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Jackson Browne – Sky Blue and Black Lyrics 5 years ago
@[Tooneygirl:11413] no you didn't. hopeless romantic kid wrote that 10 yrs ago. give me a break. it's like going to the In Your Eyes page and getting mad to see Say Anything brought up. really...

Sufjan Stevens – To Be Alone with You Lyrics 8 years ago
whether you like the fact or not stevens is an artist who happens to be christian, your stretching to pretend he's not in his songs is what is "way off". Occam's razor... William of Ockham of course, was a franciscan monk.

The Airborne Toxic Event – The Graveyard Near The House Lyrics 10 years ago
to make sense of *mortality

The Airborne Toxic Event – The Graveyard Near The House Lyrics 10 years ago
very powerful song that shows how love and death intersect. if you find someone that makes your life worth living, of course you include them in your personal journey to make sense of immortality and it becomes a shared journey as you grow closer.
this may be based on a true story but even if its not, the situation is definitely not unique... graveyards everywhere remind us of the dead and the fact that we're going to die

Bright Eyes – One for You, One for Me Lyrics 10 years ago

Bright Eyes – Shell Games Lyrics 10 years ago
Yeah i think he's constantly going back and forth as many people do but as a religious person myself, i just saw "heavy love" as the love of god right off the bat. but i could be wrong as well. and see this:
also his lyrics in 'dear god' off the Monsters of Folk:
but yeah who knows he obviously doesn't divulge his personal beliefs in a very apparent way whether in interviews or lyrics, etc.

Bright Eyes – Shell Games Lyrics 10 years ago
IMHO this is about the love of god that comes with religious life and how he's torn between wanting that love and not wanting the "heavy love" or religious life because at times it can be a burden. he touches on judgement, forgiveness, purity, madness, the idea that you can live without god, etc

A Weather – It's Good to Know Lyrics 11 years ago
The possibility of true love, friendship, connection, etc and the happiness that comes with it is something good to hope for in the sense that it deters depression, despair, suicide. 'It's Good to Know', basically, that you have a future waiting for you...

Sufjan Stevens – To Be Alone with You Lyrics 11 years ago
The first part, "I'd give my body to be back again in the rest of the room" is told from the perspective of Jesus and alludes to the Holy Spirit, basically like the way Jesus came back in that spiritual form on Pentecost.

Greg Laswell – Goodbye Lyrics 11 years ago
Beautiful optimistic song about moving on after the end of a relationship and getting through a broken heart. It really articulates the pain and resistance you feel in actually saying 'goodbye', and how hard it is to tell yourself its really over.

Neva Dinova – Can't Wait to See You Lyrics 11 years ago
I think it is, the blood in the silver cup to me is a reference to the blood of christ in the sense that in death u return to him who created you. The "hang" means that he's angry and he hopes that in his death people will be sorry and feel guilty "hung" by their guilt in a way

Ingrid Michaelson – Soldier Lyrics 11 years ago
About how love is scary and rough and a challenge because u can and will get hurt sometimes very deeply hurt but soldiers know u have no choice, u must do it...

Jenny Lewis – Born Secular Lyrics 11 years ago
The whole record has religious undertones--the watson twins are after all gospel singers.

I think its similar to "so emotional" in that it laments over not learning about god as a child and therefore trying hard to grasp it as an adult... I think she hates the fact that she was born secular, its almost as if god wanted no part of her since the very beginning.

Maria Taylor – Hitched! Lyrics 12 years ago
Yes probably for orenda & todd, especially orenda who had it rough with a broken home and a lot of heartbreak. I personally am pessimistic about marriage, I think most people are these days, but this song is beautiful... It reminds of the hope that there are people in real love who would work and fight for one another and make it work.

Phantom Planet – California Lyrics 12 years ago
California has always represented hope in this country like since the idea of pioneers heading west in the early 1800's then especially with the Gold Rush, then later as Hollywood became the center of fame & fortune... The truth I think is that while it is a place of broken dreams it is also a place of incredible natural beauty and incredible people...IMHO this song is about that--how its home, really home, for many...

Johnathan Rice – leave the light on Lyrics 12 years ago
Leaving a light on has always been a sign of waiting for someone to show up at your house, which is why we light candles at christmas and put them in the windows, we're waiting for the christ child. In this song he's basically addressing himself and the "lonely boys" like him who struggle through life and survive by the hope in their dreams of a better life. He's telling himself to make the music for them b/c it frees them from the bleakness of their lives...IMHO

Bright Eyes – I Woke Up with This Song in My Head This Morning (The Bruces cover) Lyrics 12 years ago
By making the record into an ashtray he's saying that he's not gonna listen to it anymore, he's over it and he's changed it into something new. The record is a metaphor for the relationship; he's decided that instead of crying and dwelling on it he'll change his mind into thinking of it as something that made him stronger and a better person...

its an optimistic song about break ups and about how even though they are painful they are often good for us and help us...

