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Elysia – Filthy Lyrics 13 years ago


it's not about all black people its about one black guy who stole my stereo.

would you stand for that?

Elysia – Filthy Lyrics 13 years ago
I've had shitty girlfriends. I've gotten pissed when they did shitty things to me. I never wrote a song that said "I shoved a vacuum through her cunt but nothing came out." It takes the maturity of a middle schooler to act like that.

how would any of that bullshit be justified in any way? And how the fuck could you assume a girl is that shitty that she actually deserves that? How about actually examining the status of women in society, especially the hardcore scene, and realizing the fucking implications of shit like this.

I remember when the scene was fun, Ian McKaye getting pissed off at shows because of this sort of bullshit. Hardcore and punk was meant to be an inclusive scene for kids that were left out everywhere else. Why the fuck are we including the same bullshit jock attitude into our scene that we were escaping from?

and lyrics aside, this is the worst song ever. this band is better. assholes.

Elysia – Filthy Lyrics 13 years ago
are you serious? This is the most fucking sexist song I've ever heard. It's like "birth of a nation" but for women. Ever think he was just a shitty boyfriends with an attitude like that?

Pg. 99 – The Lonely Waltz Of Leonard Cohen Lyrics 14 years ago
i thought brandon always did vocals for pg. 99. just in this song he does it in his CoC style

Khonnor – Man From The Anthill Lyrics 14 years ago
He was 19 when he wrote it. and the actual lyrics are

I Finally convinced myself that I'm not living.
Existing is quite a problem, oh Jesus won't you hold me?
Fourteen hours ago, and sixty-one bus stops.
I can't remember a time when anything has passed.

The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Civeta Dei Lyrics 15 years ago
The reason nobody knows what #12 songs are about is because of the lyrics are total BS or just bad [If Bullets Could Talk is a good example of awful cliched lyrics]. And a lot of times they just toss in random words that sound right. Still an amazing band, but honestly don't think that the lyrics are genius or complicated when they are just bad.

PS Still amazing band, and Texas Dolly is about Poker.

Xiu Xiu – Over Over Lyrics 15 years ago
I can't believe more people didn't comment this

It's one of the best and most emotional xiu xiu songs out there, up to par w/ Apistat Commander

Xiu Xiu – Blacks Lyrics 15 years ago
he told his son
he wants to kill himself
he said it's alright
I have had enough of this life

With that part I always thought it was the son saying alright as in "it's alright, go kill yourself, i've had enough of your life"

anyone agree?

Xiu Xiu – Bunny Gamer (B) Lyrics 15 years ago
I think its about the ill fated relationship between an older person and his younger lover. The Bunny Gamer is pretty much free and does whatever he/she wants and just goes out. The other person just wants to impress the bunny gamer, and gets angry when he/she come home late and sad when he's just left alone and ditched. With the bunny gamer sit down and stand up thing, its him attempting to control the bunny gamer, when he obviously can't. The Leave me alone is the guy is just sick and tired of the abuse and is just thinking to himself, "leave me alone"

Xiu Xiu – Support Our Troops OH! (Black Angels OH!) Lyrics 15 years ago
How awesome would it be if the song was actually about sex like listentocursive said [even though its obvious its about war]. I'm waiting for xiu xiu to get so br00tal that he'll actually have a song about giving someone AIDS and not giving damn.

And yeah the Devendra cover was ridiculous [in a good way]

Thursday – Ian Curtis Lyrics 15 years ago
First off,

Don't ever dare compare Joy Division to Thursday. Both are good and I'll just leave it at that so no more useless arguments spring up here.


Ian Curtis hung himself in his bedroom. And in this song, where Geoff sings "love has torn us apart", its not stealing the lyrics. It's a reference. There's many Joy Division references in this song, not just the title.

AND Joy Division invented POST PUNK which was essentially NEW WAVE. Post Punk was just the earliest form of it. It was a reaction to Punk, but the name of the genre was changed to new wave so it wouldn't actually have the word Punk in it.

Damn right.

Patrick Wolf – Lycanthropy Lyrics 15 years ago
I dunno, to me it kind of seems like he's trying to say that the person let go of their sexual organs because maybe they chained the person down.. I mean how sex and stuff like that always gets in the way.. And once you get rid of your ridiculous need of the opposite sex, you're free and you can just live.

Norma Jean – Pretty Soon, I Don't Know What, But Something Is Going To Happen Lyrics 15 years ago
The name of the movie was "Pi" not The Star of Pi or anything... It was directed by Darren Aronofsky who directed Requiem for A Dream... More people saw Requiem, but Pi was better [in my humble opinion. bitchez].

The Flaming Lips – Waitin' for a Superman Lyrics 16 years ago
Superman might be God... And its saying that God will help you and he hasn't left. And that people shouldn't be totally inactive just waiting for a miracle to happen. They have to help themselves too.

Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds Lyrics 16 years ago
First listen I thought it sucked. Though obviously not as good as most NIN songs, it's a pretty damned good song. A different direction, approach that I don't particulary like, but still, its a good song. And yeah its definately more of a pop song. But nonetheless its a good song, even if not up to par.

Xiu Xiu – I Luv the Valley OH! Lyrics 16 years ago
" Its l'histoire de la famile
l'histoire de la famile'histoire de la FAM
And I won't rest until I forget about it
I won't rest until I don't care
I won't rest until I forget about it"

Jamie Stewart's father killed himself during or a little before the creation of the album. With the 'family history' bit, he's worried that because his dad shot himself, he will too. And he's trying his best to ignore that it might happen to him to. And w/ the La La La La thing it seems as if he's covering his ears and shaking his head, like "I'm not listening!!!". yeah.

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