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Muse – Madness Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm pretty sure this is about Matt dealing with his breakup with Gaia.

Placebo – Second Sight Lyrics 14 years ago
Ah, the joys of sleeping with someone and neither of you really wanting a relationship...

Placebo – Special Needs Lyrics 14 years ago
Reflecting over the loss of a relationship years after it's ended. Well, at least that's what it means to me.

The first verse: The speaker's lover is leaving, either just "end of relationship" leaving or actually physically going somewhere far, far away. And it's well-wishing, like saying "take care, everything's gonna go well for you, y'know, just... remember me sometimes". "Special needs"... well, it could be literal or it could be somewhat affectionate. Christ, I called my friend that because he was hyper, so...

The chorus: They were 19 and thought they were wildly in love with one another. "A dream obscene with six months off for bad behavour" was that the lover was kinda a bad boy figure (I don't think he was literally on probation).

Second verse: kinda repeats the first. The second line means that they've gone and the speaker is cripped EMOTIONALLY by this.

This song makes me bawl my eyes out whenever I hear it live, it reminds me of a few ex-boyfriends.

Cradle of Filth – Serpent Tongue Lyrics 15 years ago
Definitely the corruption of Adam and Eve. The character of Sin (remember, concept album) comes to tempt Adam, however he realizes what she truly is and attacks her. It appears that either Adam inseminating Sin or Feriluce inseminating Eve will be what shall cause their fall from grace. However, at the same time, Feriluce turns his attentions to Eve, who succumbs. Personally, I think Dani is using sex with others as what the "forbidden fruit" means. And so he accomplishes his tasks and flees Eden laughing...

Cradle of Filth – Presents From The Poison-Hearted Lyrics 15 years ago
Personally, this is a statement that Feriluce has influenced the course of human history far more than god and of how his corruption has changed history.

Cradle of Filth – Malice Through The Looking Glass Lyrics 15 years ago
A man tormented by the murder of his lover (by being burned alive) awaits the coming of a vampire to transform him so as he can seek revenge. Well that's it in my mind anyway.

Cradle of Filth – The Smoke of Her Burning Lyrics 15 years ago
The storming of heaven by the troops of Feriluce/Hell. And of course, it falls ("Now the nightmares come again").

Cradle of Filth – Thank God For The Suffering Lyrics 15 years ago
To me this is the beginning of the climax of the album. The character of Feriluce is in love with someone, possibly Faith that is referenced to in the lyrics (see Mannequin) but as an act of revenge God steals her away from him, probably imprisoning her in heaven. The revenge that burns in Feriluce leads into The Smoke of Her Burning.

My Chemical Romance – To The End Lyrics 15 years ago
OK, I look at this song as being part of the main character's killing spree and being one of the more noticable ones - the killing of the party at a mob wedding. The groom has concealed this life from his would-be bride ("he's always looking at men") and when she finds out what's been keeping her in the lifestyles of "diamonds" and her "Benz" she kills him and his associates with cyanide. Of course while being encouraged by the other-worldly killer :)

Placebo – Bulletproof Cupid (Vocal) Lyrics 15 years ago
Nope, these lyrics are going around for ages. Not real, sorry. Bulletproof's always been an instrumental.

Placebo – Twenty Years Lyrics 15 years ago
"Who will wear the hat" = "who will be in control?"

To me this song is a criticism of the world around us, full of "designer fakes" and that through your life there'll people who'll you use you ("some hold the rope"). But there's some optimism in that "some hold the rose". It's about figuring out your life basically. "You're the truth not I" to me is directed perhaps at the fans, that the "truth" about our lives doesn't come from Molko, it's something we have to find out for ourselves.

Rammstein – Mein Herz Brennt (English) Lyrics 16 years ago
Nightmares here as well

Rammstein – Los (English) Lyrics 16 years ago
First verse - the beginning of Rammstein. Second - the reaction in the media to them. Third - they're here... and they're not going anywhere.

Rammstein – Moskau Lyrics 16 years ago
Strikes me as a reflection on the old times of Communism, that it was decadent in its own way. Now it's just another capitalist city

Rammstein – Alter Mann (English) Lyrics 16 years ago
Hard to explain song, for me it's about the passing of knowledge from generation to generation, how the old man tells the child that the older you get, the myths and ideals of childhood are eventually destroyed.

Rammstein – Adios Lyrics 16 years ago
To me, it's a drug overdose. The character in this song has had nothing and is on drugs to escape reality - that he's had nothing and there will be nothing. And so he never wakes up again.

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