The Fray – Trust Me Lyrics 12 years ago
i agree with gojcajgirl313 i think its about being alone,
friends always come and go, even family will come and go,
and if you dont believe it just wait long enough, grow up
and you'll see its true.

Monsters of Folk – Losin Yo Head Lyrics 12 years ago
seems to me to be about how if you smoke enough marajuna u get paranoid also it keeps you up and anxious and u have to have it with everything:
partyin with strangers or stickin with close friends instead...
out ridin on the range, or layin with you here in bed...

U2 – MLK Lyrics 12 years ago
Addressed to Martin, the "let it rain, rain on him" is referring to God or more specifically the Christ who took mankind's sins, imperfections, and troubles onto himself on the cross for their redemption.

a cappella groups love doing this song, a lot of times its really breathtaking...

Monsters of Folk – Ahead of the Curve Lyrics 12 years ago
probably my favorite on this record.
its about parting with someone and something, a life gets left behind and starting somewhere new, how its sad and you get nostalgic of course and wish it could be different but its not, and its not so bad, its something you have to do...

Rilo Kiley – Accidntel Deth Lyrics 12 years ago
Probably alotta songs are about drugs i mean artists are more likely than anyone to become chemically dependent, any artist who has been doing it for long enough has stories of themselves or people they've known who have gotten deep in it or died from it...

jonathan rice – I Wouldn't Miss It for the World Lyrics 12 years ago
i picture this to be him writing as someone who, if they were dead, would "find" his friend/lover in the next life because basically he won't forget her. the murderer could be an abusive relationship shes in, "miss it for the world" is a play on the idea they'd be out-of the world, he's saying he'd rather be there in the afterlife with her...

Johnathan Rice – It is Best to Keep it All Inside Lyrics 12 years ago
his own personal manifesto.

it is best to keep it all inside--some of us remind ourselves of this fact over and over. for some of us, it is so so true.

Johnathan Rice – The Acrobat Lyrics 12 years ago
I think its about how we're acrobats in that we do these amazing things and take huge risks and a lot of time we fail but we always try again and again. part of our determination has to with the fact that we believe that even in death there is deliverance into freedom... we become a 'dream' and at the very least live on in memory.

Sufjan Stevens – For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti Lyrics 12 years ago
It seems to be from Jesus' view, first its a human Jesus struggling with this task of having to live and die a horrible death but knowing its the only way and theres no other answer. also he's speaking as a God Jesus to those who've had to struggle in their own lives, widows and orphans, telling them he loves them and came to earth to be with them and be their husband or father etc...

Natalie Merchant – When They Ring The Golden Bells Lyrics 13 years ago
beautiful song about life after death.

Don't you hear the bells now ringing
Don't you hear the angels singing
'Tis the glory hallelujah Jubilee

Azure Ray – Raining in Athens Lyrics 13 years ago
athens is where maria and orenda moved after they got a record contract. maria still lives there...

Azure Ray – Safe and Sound Lyrics 13 years ago
orenda wrote this, she's saying that love doesn't happen when you feel perfect and 'safe and sound' (like she assumes) rather it happens when you're in pain and you need it and what signifies love is not the state you're in when you meet but rather when you leave one another, in that case you should be made better by that person's love...

Azure Ray – I Will Do These Things Lyrics 13 years ago
i get the feeling she's talking to herself, promising herself she'll get better and move on from the struggles and scars of her past.

Peter Gabriel – Wallflower Lyrics 13 years ago
yeah it makes me think of political prisoners incarcerated in prisons and psychiatric detention. the point is that even though they'll disappear like a wallflower he won't forget them completely...

Rilo Kiley – Accidntel Deth Lyrics 13 years ago
a lot of addicts OD and die, well shes saying that its not really an accident because you indulged yourself in the first place so its pretty much like you were killing yourself with the drugs. the addict is the indian and the cougars nest is the addiction--just being there on purpose is bascially the same as dying on purpose.

she may be talking to someone else or maybe herself because Lewis is an ex-addict...

Rilo Kiley – The Absence of God Lyrics 13 years ago
i agree with l0ngdivision,
its about how a lot of times people who live in the absence of god are also living without ethics, pretendng its okay to be reckless and irresponsible...

Azure Ray – Beautiful Things Can Come from the Dark Lyrics 13 years ago
this is my song, she's talking to me...

i love orenda so much.

