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Avril Lavigne – Slipped Away Lyrics 14 years ago
ok, i admit it. This song makes me cry.. recently {halloween to be precise} my Nan died who i was extremely close to. It reminds me of her in so many ways.. "I wish that I could see you again, I know that I can't" I want to tell her that she was the best Nan i could ever have hoped for, that i love her and i miss her.. but i can't.. the last time i saw her she was in hospital but getting better.. i never imagined that'd be the last time i'd see her.. if i had, i would have said so much more..

Good Charlotte – Emotionless Lyrics 14 years ago
Ok, i don't like Gc.. but i came across this song once and it made sense to me.. My dad, if i can even call him that, left us when i was 12 {now being 17} after cheating on my mum on and off for 7 years.. "when you lay your head down, how do you sleep at night.. do you even wonder if we're alright" he's never called or contacted us since.. "There's things I'll take to my grave" i'll never forgive him for what he did..
"you broke my mothers heart, you broke your children for life
it's not okay but we're alright.." i'll say..

The Offspring – (Can't Get My) Head Around You Lyrics 14 years ago
haha, "Every single day, what you say
Makes no sense to me" i didn't realise ikea furniture could talk! ;) but yeah.. agreed with most of whats been said, not understanding someone.. great song!

Mew – The Zookeeper's Boy Lyrics 14 years ago
i LOVE this song! probably my fav song of the new album! the lyrics confuse me.. but it sounds fantastic, and even better live ;) "are you, my lady are you" how great does that sound! Wow!

Mew – White Lips Kissed Lyrics 14 years ago
agreed, i saw these guys last night at their last show of the uk tour.. all i can say is Wow! after loving frengers and practically playing the cd to death i wondered whether "and the glass handed kites" would live up to it, and it most definitely does.. as you say Chymes, it's delieverd big style!

Bananarama – Cruel Summer Lyrics 14 years ago
fun song, it reminds me of the tv show 'cruel summer' that was on trouble aaaages ago, with it being the opening theme tune and all, good sumertime song though!

Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes Lyrics 14 years ago
either way, this is a really sweet song and easily related to.. i like delial's explanation and i agree with DejaVu Dreams30 the SR71 version is awesome!

Long-View – If You Asked Lyrics 14 years ago
Scottish Lion, i know that feeling.. this song hurts.. it just reminds me of the person i love but can never be with, the one i'd do anything for.. "Sit and talk for hours" i stayed up till 4 am just to talk to them.. heh 7 hour conversation.. "Though you've not said much You said it all" i love that line, well love the whole song actually.. He know's she doesn't feel the same, or isn't nearlly as important to her as she is to him.. "Last in line for you I know" but he loves her all the same and is still there for her throughout everything "I'd stay for you, I'd go right through I'd be here close" *sigh*

Nickelback – Do This Anymore Lyrics 14 years ago
i love this song, and the whole album but aren't these lyrics a little wrong? isn't it 'not fooled by your misleadings' instead of 'not through my own misleading' and, 'won't buy this line your selling' instead of who'll buy this lie you're selling' :s and as for the second verse.. it starts,

'She says I'm only telling half of it
That's probably 'cause there's only half worth telling'

*nods* anyway, great song and 'do this anymore' suggests someones fed up.. of lies 'tired of this lie your telling' among other things.. i dunno really!

R.E.M. – All The Right Friends Lyrics 14 years ago
I don't want to hang out now.. with the friends that just aren't mine"

isn't it about someone against all that? in high school, my friends used to hang out with people because of their 'status' or because it was 'cool' to hang out with them... but i refused to as they weren't friends and quite honestly i didn't like them.. i just LOVE the song, its really catchy and the lyrics are great, the endings great too "I don't wanna be with you anymore" another awesome REM song.

"I know you say, maybe someday, i need never be alone"

The Departure – Be My Enemy Lyrics 14 years ago
my favourite departure song, "would you be my enemy, it's easier that way" that sort of reminds me of when you want someone bad but you can't have them.. it hurts to be around them because you're constantly reminded of what you can't have.. so in the end its easier just not to be around them or for them to "be your enemy' i'm not sure if thats anything to do with the song or even if that made any sense, but thats what i think of when i hear this song..

The Departure – All Mapped Out Lyrics 14 years ago
i LOVE the departure, yeah like you said quite straightforward lyrics, you got the meaning spot on "I see no future in this" and "can't you see i'm not in love with you" back it up.. great song!

