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The Frames – What Happens When The Heart Just Stops Lyrics 16 years ago
my friend's seen them live...i only have Star Star ** by them - courtesy of my friend sending it over MSN...hmm... *goes about stealing entire album*

The Frames – Star Star ** Lyrics 16 years ago
Céaman and Barra jamming to this in the living room. While we all drank wine and chilled out to the gorgeous sound of those two brothers when they sing. Such an amazingly chilled night and such a beautiful song. I imagine this song with their voices rather than the Frames singing it now =) love the song. Love those two. Amazing.

Morcheeba – Way Beyond Lyrics 16 years ago
Driving with your
Handbrake on
But you can't smell the burning
Colliding with oblivion
Just to keep heads turning
Man I want some, pretty cash
It's ugly all that saving
'Cause we could get so fabulous
When we're out Rolex raving
No craving

Oh, way beyond our means
To buy these crazy things
Oh, wasting our whole lives
In the struggle to survive

Get yourself in
Debt for me
The grass don't get no greener
Have it all so far upfront
It doesn't take a dreamer
A beamer

Oh, way beyond out means
We love these spending sprees
Oh, wasting all out time
On some production line

But diving down the rubbish chute
We'll be ok if we uproot
'Cause I don't mean no heavy family
Holding me

Oh, way beyond our means
To buy these crazy things
Oh, making them Swiss Francs
To burst those private banks
Oh, way beyond our means
We love these spending sprees
Oh, wasting our whole lives
In a struggle to survive

Zero 7 – Somersault Lyrics 16 years ago
This song reminds me of the person who got me into Zero 7 to begin with - To me the song reminds me of him because in many many ways he's the one person who keeps me totally grounded when i'm around him.
I think the song in general is about two people fitting so perfectly together that it makes them totally complete, one whole, one person. And the way the eyes see the person as so perfect and so human, and so fun, and so out of reach almost, that they can't quite believe that they're theirs.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 16 years ago
oh, such a sombre tone for one of the most important songs ever written...

I'm performing this on saturday with the mixed choir i'm in, we've pretty much got it down and it sounds absolutely amazing. The way the song changes so drastically is such a test for us all - but it's really worth it. Couldn't have thought of a better or more fun song to perform - it 100% kicks arse. when you bring in all the parts - in a choir situation with nothing but the piano to accompany; you tend to rely on the voice to hold up the tune except all the amazing piano solos in there. so when all the sopranos carry the tune, along with the altos and then the tenner and bass kick in - it's fucking classic! I can't wait to sing it. it leaves you feeling so refreshed and then really chilled out as you get to the end - one word: WOW.

Queen – Don't Stop Me Now Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is THE song my friend Karl and i just sing together all the time, and i love it. Walking around school, one of us will sing the first word on our way to a lesson or something and after that it's in our heads and we sing it for the rest of the day. At one point Karl used to just go "tonight.." in my ear in tune and we'd rip our way into it in the middle of maths or something =)
When Queen (minus Freddie of course God rest his soul) tours sometime next year me and Karl are gonna go see them if they play near to somewhere we can get a boat to from the Isle of Man =P - when they play this - it will ROCK!

Dave Matthews Band – I'll Back You Up Lyrics 16 years ago
I love this song. man, i know i have a Dave problem when i had to check i hadn't commented on this song before = $ hehe. This song is gorgeous.
It it important to me because it's attached to a memory of mine. A very very close friend of mine asked me what lyrics he thought described our relationship best and i quoted some lyrics from this song (which he knew right away - being a huge DMB fan himself). I went on to say how much i loved him and appreciated him being there for me as he always is.
"I remember thinking
Sometimes we walk
Sometimes we run away
But I know
No matter how fast we are running
Somehow we keep
Somehow we keep up with each other" ----- those lyrics are what i quoted to him and went on to explain how i just know he's there for me and we'll end up in the same place no matter how differently we go about things. He's always there for me. I'm always there for him. Whatever we've been doing and whoever with we always end up back by each others side to catch up and be real. It's a really good friendship and i appreciate it all the more when i hear this song. I love this song and i love the guy i associate it with. He's so special to me, and i owe him so much for what he's done for me.

Travis – The Humpty Dumpty Love Song Lyrics 16 years ago
This song means a lot to me. I listened to it when my best friend and i fell out. It was a big hoo-har about her stealing this guy off me and i was really hurt by them both. I sort of found myself shoved out alone, i was so used to having them both there for me and loving them both so much and suddenly it was gone. This especially relates to my friend because Travis was 'our thing' we went through a phase of being totally enthralled by them (and quite rightly so, rock on!). So i sat many a time on bus journey's listening to this song and crying because the lyrics really related to how i was feeling. Still gets me now this song - as my best friend and i still don't talk. Nor do i and the guy that was stolen... bad, bad situation...