Rilo Kiley – Emotional (Until Crickets Guide You Back) Lyrics 13 years ago
she's talking to herself and i think its about how shes constantly going between belief and nonbelief, the idea of life without god is scary and shes emotional about it, especially at home where her mom raised her under atheism. the "light" is so-called knowledge of the inexistence of god which comes from her mom and childhood and then the crickets are the little voices that come in the 'darkness' that bring her back to hope in faith. of course ITS SO HARD!

Rilo Kiley – The Angels Hung Around Lyrics 13 years ago
i interpreted it as her speaking to us from the afterlife, talking to someone who she was with who really mourned her death. her spirit stays around to see the aftermath of her death and thats when she sees him mourn her, then the angels come and take her away and before she goes she sees him die and get buried and they take him away too...

Rilo Kiley – The Good That Won't Come Out Lyrics 13 years ago
"all our friends who lost the war"

this is a song about how in the world today people are miserable as ever and fake as ever, holding onto delusions and ignoring problems they have the ability to solve. we're on a 'frozen lake' that is bound to melt sometime soon and drown us. we all have such immense goodness inside that is so hard to bring out to the world. jenny is very prolific writer and it comes across in the beautiful lyrics...

Bright Eyes – On My Way to Work Lyrics 14 years ago
he's the bird i think in the midst of the 'frayed wet wire' of death, crying out for love and the choir is basically doing the same thing but with a stronger voice

Evanescence – October Lyrics 14 years ago
like someone said it's about God because of the words "abounding grace." but anyway it's really beautiful and obviously Amy is in a lot of pain as the singer so it's touching no matter what religion you are.
I suppose its called October because october is the time of year where leaves fall and everything dies. so it's a metaphor, she's saying she's in the midst of death.

Tilly and the Wall – A Perfect Fit Lyrics 14 years ago
(i understand about the 'emo' trend and all that but i really think that is overanalyzing the song, especially since people who hurt themselves or kill themselves aren't necessarily emo obviously...)
In my opinion the "they" in the song is metaphorical for the demons in his/her head that have changed him and are urging him to hurt himself and even kill himself. this agrees with the 'one side is screaming out' where it's like one side of the mind.

Tilly and the Wall – The Freest Man Lyrics 14 years ago
'it is gold inside' refers to Gold Mine Gutted,
'i know you've been away and it can break you down
and I don't want you gone' possibly refers to the loss of friendship that took place between Neely and Conor after Bright Eyes released his first LP. it was almost five years where they had very little contact and obviously Conor was devestated...
but yeah it's fairly obvious which is probably why Kiana sang front and Neely did back.

Morrissey – Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness Lyrics 14 years ago
i've never actually heard this version i've only heard heard Sandie Shaw's however of course it is a beautiful song about something very touching.
i've always thought the "young" was used as an emphasis that life should be less lonely when you're young. also it could be related to the idea that the time with loneliness still has a long way to go, as life has longer to go.

The Smiths – Jeane Lyrics 14 years ago
i absolutely love Sandie Shaw's version. very beautiful song.

JoJo – Anything Lyrics 14 years ago
i think she did the song beautifully. "Africa" is a beautiful song about something different, but she took the music and replaced the lyrics very nicely. the music has been sampled numerous times in R&B because it's so unique but i think Jo's song is one of the best if not *the* best...

JoJo – Weak Lyrics 14 years ago
yeah Jo is flawless in this SWV cover...

Bright Eyes – Cremation Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is the digital cremation of the digital body, making the ashes for Digital Ash in a Digital Urn. It's a prelude.

Bright Eyes – Spring Cleaning Lyrics 14 years ago
yeah Conor does sing it live so it is definitely a Bright Eyes song, especially considering the fact Conor is at the end saying 'God bless you.' I think you can liken it to a poet who wants to hear his work read aloud by someone else. And Jake does do a beautiful job...

Park Ave. – All Boy Band Lyrics 14 years ago
^^^My mistake Jennifer Bernard sang this Conor...they all sound very alike!

Art in Manila – The Sweat Descends Lyrics 14 years ago
this is written ironically. i think it's about young people especially young women who sort-of cut themselves off from the real world in their 'living-for-the-weekend' type of lifestyle. they're sick inside, the world is sick outside (burning house) and they don't want to deal with it, they only want the temporary 'heaven' which makes them indifferent to 'hell,' external and internal.

Art in Manila – Golden Dawn Lyrics 14 years ago
on the surface this is about child abuse, how children are so helpless and easy to manipulate in a lot of different ways to the point where it's hard to distinguish between God and the Devil.
the moral of the story is to keep hope alive and fight back, for the children to find their song and find their gun. the 'golden dawn' is newness, healing, escape, freedom, etc.

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