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Kool and the Gang – No Show Lyrics 9 years ago
an epitome of just how much love sucks.

Kool and the Gang – Emergency Lyrics 9 years ago
Love this tune! love taylor's singing here, especially the "Suddenly..." Phase. it's a great mix of an upbeat fun song but some soul put in as well.

Kool and the Gang – Joanna Lyrics 9 years ago
in the video they are seen singing this song to a middle-aged Diner woman that is serving them, and on the walls of the diner you see posters of a younger woman named Joanna, from some kind show, it's safe to presume it is her at a younger age.

but I guess this song can be referred to any girl you like. the lyrics are global. Love it.

Earth, Wind & Fire – Fantasy Lyrics 9 years ago
I remember listening to this song randomly on the CD player, driving, heart-broken, during some evening in the army. always stirs up that memory for me. a wonderful piece from their classic All'n'All.

Earth, Wind & Fire – After The Love Has Gone Lyrics 9 years ago
One of the most beautiful songs in the 20th century in my opinion. if this doesn't move you, you should check yourself. this has "Pure Gold" written all over it.
and this song is amazing both in the studio version and when it's played live. long live EW&F.

Earth, Wind & Fire – That's the Way of the World Lyrics 9 years ago
Weird that noone commented on this jewel. almost anything that EW&F Touched was gold, and this one is no expection. heart-touching, moving, gets into your soul in an intravenous manner.

the sound of this song is amazing, soothing, it sucks you in.

the song is obviously dealing with love ("hearts of fire creates love desire"), but it has a more "dark" theme - it's a sad song in my opinion, and pretty self explanatory. a child is born with a heart of gold, but the way of the world makes his heart grow cold.

EW&F are basically saying the world sucks. but thank the lord that they exist to give us some meaning to life with their gorgeous tunes.

Spandau Ballet – True Lyrics 10 years ago
to me, this is a mix of unrequited love and the difficulty of the writer to express it over the sheet.
"Listening to marvin all night long" is one of my favourite lines from a song ever, and it also enhances the belief that this song deals with a soul, an injured one.

when steve norman's saxophone starts playing in the instrumental break, that's when you really feel it, inside your soul. at least for me.

Spandau Ballet – True Lyrics 10 years ago
no it doesn't.

it may be about alot of things. unrequited love, writer's block, a difficulty a writer faces when trying to write something he doesn't want to deal with, loneliness, a tribute to motown and marvin gaye.

not suicide, no sir.

Paul Hardcastle – 19 Lyrics 11 years ago
such a good song. so many version, so great. i really like the german mix as well.

song is very touching and deep.


Kraftwerk – The Robots Lyrics 12 years ago

Kraftwerk – Autobahn Lyrics 12 years ago
one of the best.
makes me want to go back to germany/austria, drive endlessly on the autobahn, watch the gas stations and resturants on the sides, on a breezy summer day near munich,
makes you appreciate it so much.

i love the version in the mix album, when you hear all the cars go by. so genius.

thank you kraftwerk.

Taco – Puttin' On The Ritz Lyrics 12 years ago
this song is about all those jerks who dressed up like rich people in the 20's,30's,40's, sat in lobby's of expensive hotels, and tried to attract the public's attention.

creepy clip.

Kraftwerk – The Telephone Call Lyrics 12 years ago
Beautiful piece of music by Kraftwerk.

one of the only songs that have a love-theme from kraftwerk.

it's about a guy trying to call the girl he loves, but she won't answer.

"you're so close, but far away" - he can hear her on the telephone, like she's so close to him, but on the other hand, she's really far.

"i call you up from time to time, to hear your voice on the telephone line" - he compensates his lost love by only hearing her voice on the phone, not necessarily having a conversation.

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