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Akron/Family – I'll Be on the Water Lyrics 15 years ago
"Thinking of you
There's lightning bolts in my chest
I know you know
I think our love is the best"

i love that part, amazing song.

Jump, Little Children – By The Way That They Dance Lyrics 15 years ago
i could listen to this song all day.

Jump, Little Children – Cathedrals Lyrics 15 years ago
amazing song.

Fruit Bats – Slipping Through The Sensors Lyrics 15 years ago
"superheroes fighting crime with love and broken fists" is one of my favorite one-liners. good song.

Copeland – Don't Slow Down Lyrics 16 years ago
one of my favorites off the new album. it's about just wanting to be with someone, and not caring about how fast things are going.

Copeland – Love Is a Fast Song Lyrics 16 years ago
this is a great song.

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