Aqualung – Falling Out Of Love Lyrics 16 years ago
I'm pretty enthralled by Aqualung - have been for a long time now. But i'm beginning to become intrigued by 'massofclouds' - are you Matt Hales in disguise = P ...if not - very good subject to be knowledgeable about = )

(just put that comment on this song 'cause i'm listening to it at the moment)

Muse – Host Lyrics 16 years ago
illegal is always good though....=P i can't download on my silly silly computer - just going through the list of muse lyrics on this site for songs i don't have - so i can give a list and a cd to a mate for downloading, best way ;) x

Muse – Coma Lyrics 16 years ago
This isn't on Hullabaloo is it? - I'm intrigued to find it....anyone help me? heh

Dave Matthews Band – Grey Street (Busted Stuff version) Lyrics 16 years ago
Just for the sake of it - lyrics set out a bit better and with a couple of gaps filled in....

Oh look at how she listens
She says nothing of what she thinks
She just goes stumbling through her memories
Staring out onto Grey Street
She thinks, "Hey, how did I come to this?
I dream myself a thousand times around the world
But I can't get out of this place"

There's an emptiness inside her
And she'd do anything to fill it in
But all the colours mix together--to grey
And it breaks her heart

How she wishes it was different
She prays to God most every night
And though she swears He doesn't listen
There's still a hope in her He might
She says, "I pray oh, but they fall on deaf ears,
Am I supposed to take it on myself?
To get out of this place?”

There's a loneliness inside her
And she'd do anything to fill it in
And though it's red blood bleeding from her now
It feels like cold blue ice in her heart
When all the colours mix together--to grey
And it breaks her heart

There's a stranger speaks outside her door
Says, “take what you can from your dreams
Make them as real as anything
Oh, it’d take the work out of the courage”
But she says, "please
There's a crazy man that's creeping outside my door
I live on the corner of Grey Street
And the end of the world"

There's an emptiness inside her
And she'd do anything to fill it in
And though it's red blood bleeding from her now
It's more like cold blue ice in her heart
She feels like kicking out all the windows
And setting fire to this life
She could change everything about her
Using colors bold and bright
But all the colours mix together--to grey
And it breaks her heart
It breaks her heart
To grey

Placebo – Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover) Lyrics 16 years ago
i personally like the placebo version better than the kate bush version....=$

Dave Matthews Band – Grey Street (Busted Stuff version) Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is probably my favourite on Busted Stuff. I just sat down and cried to it for hours today. If anyone ever asks me the terrible question of "what song would you say says most about you/your life?" then i just answer this. i just tell them to listen to it, or at least read the lyrics because it's probably the closest anyone will ever come to figuring a bit of me out. And for it to be in a song like this makes it a very beautiful thing. This song is fast becomming my new obsession - it went from Seek Up to I'll Back You Up to Stay or Leave and now to this....and i've loved every second.
I think it's amazing how Dave and the band can write lyrics that reach people so deeply and that so many people can relate to in different ways. It's the mark of an amazing singer/song writer.

Joseph Arthur – Honey And The Moon Lyrics 16 years ago
silly slashy punctuation...^^^

Joseph Arthur – Honey And The Moon Lyrics 16 years ago
There\'s not much more i can say on this song that would be of any use to anybody trying to work out the meaning - it\'s all been said =) but i can\'t bypass this song because it\'s just too beautiful. The lyric;
\"Don\'t know why I\'m still afraid
If you weren\'t real I would make you up\" really gets me in the heart because it means certain things to me and my life - nothing to do with the actual song meaning of course but it\'s the time and place you hear it that determines what the song will mean to you; what situation it will relate to in your life. It certainly hits me deep when i hear it - truly amazing.

Jem – Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul McCartney cover) Lyrics 16 years ago
why has my punctuation gone all slashy up there ^^^ ?

Jem – Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul McCartney cover) Lyrics 16 years ago
The setting for this on the O.C. makes me cry when i think about it. Cos it was all about the time Ryan and Marissa were saying goodbye and the dance they shared was amazingly intimate. I\'d like to hear the original as i never have and Paul McCartney is a bit of a genius...