Chicago – If You Leave Me Now Lyrics 14 years ago
00:jpstln:00 i remember that episode! lol anyway! such a pretty song, i sang this to one of my closest friends after we had this big argument and she was contemplating not talking to me anymore... it was completely in jest (especially with my singing!) but it was an awesome moment and nevertheless we're fine now :) so yeah, i always get reminded of that whenever i hear it and its just a beautiful song anyway :D

Garbage – Metal Heart Lyrics 14 years ago
I Love this song, love Garbage and love Shirley Manson :D meaning.. welll 'metal heart' suggests not wanting to feel emotions.. sort of like wanting to be protected from hurt? "I want to de dependable, I want to be courageous and good" its saying she wants to be a better person.. ah i don't know! Great song though!

Mew – Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years Lyrics 14 years ago
great song, i love it! "if i could look you in the eyes i couldn't let you go" :) that line has a cute meaning to me, just great!

Red Hot Chili Peppers – My Friends Lyrics 14 years ago
papyr_bag_princess has it right.. exactly what i thought.. and well interpreted and written! I love this song, very emotive and just a beautiful song.. love the "little girl" line.. beautiful..

Bright Eyes – Lover I Don't Have to Love Lyrics 14 years ago
I am so in love with this song.. its the kinda song you can listen to over and over and never get bored, the rhythm and beat are awesome and help to create the sensual atmosphere and the lyrics themselves are harsh and raw but fantastic. Conor is a genius.

"Then hurt me"

From First to Last – Emily Lyrics 14 years ago
yeah ok, that makes sense "I hope its something worth the waiting" waiting to meet up with her?
"Smiles and her laughter
it's the only thing that i've been waiting for a time" also been waiting to see her smile, hear her laugh...

From First to Last – I Liked You Better Before You Were Naked On The Internet Lyrics 14 years ago
I Love FFTL and i love this song.. I agree with exoh about the length, yeah its short but its short for a reason and it makes you appreciate it more! I don't like the title though.. i think the lyrics are kinda meaningful and easily related to but then its given a pretty 'immature' kinda title..

Yellowcard – Everywhere (Michelle Branch cover) Lyrics 14 years ago
I LOVE this song! I can't stand Michelle Branch and personally think this is a much better version! The begininng is amazing.. i wouldn't have heard it if it wasn't for yellowcard.. Best song off punk goes pop *agrees*

Kelly Osbourne – One Word Lyrics 14 years ago
I actually quite like this song.. i heard it randomly and didn't realise it was Kelly Osbourne at first.
I like the lines "One word brings a code of silence, silence tells me all i need to know" and "One lie tells a thousand stories, the greatest stories that were ever told" Although its a pretty simple song i don't really know what its about so i'll leave that to anyone else...?

3 Doors Down – Behind Those Eyes Lyrics 14 years ago
I Agree with everything so far, great song! listening to it now.. though shouldn't it be "And even though it hurt like it did, i couldn't let this be your goodbye" ? I think this songs about say a guy thats fustrated with a girl who won't be herself/say what she really feels.. she's hiding who she really is.. He can't figure her out and she constantly messes him about, she's always playing games "I've seen this face once before and i don't think i can do this again" he's been hurt by her before and swears never to be again.. Although it would probably be the right thing, he can't just let her walk away.. "Even though it hurt like it did, I couldn't let this be your goodbye" He's unsure whats going on with her and whether or not he can trust her "Is there something there to belive or is it just another part of the game?" It hurts to be with her but it also hurts to be without her.. ah that sucks.. Pure emotion..

From First to Last – Emily Lyrics 15 years ago
great song, i love it.. the lyrics are beautiful
"I hope it's something worth the waiting
it's the only time that i ever feel real" i really like those lines.. its about everything thats already been said, a long distance relationship thats hurting them.. i can relate to that, i used to be in that situation until we both decided it would be less painful to end it.. he's saying he hates being without her, when she's not around "days seem like years" but "never will i give up trying because you're everything to me" he's determined to make it work because he loves her so much.. just beautuful

The Murmurs – Untouchable Lyrics 15 years ago
wow, i thought there'd be more comments here.. i love the murmurs and this song is great!! i think the meanings pretty straighforward.. ah the common feeling of wanting someone you can't have, someone 'untouchable' i know that feeling.. i can relate to this song well.. "No-one can take the place of you" they seem pretty smitten and feel like that persons the only one that understand them.. great song!

Idlewild – Blame It On Obvious Ways Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this song, along with many others on the new album but i think this is my fav.. "i couldn't even care what you say, you change everything" tis great! i can't figure the hell what its about though! any ideas?

Maroon 5 – Through With You Lyrics 15 years ago
Hmm its not really the sort of music i usually listen to but i do actually like this song.. to me its just someone being fed up with being messed about in a relationship.. "I'm sick of thinking anything at all" "I Spend every hour waiting for a phone call that i know will never come" so eventually he ends it hence "Through with you"

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