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Meshuggah – Pineal Gland Optics Lyrics 13 years ago
Haake writes most of their lyrics, and it's been said that he takes much inspiration from books and film. I heard New Millennium Cyanide was inspired by the Japanese flick Tetsuo: The Iron Man. I wouldn't be surprised if this song was inspired by the film "From Beyond" and/or the original work of the same title by H.P. Lovecraft.

Meshuggah – Lethargica Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree, VainApocalypse.

Meshuggah – Beneath Lyrics 13 years ago
One of my favorites from DEI. A very deep, self-depreciating, reflective look at one's soul.

Ihsahn – Unhealer Lyrics 13 years ago
Indeed well written. I would like to see further collaborations between these two.

Ihsahn – Called by the Fire Lyrics 13 years ago
In thought, he grows ever distant/defiant of the norms in which we (society) choose to believe & engage ourselves in. Each day, the picture becomes more clear, and he continue to rise above the frivolity of it all. It's spiritual development.

Ihsahn – Homecoming Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is similar in subject to "Called by the Fire", but where that song sings the triumph of self over humanity's shortcomings, this one is far more humble & contemplative in tone. Love Garm's vocals on this.

Ihsahn – Astera ton Proinon Lyrics 13 years ago
One of my favorites from The Adversary. Uses Lucifer as a source of rebellious inspiration, not to mention interprets biblical passage (Isaiah 14:12) through song.

Van Der Graaf Generator – Lemmings (Including Cog) Lyrics 14 years ago
For me, this song is about hope.

An individual is deeply disturbed with the direction of society. Although their concern is genuine, cynicism leads their outlook to that of hopelessness. The individual then dreams a terrible nightmare, one which forshadows the future if he/she does nothing to help it. The nightmare serves as a turning point, an inspiration to actively lead others in a valiant charge to make a difference.

Given certain words within the lyrics, I always thought this song was about the environment. However, it could just be alluding to the "environment" of another issue.

Van Der Graaf Generator – A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers Lyrics 14 years ago
"Pawn Hearts"... This album is deep, both musically & lyrically.

The song tells the tale of a lighthouse keeper who wrestles with lonliness, depression and insanity due to his intense isolation. He eventually finds comfort & meaning in suicide. You have to be committed to make it through this piece - Peter Hammill's lyrics are cryptic & poetic, the music goes through lots of changes and unlike a concept album, it's depth is crammed into one song.

When listening to it, I feel as though it begins to drag here and there. However, whether it be some poignant, sober lyric or instrumentation that paints a picture, my interest always remains intact.

Gentle Giant – Wreck Lyrics 14 years ago
Giant is very good at conveying mood & atmosphere through song. I can remember reading someone's review of this track; they didn't like it, citing the fact it sounded "like a theme for pirates".... Exactly, that's the idea!

Meshuggah – Lethargica Lyrics 14 years ago
For me, this track was the stand out for Obzen. It's tone is just as monstrous musically as it is lyrically - Certainly reminded me of the Nothing lp.

Sepultura – Ambush Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is in fact a tribute to Chico Mendes. "He was a Brazilian rubber tapper, unionist and environmental activist. He fought to stop the logging of the Amazon Rainforest to clear land for cattle ranching, and founded a national union of rubber tappers in an attempt to preserve their profession and the rainforest that it relied upon. He was murdered in 1988 by ranchers opposed to his activism". (wikipedia)

I knew little of Sepultura prior to the release of this album. My first copy of this album was a re-recorded tape with mediocre sound quality which I got through a friend of mine who disliked "noisy death metal". I was hooked on 1st listen, & while I had given many of the tracks a repeated listen, Ambush was the standout. It got 10 plays, easily.

There is such ferocity packed into within the brevity of this song, both musically & lyrically. The guitars, the drums, the tribal jam, the gunfire, the rhythm... I can remember deciphering the lyrics, saying "is he talking about the destruction of the rainforest"? I felt so surprised and yet so empowered - It was so heavy and yet it had something real to say - This music was important.

Gentle Giant – The Advent of Panurge Lyrics 15 years ago
The lyrical content of this song was inspired by "Gargantua and Pantagruel", a series of novels written in the 16th century by François Rabelais which are about the adventures of giants.

This song begins so delicate and ends up so powerful. Note the opening segment - the group is able to keep perfect sync with one another despite the lack of instrumentation for the sake of timing.

