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Razed In Black – Oh My Goth! Lyrics 15 years ago
It is kind of cheesy, but that seems to add to the effect I get. It's like this guy always knew he was a pain freak, but didn't know that you could get that sort of thing in a relationship. So he meets a goth and s/he gives him his first 'experience'. Now he's asking his new partner for more.
I've seen a few of those "GAP-Goth" kids go through this kind of thing, and this song seems to fit.

Xorcist – Governet Lyrics 15 years ago
Despite the alien imagery, I think this song is really meaningfull in 2005 considering all the mindwashing our government is trying to do to us.
It feels like the average person is not seeing the 'failing nation' for what it truly is.

The 'lies' we don't know are lies. The 'dying screams' of Iraqi children we never hear.. I think this song is a very powerful message to wake up and do something NOW.

The Faint – Symptom Finger Lyrics 16 years ago
wow, thought it was "i'm KILLING viewers by thousands". Doesn't really change the meaning tho. Where's my remote?

The Faint – Southern Belles in London Sing Lyrics 16 years ago
What the heck are you people thinking? The lyrics are no good without hearing the guy sing it.
Here's what: You have a groupie following a chick-band from Georgia. They're on tour (gone for weeks) He's waiting at an airport in London for the hottie of his dreams to show up.. for two days! He's trying to stay awake, carving up the seats, drinking caffeine... and then he falls asleep.
He dreams that he sees this hottie floating all pretty up in the air and then realizes he's asleep and tells himself to "wake up!"
Then he sings that the plane landed and the band had their show and is going home.
Except sometime during their visit the groupie apparently tried to get to them (not sure if it's the booking agent with the broken nose or the groupie), because the "creeping dolt" they butt heads with is the groupie. I'm sure you've heard stories of fans jumping the stage at concerts.. this one probably attacked at the airport.
.. And that's what I heard. Beautifully rendered story of a manic fan.

Eminem – Amityville Lyrics 16 years ago
I dunno, to me this is gotta be one of the funniest songs ever. I didn't know Eminem was a "serious rapper" cuz a lot of his other songs are funny too. I mean, maybe it's true, but lines like "You can get capped after just havin a cavity filled " had me laughing so hard i had to go pee.

Eminem – Like Toy Soldiers Lyrics 16 years ago
thank you NINJA for pointing this out.. I got really mad when one of my favorite 80's songs got shredded by a wannabe rapper, and then the gangsta kids think he's awesome for coming up with it.
I'm disappointed that this song isn't as funny as a lot of his other ones.

Peter Schilling – Major Tom (Coming Home) Lyrics 16 years ago
actually, it's not really a sequel to "Space Oddity" so much as what's happening from the other perspective. i.e. in the Bowie's we hear him calling to ground control, and in this one we hear what they are saying to him. Even if it was supposed to be about drugs, it's still emotionally moving if taken literally. One minute the guy's joking about having a drink, and then he's stranded millions of miles from home with no hope of return. ouch.

Bright Eyes – At the Bottom of Everything Lyrics 16 years ago
How can someone's interpretation of art be wrong?

I see this as the singer urging everyone to realize they need to experience their life as it happens and face themselves for who they are. The one bit about taking a good hard look at those we condemn - well gee, humans are well known for that pack mentality of burning witches at the stake.

We have to conform to fit in, while having a constant need to not conform and be individual. We feel we have to run, run, run in the rat race.
The simile of : "Death will give us back to god, just like the setting sun is returned to the lonesome ocean"... is in itself a denial of god and fate and destiny. The sun doesn't go into the ocean, it only looks that way the way we see it, so the way we see it our souls will go to god. (ok, when I say we i guess i mean people in general). He repeats this lack of destiny later by telling us we can't see the future in a crystal ball and can only plunge through each day with hope and very little foresight.

Then after having all these wonderful realizations of the way life really is, he wakes up in the morning finally happy to know that there is no meaning to life after all.

Thats my two cents :D

The Faint – Drop Kick the Punks Lyrics 16 years ago
This one got me on a personal note cuz when i lived in DC (USA) the goth/industrial clubs started getting taken over by wannabe punks and ravers.. dressed in the latest from "hot crotchpick", pretending to dance to Einsturzend Neubaten. yeah, what IS that crap?

The Faint – I Disappear Lyrics 16 years ago
Somebody call an exorcist! or maybe Xorcist?
There's not much to comment, it's a poppy dance tune that even the singer hopes "doesn't last forever" because he starts singing in tune to the previous song on the album. hehe.

The Faint – How Could I Forget? Lyrics 16 years ago
Gotta love Gen Xers snubbing the shallow.
At around 2:15 into the song, what's with the guy going "I kinda dig you"? Is that supposed to be the voice of the shallow person or the introvert?
I'm confused...

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