes back every night and stopes you from sleeping. And that pain makes you cut yourself open, and that fact makes him beeing badly seen by his friends/family etc.. *Never to any man I will spear. My speach it has no value *

In Flames – Borders and Shading Lyrics 13 years ago
Great song, the lyrics are awsome! Ok their not very "happy", but ok, if you want that go listen LP and over crapp.

Well, not dificult to guesse, this song is about a friend cutting him self open, and the singer can't stand the fact that the friend does that kind of nonsens.
But the singer had sympathy for that person (Behinh be my hero). But finaly the cutting of that friend took him to far and he died...

That's how I picture the song, maybe very wrong :p

In Flames – Dial 595-Escape Lyrics 13 years ago
I believe that the song is about cutting your self open... But not certain... What gives me this idea is the:

Heal my wounds with everything
-> the cuttings
Away you complicate me
-> The knif?
Sick of cycles, drop to zero
-> Again and again
A while just like last times
-> it bleeds a while, like last times
My least favourite re-run
-> Up-down with the knif
Sick of cycles, I bounce in grey
-> when your body has no blood, it turnes grey-white? Otherwise he could be talking about the knif?

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