Check out this link to see it performed live -

Absolutely amazing, plus a "medieval-meets-funk" recorder quartet segment they threw in the middle just to be different from the album version.

Gentle Giant – Think of Me with Kindness Lyrics 15 years ago
Another Minnear masterpiece... I believe this piece was written by Kerry while still in attendance at the Royal Academy of Music. Although it's more than likely a song about a broken love relationship, it has taken on a different meaning for me ever since a relative of mine described it as his own, personal "farewell" to a close friend who had passed away. This made me think differently about the "parted in tears & silence".

The song is particularly moving when the Shulman bros. first present their horn section.

Opeth – Reverie/Harlequin Forest Lyrics 15 years ago
"Reverie" is in the fact the short instrumental theme between "Atonement" & "Harlequin Forest". The album in full is quite amazing, but for me, this somber piece really stood out amongst the rest; truly heartfelt - reminds me of something Steve Hackett might play.

Gentle Giant – His Last Voyage Lyrics 15 years ago
Being from Portsmouth England, Giant were most likely inspired by elements of the seafaring lifestyle of their hometown which could explain the origins of this tune and moreso, "Wreck". Also, Kerry Minnear has penned a handful of songs throughout the Gentle Giant songbook that are very heartfelt and/or spiritual. This song is definitely both.

For me, it tells the story of a man who is beckoned by a high being. I imagine a man awakened by a radiant beam of light which shined upon him through his open window, facing the ocean. This light is the light of God. The light compells him to sail out, knowing his calling is out at sea, yet unknowing of what it is he seeks (hence "just a way of life"). The disasterous weather which ensues seems unfortunate, but in fact was divine intervention, as the man is not frightened nor does evidence of his shipwreck exist after the storm:

"As the tempest thundered, as the storm broke free,
Suddenly in darkness, fear there none to see,
Visions in his memory, what was meant to be,
When the storm was over, nothing could be seen,
Life and boat were taken, God knows what it means".

God knows what it means is a great way to end that segment, as it can be interpretated as bewilderment or understanding. Gary's bluesy solo which follows is excellent & the wailing feedback was completely unintentional & just happened to work out (I read that from an interview with him). The complex musical counterpoint which begins afterwards is very beautiful.

Shinedown – Burning Bright Lyrics 15 years ago
I think this song is about the inner struggle one has with the anxiety that accompanies depression and how it ultimately can spiral further down. The lyrics allude to a "situation" - one where this person feels bound by their own fear and/or sadness. He/she cannot understand why they just can't "get it together & set aside these feelings" so to speak, and that deeply saddens them further. Become aware of their growing sadness creates further uneasiness for themselves, leaving them to feel helpless.

"I feel like there is no need for conversation
Some questions are better left without a reason"
(Depression can intensify quickly and seeming without justification)

"And I would rather reveal myself than my situation"
(This person longs to feel normal again, but fears he/she will unveil their deep melancholia for which they feel ashamed of because they cannot control it)

Now and then I consider, my hesitation
(That deep melancholia prohibits them from feeling confident in taking action. Knowing this, they dwell on it, which furthers the depression)

"I wonder if the things I did were just to be different
To spare myself of the constant shame of my existence"
(A questioning of one's self and actions or lack there of. Why does he/she live as they do, attempting to masking their inner pain)

"And I would surely redeem myself in my desperation
Here and now I'll express, my situation"
(a hint towards suicide - A fatal attempt to release themselves of this paining depression. They now look to reveal their feelings)

Here, the music changes, and the vocal style changes from a low somber tone during the first two verses to shouts - This person is now trying to explain how this feels:

"There's nothing ever wrong but nothing's ever right
Such a cruel contradiction"
(This sadness didn't start out this intense. It was the dwelling guilt over feeling this way and inability to shake it that has made it what it has become. Until they allow themselves to feel happy, it won't end)

I know I cross the lines its not easy to define
I'm born to indecision
(They are lost in their sorrow and the anxiety has deterred them from taking action)

There's always something new some path I'm supposed to choose
With no particular rhyme or reason
(He is overcome & feels it is hopeless)

I particularly like the last line of the 3rd verse and how it is carried over into the chorus. It's a cathartic cry that fits the mood of the song perfectly. The chorus is equally great, explaining how this depression has caused them to hide out of fear and shame. A great song, and seemingly the polar opposite to the optimistic attitude of "Fly from the Inside".

