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Evergrey – A Touch of Blessing Lyrics 16 years ago
The song on its own doesnt mean much, its only the beginning of a much larger story. The entire album tells the story of a man leaving his former life to join some sort of cult, which seem like the answer to all his problems. (This song is pretty much the part where he leavis his friends, and puts it all aside for a higher purpose) Later in the album he realises that it was only a way for the powerful to manipulate the weak, and a few songs in there are very anti-religius.

Evergrey – Solitude Within Lyrics 16 years ago
Suicide because of unrequited love.

In the first verse he blatantly states that he is killing himself "as I welcome the end" In the second verse he further explains how he is feeling.
Then the third verse reminds us that he's dying, an that what follows are his last thougts. Then he tells us that "all he wished for was a vengeance on solitude" i. e. not being alone. And when he mentions someone specific "the presence of you" he is admitting his love of a specific person. And the last thing to pass trhough his mind is the fear of being alone again, maybe the afterlife isn't the answer?
Well, thats what I make of it.

Fantômas – Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer Lyrics 16 years ago
Not that complicated...

Fantômas – Rosemary's Baby Lyrics 16 years ago
It's based off a movie by Roman Polanski; "Rosemary's Baby"
The song is also not entirely theirs, the lala thing was sung in the movie. (Less creepy tho)

Muse – Recess Lyrics 16 years ago
I can't believe nobody ever commented on this. It's been here for 3 years, and it's a great song. Although these lyrics are horribly wrong.

in my sleep.
Awake to see
you're never here.
And the losing yields
another year
facing hopes and fears.

And i wish
I could believe there was more.
Hope suffocating,
and you've used my life.

And the planes and trains
are to blame
for tempting us
to refrain.
And to cut the cord,
and dis every word.
All the truth's absurd.

And i wish
I could believe there was more.
Hope suffocating,
and you've kissed my life.

(And i wish
I could believe there was more.)
Hope suffocating,
hope suffocating,
hope suffocating
and you've missed my life.

That said, I have no idea what it all means.

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