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Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution – They Provide The Paint... Lyrics 15 years ago
The title pretty much sums up the entire song. "They Provide that Paint for the Picture Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint on the Insides of Your Eyelids"

They = Society

The paint = Thought

Picture Perfect Masterpiece = The way we're all 'supposed' to live.

Paint on the inside of your eyelids = How you think. Everything 'inside' your eyelids is what your mind sees.

Streetlight Manifesto – A Moment of Silence Lyrics 15 years ago
"a moment of silence please for those who never get the chance
they show up to the party but they're never asked to dance"

-The 'moment of silence for those who never get the chance' refers to Streetlight Manifesto. Catch-22 went on to some kind of popular fame on Kalnoky's songs.

"The losers the liars the bastards the thieves
the cynicists, the pessimists and those that don't believe in nothing"

-Hah. This one obviously refers to Catch-22, but Kalnoky writes it to sound as if it's a reference to Streetlight Manifesto itself, and a reference that was claimed by Catch-22, making them clear hypocrites.

"I never met a loser that I didn't see eye to eye with, I declare, I stare into your eyes
but you look right past me into the air

-Kalnoky believes he always tried his best to get along with the guys in Catch-22 (The "losers"), but he still was disrespected nonetheless.

"Take the bottle and i tip it to all my heroes that have passed, alas, you have left us but your stories they will last,"

-Talking about the good times Kalnoky had in Catch-22.

"Uninspired by the recruiting call"

-As far as my interpretation of this line goes, obscure Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution reference.

"independent we stand
indepentend we fall"

-This pretty much says, "Fine, you go your way, I'll go mine. We're only both going to fall anyway."

"so tell me: how long do you think you can go before you lose it all?
before they call you bluff and watch you fall?"

Really doesn't need explanation. Catch-22 is now a bunch of guys living off Kalnoky's brilliance.

"sit tight but the revolution's years away
i'm losing faith and i'm running low on things to say"

-The 'revolution' refers to a time when people will stop giving in to the mass-produced unoriginal garbage that bands like the new Catch-22 are consistently throwing out and will begin looking at music as something so much more. 'Running low on things to say' just kind of refers to the fact that soon Kalnoky himself may become another one of those unoriginals, because he's "Losing faith" and doesn't know how much longer he can keep this up.

"oh! to have died that night i realized it wouldn't last!
our days were numbered and the reaper tipped the hourglass
the final mayday of our sinking ship had come and passed
oh! to the west, you don't know what it is you're running from
and everybody's laughing loud
your last chance to make your mother and father proud"

-Most of these have already been explained quite well. And the rest is self explanatory.

"They said 'a pox upon your house
upon your family and everyone you knew
and everyone you'll ever meet'"

-Obvious enough. They 'cursed' him. Meaning they left on bad terms.

"now everybody's laughing because they're thinking they in on something i don't get"

-Catch-22 thinks it's all one big joke that they're getting known based on all the hardwork of Kalnoky.

"don't forget I connect and I read every word you said
like a child who believes he was wronged
if you hate me so much then stop singing my songs"

There's a reason that this is the last verse line of the song. Kalnoky's just saying "Don't think I don't hear what you guys say and act towards me and Streelight Manifesto." Catch-22 would like to think and say that they're "done" with Kalnoky, but, as he says, "If you hate me so much, then stop singing my songs."

Streetlight Manifesto – If And When We Rise Again Lyrics 16 years ago
At first, this was probably the only song on the CD I couldn't find any real meaning behind. I first thought it was just some random song. But then I heard at the very beginning the quote of Kurt Cobain and then realized that the song seemed like it was about Kurt Cobain and how his music like his may have been "good", but it didn't accomplish anything. It's an uplifting song to say, "Yeah, all that bad stuff may be true, but that doesn't mean we give up and not try to live our lives and change things."

And it also refers to the fact that we all go through hard times and all that. Not one person alone should be immensely revered because they wrote songs about their's.

Vision – Close Minded Lyrics 16 years ago
Erm. This song has some redeeming qualities. For starters, there's the amazing intro, which I can listen to on it's own endlessly.

Anyway, this song was written (Not produced, written) during a time when all sorts of genres were in the midst of going mainstream and I most certainly remember friends and such telling me to "open my mind" and listen to all sorts of country and hip-hop. The song holds true in many cases, actually.

It tries to make some fun of people not being able to handle the fact that others don't like 'their genre' of music. And so they just say that people are 'close-minded', regardless of whether or not they just don't like the music.

Satanic Surfers – Institutionalised Murder Lyrics 16 years ago
By far my all-time favorite Satanic Surfers song, as I'm a big animal rights guy. The song meaning is obvious. We're fundamentally a society of hypocrites in that we condemn treating other people badly, yet every second around the globe literally thousands of animals die just for the sake of food, meanwhile just as many humans go without proper sustenance.