KoЯn – Daddy Lyrics 15 years ago
Back in 1994, at the age of 12, I didn't really know what to make of this album. I had literally just begun to develop a taste for heavy metal via the likes of White Zombie and Metallica, but this was quite different. Just as Metallica's "And Justice for All" had me enawed through sheer musicality, this blew my mind in terms of pure rawness. At the time, it was the darkest thing I've ever heard - The whole vibe made my skin crawl, but in the same way a good horror movie does (a movie genre I had already long been a fan of). Certainly one of the most noticable elements that contributed to that feeling was Jon Davis' vocals; "conviction" would sum it up. Now that's just the style - the lyrical content of a personal origin made this all the more disturbing. So angry yet so vulnerable; I liken Jon's style to that of an abused animal - One minute he be moaning pitifully, which would pensively build to some revelation and in turn spark uncontrollable, unintelligible ferocity (see the bridge section of "Faget" or "Predictable" for a good example). The fact the the lyrics where penned in a somewhat cryptic manner (hence the confusion with various meanings and stories behind songs) added to this atmosphere. Listening to Jon was like peering into the filthy window of a delapidated house to see that someone was actually living amongst the chaos and decay.

While I don't consider it to be the best song on the album, "Daddy" is certainly one of the greatest closers of any album I've heard - It is the culmination of everything this album explores, lyrically: love, hate, sex, rejection, fear, helplessness, and solitude. His catharsis is very sincere and apparently very painful. Like most who've already posted, I truely felt bad for Jon after learning the origins of this track. To this day, I have not heard anything like that on any record. His willingness to not only revisit that dark chapter in his life but vividly share it with the world is very brave. He immediately became one of my favorite frontmen/singers & proved time and again he wasn't afraid to shed light on those dark corners of his life and mind ("Kill You", "Pretty", etc). I have since grown away from listening to much of Korn, but I can assure you this album played a significant part in my path to more extreme metal.

Genesis – One For The Vine Lyrics 16 years ago
Not to mention that musically, the song is very beautiful. The interplay between Steve Hackett on guitar & Tony Banks on keys is phenomenal, especially during the opening passage & the harmonies following the lyric
"I must lead them to glory or most likely to death". Really great.

Gentle Giant – The Boys in the Band Lyrics 16 years ago
Progressive music is usually a genre where musicians are endlessly praised by fans and criticized by those who aren’t. Many people who aren't usually interpret the music as either entirely too lengthy, convoluted, or chocked full of soulless wankery to actually enjoy. Gentle Giant are certainly progressive, but they are unlike any other band, before or after their time, even those in the progressive genre. They are able to do it all.

When I say that, I mean Gentle Giant encompasses “what music CAN be”, on every level and sense of the word. Their ability to portray themes and stories (both lyrically & musically, over the span of a song or an album), their technical skill that runs across a plethora of instruments, their extensive knowledge of music theory and capacity to convincingly play near any genre, their dynamics of timbre and lyrical content journeys across all sorts of boundaries that it becomes difficult to use simply “a few words” to describe it: Short, Long, Bright, Dark, Carefree, Foreboding, Introspective, Abstract, Melodic, Brash, Quiet, Loud, Triumphant, Sorrowful, Clever, Goofy, Thought-provoking and many more, never mind all the genre titles. It’s all summed up within the dichotomy of their name: Gentle Giant. Most of the music can be very complex and challenging, but if you’re open minded & willing to give it a chance (and quite possibly several more), you may find yourself acquiring the taste.

Although "rock" is a very confining term when referring to Gentle Giant, this is a rock instrumental, and like many instrumentals of said genre, it presents itself as a showcase of superb musicianship. It even says in the liner notes of the album "Not to be confused with the play of the same name - at least not the characters, we hope. This piece is for Gentle Giant as a whole - our engineer, Martin Rushant, included". (Martin being the guy who laughs and spins the coin). These guys are playing for themselves and literally start on a dime. This is also the last album where the band performed as a 5 piece (Phil would leave after this album). This song for me just comes of as a really fun rock jam (the opening measures), with some goofy (the section that divides the opening measures) and a touch of melancholy (the blues guitar & saxophone passage with keyboards gliding over the top) mixed into one.