\"Maybe i\'m a girl and maybe i\'m a lonely girl
Who\'s in the middle of something
That she doesn\'t really understand\"

Those lyrics i can really relate to, they\'re so amazing. This song is one of those rare songs you find that are just perfect. Trust a Beatle to do it eh....*grins*

The Perishers – Trouble Sleeping Lyrics 16 years ago
There\'s a little bit at the end of this song - the little refrain of guitar during the last minute or so that reminds me of \'This Time\' by The Verve. Just an odd thought....

The Perishers – Trouble Sleeping Lyrics 16 years ago
Really gorgeous song. I heard it on the O.C. Mix 2 aswel, I have the first mix too, and there are some songs between the two of them that i listen to non-stop. This is one of them...

Morcheeba – Over And Over Lyrics 16 years ago
i LOVE this song. It's my favourite morcheeba song of all time. It's so pretty and wonderful in everyway =) Not that i know what it means - or have i tried to decipher it, i just like to listen and chill to this amazing song. =)

The Cardigans – Sick and Tired Lyrics 16 years ago
I went through a phase of getting on busses for long journeys and just listening to this song over and over. I used to look forward to the bus journey home for this very song. It's such an amazing song and it makes me smile everytime i hear it.

The Cardigans – Explode Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is so pretty. It's really beautiful - the cardigans don't get enough recognition on here =) some of their songs are so bright and refreshing and some are just plain gorgeous.

The Verve – The Drugs Don't Work Lyrics 16 years ago
This song means a lot to me. It makes me cry everytime i listen to it and i've been listening to it for years. To me, although i know this song was written for Richard's father, this song relates to the working of anti-depressants or the lack of it. I listened to it a lot when i was feeling very down - not that it would in any way cheer a depressed person up =P but it's somewhat of a comfort and the fact that it described how i was feeling at particular times. The idea of the drugs not working and just feeling lower and lower seemed to click with me, and the anti-depressants i was on at the time. Seeing as they didn't do a lot at all. After listening to Bittersweet Symphony and looking at a gorgeous sunset from a deserted moving bus window then putting this song on - it's a wonderful combination of emotions to experience. Ashcroft is a lyrical genius in his own right - just a genius in general. This song means a lot to me and always will. I can always rely on it to make me feel emotion again - when i'm feeling really empty inside.

Nirvana – Dumb Lyrics 16 years ago
I'm not gonna debate what this song actually means, whether it's about drugs or not because obviously that's already been done well and not so well by people on this site. But on a personal level this song means a great deal to me. It's always been my anthem when it comes to nirvana. To me the song describes an outcast - someone misunderstood who doesn't fit in. for me the lyrics "I'm not like them. But I can pretend" mean a lot to me cause they describe the way i feel a lot of the time. this song is on some obvious level about drugs. but considering i don't relate to that aspect of it yet this song still manages to mean a lot to me then there must be some element of other things in there. one of the many hidden levels kurt brings to his songs must relate to me in some way - and this song really is a comfort to the outcast in me.

The Cure – Close to Me Lyrics 16 years ago
This song i decided would be one of my favourite cure songs - even though i love far too many of them to pick favourites. This and Burn just make me shiver when i hear them cos they're so amazing. although this was probably my first true favourite. the cure are in my top bands always - there are some that i chop and change with and some that just stay at the top of the list always - the cure is one of those bands.
this song is a great driving song and just for cure fests late in the night.
this song reminds me of last summer - sitting at my computer at a hideous time of the morning listening to the cure forever and a day and talking way into the night with my ex boyfriend. Listening to mainly this song because the lyrics are so true. i went through a phase of feeling very bad during the days - i still do now sometimes - and me being an insomniac just meant all day i was tired and stressed and rushed off my feet and couldn't wait for the night to come when i'd be free. this song captures that feeling perfectly for me.

Aqualung – Take Me Home Lyrics 16 years ago
This is one of my favourite songs from Still Life - which i ended up liking more than the first album surprisingly. It was on the O.C. when i noticed this song playing in the background of the Thanksgiving dinner and immediately went to play it because up until i'd heard it in context and being part of a scene i hadn't really given it a chance. after that it dawned on me what an amazing song it actually was and i played it non-stop. it made me cry the first time i listened to it and it still makes me cry about 2 months on. it's just such a beautiful song and they're such a beautiful band. they deserve so much praise for their songs cause they are just spine-tinglingly gorgeous in every way.

