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Jane's Addiction – Just Because Lyrics 16 years ago
First of all we'll just get that verse correctly, from the lyric sheet it reads:

"When we first met,
We passed around gifts,
That was a long time ago,
And your's didn't fit"

Any way here are my thoughts on what this song is about.

A little while ago I read a fascinating story of how Perry used the proceeds of the Jane's reunion tour to buy the freebom of 30,000 sudanese slaves at $3 a pop, somewhere in the region of $100, 000 all in. Now this was never used as a means to promote the tour or the band, it was leaked later on. Therefor Perry had done this great act of charity JUST BECAUSE. Now look at other fortunate people, specifically celebrities, when a celebrity gets involved in a good cause they make sure everybody knows about it because it is really good publicity. So that is not doing anything JUST BECAUSE that is having an agenda.

So to recap Perry rocks, celebrity publicity whores suck.

Case Closed!

Pearl Jam – Swallow My Pride Lyrics 16 years ago
This song appears to be about oral sex.
He wants the woman to "swallow [his] pride"-substitute pride for penis, this is backed up by the "now I just want to go for the throat" line although the same song as performed by Soungarden has "now I just want to go for the THRONE" but this version seems to make more sense.
It is also about having a lack of respect for the woman in the song, not that oral sex is disrespectful just in this case it is part of the disrespect.
Maybe, or perhaps I just have sex on the brain.

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