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Rage Against the Machine – Down Rodeo Lyrics 13 years ago
u guys are all wrong , im a very good friend of zacks and iw as with him when he write this song its about how hard life is as a black man and how rich white ppl can liv thier live and blacks have almost nothing and they cant even voice thier opinion or rebel because they just get shot down and its DANCE and he was kinda stoned so i dont kno what that means but the rest is about life a a black right next to rich white folk

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. Lyrics 14 years ago
Alright all you mofos who don't get this song ARE not Very Feeling or deep

This song is very deep and emotional it has to do with people who hide thier sorrow and act happy even though it's obvious they r not

The Video shows how all the people acting happy are in a sad and depressed setting while the singer is happy but also sad for the people who hide thier sadness

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