Aqualung – Strange And Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You) Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is one of my favourite songs of all time, and there's not many songs i can say that about because i have such a wide taste in music there are too many bands and songs to pick favourites but from the very first moment i heard this song i, like so many others as i found out later, went on an all out hunt to find this mysterious and gorgeous song. I first heard it on the VW beetle ad much like everybody else it seems, i fell in love with it from the off and learnt what little of the song appeared on the advert by heart. i would find myself singing it all day and when the advert began to become more and more scarce i was lost! one day my brother called me to let me know he'd taped some of top of the pops and it turned out matt hales had released the song - i watched the performance of the whole song and was breath-taken by how amazing it was in full. After seeing that i knew who sang the song and what it was called - so the hunt began. The only way i could get hold of the song before the album came out was when my friend offered to make me a sample cd of songs i wanted. After that it never left my cd player until i discovered the album had been released - even then i was too skint to buy it. I eventually decided christmas/birthday just gone that i wanted these (now two) albums - it was on a list in a drawer from about april until i could 'submit' it to aunties and cousins as potential gifts for me. This christmas i got the self titled album and the following birthday - about a week later - i recieved Still Life. And i have been in love with all the songs by aqualung since - the albums make me crave to hear the elusive b-sides and anything that exists by the genius of matt hales =).
This will remain the song that describes a particular night when i watched a guy i liked from a distance and this song was running through my head as i watched him being so perfect. I am still watching.

Gene – A Car That Sped Lyrics 16 years ago
This is one of my favourites by Gene... i have all the albums and this song particularly stands out as one of the most amazing. although gene are just amazing all over....

Placebo – You Don't Care About Us Lyrics 16 years ago
This song means a lot to me because of a discussion it gets mentioned in between Brian and a group of others, Stefan and Steve inc. Brian is talking about his depression - a subject very close to home with me anyway. but he describes his taking of prozac to ease his depression and he talks about the effects of such types of anti-depressants. the first time i'd seen that conversation was when i'd been taking anti-depressants for about a month and a half and what Brian said about them was just so true - i felt happy that someone had described so accurately what those drugs do to you. he described it perfectly in a way i'd not been able to articulate until that moment. he talks about how he stopped taking the prozac and when the effects had worn off he immediately got annoyed at himself and sat down and wrote "You Don't Care About Us" - i listened to this song again after that interview and it meant so much more to me because of what it had been associated with at the time of it's creation. It being a product of feelings so close to my heart makes it a very special song to me.

The Bluetones – If..... Lyrics 16 years ago
this remains my favourite song by the bluetones....not too sure why, i just love it all over. it's amazing tune and lyrics just make me smile when i listen to it. i am a huge fan of the bluetones, i'd easily put comments for all the songs on here cos they're so obviously horribly undiscovered with exceptions from the odd few 'tone's folk like moi =) but i am sleepy right now. But I have everything the bluetones have ever done - including all the singles (yesh, that's how obsessed i am =P) and every song is a new surprise and just unbelievable. i'm sittin in my bluetones tshirt as i speak....=$ =) ....bluetones = godlyness =)

Dave Matthews Band – Seek Up Lyrics 16 years ago
First time i ever heard Dave Matthews was this very song. My friend had come round for a bit and he put his cd in my computer to give me some björk and told me to listen to this. i instantly fell in love with Seek Up and played it non stop for a long while. the pairing of Seek Up followed by I'll Back You Up on Remember Two Things seemed almost perfect and i played those two continuously. Then i expanded to getting to know the rest of the album and others but this song remains my reminder of the day i first fell in love with Dave Matthews work.
It's just so gorgeous. i don't agree with ripping songs apart for their meaning. i think it's about what songs mean to the listener on a personal level. certain songs help you through certain things and they remain a permanent reminder of those things - good or bad.
this song has helped me through many a bad day - on a more serious level too. But still the first i heard of DMB will always be this one song.

Dave Matthews Band – Stay or Leave Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is my new favourite to play right now. always somewhere in the middle of it when i turn my ipod on, or in my recently played on my itunes. it's just amazing in every way. how does Dave do it? he managed to cheer me up when i got in tonight just by putting on Remember Two Things - then i had to listen to Stay Or Leave of course.
this song just makes me cry everytime i listen to it...without fail, in a good and a bad way sometimes.

" Making plans to change the world
While the world is changing us... "

those lyrics get me everytime. they're just so profound and mean so much to me. I owe so much to this song and to Dave Matthews ...they've helped me through a lot. as has the person who originally got me into Dave Matthews coincidentally. this song just means the world to me. it reminds me of sitting in my old boyfriends house, happy and chatting to his family.

i guess it just makes me think of looking back at a time when, in the eyes of a memory - all was right with the world.

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