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Everclear – Chemical Smile Lyrics 16 years ago
She's got a chemical smile.. She's smiling because of the chemicals

Everclear – Amphetamine Lyrics 16 years ago
I know alot of people who have lost their CD but still have the case and everything.. I wish I still had my CD

Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life Lyrics 16 years ago
I believe they took it out because the song was too long for radio play, not because of content..

Green Day – Brain Stew Lyrics 16 years ago
Yes this song is about insomnia. Meth keeps you up for days/weeks at a time which equals insomnia and sleep deprivation. Also he uses specific references about being "fucked up" and "Spun". Also other songs on the cd specificly mention methamphetamine. He doesn't talk about his kid, he talks about how he is alone, spun out in his room.

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