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Strung Out – Solitaire Lyrics 14 years ago
It really could be talking about masturbating or about a girl, either way, its very catchy and awesome. These guys are so awesome live!!

Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams Lyrics 14 years ago
Listen to the whole cd, its a story.

Green Day – Coming Clean Lyrics 14 years ago
Just becuase Billie is singing doesn't mean he is singing about himself, singers take on characters sometimes.

Green Day – Are We the Waiting? Lyrics 14 years ago
I heard somewhere that St.Jimmy is a drunken prophet showing the JOS a new way of living. I guess that St.Jimmy could also be in his mind, we are all like that though, being who we are and wishing we could be someone else.

Green Day – 1,000 Hours Lyrics 14 years ago
It's sappy and cheesy but its sweet and a lot of girls woud be delighted if a guy would dedicate this song to them.

Green Day – On the Wagon Lyrics 14 years ago
sounds like hes talking about masturbation.

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