Against Me! – We Did It All for Don Lyrics 16 years ago
blueintheface has the general idea right. The song is for some part about their old van and then the other part about how they all survived a crash in that van unscathed. The actual title is "We did it all for 'Don". 'Don, with the now-inserted apostrophe, refers to Armageddon, the name of their van, which was totaled by an unattentive truck driver.

It's just a fun song more than anything about how it doesn't matter what happens, as long as people stick together with their friends, things will be alright.

Against Me! – Tonight We're Gonna Give It 35% Lyrics 16 years ago
I get the chills everytime the solo kicks in after Tom screams out "Don't let me fuck this up!" There's so much passion behind it. Something you don't get with any other band. Very unique.

Anyway, I was a bit unclear about the song meaning, but all I had to do was take one look at the title to clarify my interpretation.

"Tonight We're Gonna give it 35%"...This obviously refers to someone getting tired of the music and touring gig. Someone who's been emotionally ravaged by being separated from their family and friends for months straight. "My anywhere but here."

"And how tired I was from the past couple of weeks,
From the past couple of years,
Well it hit me all at once. "

I think this refers to the same thing, once again. Growing tired of the monotony of playing music to people who aren't necessarily getting what you're saying.

"And can you live with what you know about yourself,
When you're all alone, behind closed doors,
The things we never said but we always knew were right there. "

This was the only lyric that I didn't have a clear grip on before. But I think it refers in a way to the loneliness once again of being on the road. And the last line of it I think refers to not realizing how much you miss someone or something until you're separated from it. "The things we never said." Things like "I love you." perhaps? Who knows. It's Against Me! after all.

"It's got me on my knees in a bathroom,
Praying to a god that I don't even believe in,
"Dear Jesus...are you listening?"
If this is the one chance that really matters,
Don't let me fuck this up!"

Hrm. This connects back to the first lyric, oddly enough. The first lyric seems to mention talking 'business' and having 'water together'. Something possibly about Against Me!'s chance at something or other. It could be attention. It could be absolutely nothing. But apparently, they don't want to screw it up. It's kinda like unlike other bands out there, Against Me! throws everything they've got into every single show they play.

Against Me! – The Disco Before the Breakdown Lyrics 16 years ago
"The Disco Before The Breakdown" is easily the greatest 7" I've heard in my entire life, front to back. And this song just brings it all together. The song brings a slight ambiguity at points juxtaposed with the rest of it's straightforwardness.

I've heard that the song itself is mainly about relationships and the social stigma of when the people around you don't agree with your choice in a significant other. So it could refer to either homosexual relationships or just odd relationships in general. Either way the song is amazing. The brass brings it all together.

Against Me! – Rice and Bread Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is definitely about the so-called 'underground' of bands claiming to be fighting for social change, but don't have their hearts into it. People following the trends and what have you. Against Me! really brings it home at the lines "I can play along to every record, front and back, every song. Every word means as much to me as every word means to you"

The mentioning of the 'words' in songs means that it's no longer about music, but about the passion behind the music. You can't be 'fronting' as AM! would usually say with this "Anti-establishment" yelling and screaming unless you mean it. It's for the people for which this isn't just a 'teenage phase', but a life-long struggle:

"You’re going to sing your heart out, then sing it like you mean it."

Bad Religion – Sorrow Lyrics 16 years ago
This song really personifies the brilliance of Bad Religion's lyrical craft. The song not only presents to us the biblical allusion that has been mentioned, but there lies a certain ambiguity to the lyrics that not as many people decide to pick up on.

The chorus proceeds:

"There will be sorrow" for two lines, but on the third, Graffin's voice adds in "No more." This leads to the question, is he referring to a chronological order in which there's sorrow and eventually it goes away in the end? Or is he repeating the words for emphasis only to drag out the words "No more" in the final line of the chorus. Or is he simply saying that there will always be sorrow?

What really struck me at this song was it's almost eerie, seemingly coincidental reference to the situation in Iraq.

"Let me take you to the hurting ground
Where all good men are trampled down
Just to settle a bet that could not be won
Between a prideful father and his son "

Hurting ground: The fields of war.
Prideful father and son: Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.

I picked up on this after listening a number of times. It's amazing how some of the lyrics fit in with it, yet they had no intention of that sort initially.

The final verse set of the song ("When all soldiers lay their weapons down...") is probably the most meaningful set of lyrics I've ever heard in a song, especially a relatively recent one. You can tell that BR was really putting their passion into this one. In my opinion the best song they've ever written.

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