Soilwork – Downfall 24 Lyrics 16 years ago
Lyrically, I agree that this song sounds as if it's about a relationship, which allows it to be interpreted as a connection of any sort between people who are close. The song seems to switch now and again between the thoughts of the two people involved, say A & B. The lyric “I was blind, couldn’t find the true essence of our lifetime without a confession from you” sounds as if the said relationship began to break or “have a downfall” because A was more private about their feelings, causing negative feelings (confusion, shame, uncertainty, etc.) for B, which of course are self-induced. Person A is aware of this, and is the one who begins by saying “You’re taking it too hard”. It is B who says “How could you do such a thing, cause I’ve paid every mistake building a void impossible to replace”. It seems like an afterthought of this downfall; B asks “how could you do such a thing” when it is actually B themselves who has placed this whole situation on his/her own shoulders, and therefore causes undue hardship to themselves through immense guilt of losing someone they’ve made out to be irreplaceable.

That segment is my favorite part of the song, not only because of that lyric, but the solo that follows is just killer. Although it’s short, it’s very tasteful, and I especially like the middle section: the 1st time the guitar note becomes elongated, almost slurred (similar to who the solo is ended) and then seemingly spins out of control. The whole thing has that depressive-yet-uplifting feel to it.

Mobb Deep – It's Mine Lyrics 17 years ago
Mobb Deep are some of the best in the hardcore rap scene. You can't get any more gangsta when you turn the opening credits theme of Scarface into a rap rhythm like this song did.

Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber, Pt. 2 Lyrics 17 years ago
RZAs production on the 1st works of the Wu-Tang Clan is flawless. If the term "urban" was orginally intened to describe sound, RZA eptomizes it. Mixing a thick set of scratchy samples, blurred instrumentation, and real-drum beats... It's classic.

This song's lyrical content doesn't have anything much to contemplate over in terms of meaning, but it's a good represenation of 8 of the original 9 flows of the Wu-Tang Clan. My personal favorite is Inspectah Deck's: "I leave the mic in bodybags, my rap style has the force to leave ya lost like the tribe of Shabazz". In that line alone, he opens and delivers a killer braggadocio phrase and makes mention of Afro-American history that most are probably not even aware of.

Gentle Giant – Free Hand Lyrics 17 years ago
This song can been seen as one relating to a relationship of any sort, but in fact it is about the group leaving their record label.

It's hysterical yet sad that there is only ONE Gentle Giant song on this whole website. Gentle Giant are a unique, British progressive rock band that released 12 albums between 1970 and 1980. Their music fused diverse elements from rock, classical, soul, blues, Renaissance music, jazz, and the avante-garde with superb musicianship. Accompanied by compelling & philisophical lyrics, a strong understanding of electronic equipment, and the use of 30+ instruments makes Gentle Giant one of my favorite bands. The music is both beautiful, powerful, and challenging to the ear. If you are a fan of Yes, ELP, 20th-century classical composers, or similarly challenging music, you owe it to yourself to check out Gentle Giant.

Get more Gentle Giant!

Dimmu Borgir – Puritania Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is Puritania, and thus deals with the puritanical elements involved in mass genocide. However, I don't think Dimmu were trying to make any sort of statement with this song, but rather making a fictional depiction of a death march of "beings of another species" against the human race. Hence "We do away with your kind!" (Which is a great opener for the song).

It's typical black-metal lyrics, but it's abrasive guitar & drum-driven stomp with black metal synth meets industrial ambiance/noise just strengthens the feeling & re-emphasizes the lyrical content to say this track is destroying whatever comes in it's way. This song is to a battle as "Progenies" is to a war.

Emperor – The Tongue Of Fire Lyrics 17 years ago
This was the 1st Emperor song I ever heard and it simply blew my doors off, making Emperor one of my 3 favorite black-metal groups (next to Dimmu Borgir & Immortal). The album this song appears on (Prometheus: Disciplines of Fire & Demise) is an extremely dense & complex work of Norweigian progressive/symphonic black metal.

Ishan, who is the lead singer, is the standout musician. Not only was this a concept album (a story of being from birth to death) that was conceived, written, and produced by Ishan, but he tracked the vocals, synths/keyboards, programming, bass, and nearly all the guitar work himself (due to the other 2 members being involved in side projects).

The sound is layered thick with intricate lead guitars (although not in normal soloing fashion) and the music goes through a number of changes and truly displays Emperor's versatility. The mix of brutality and melody amazes me, as does Ishans range of vocal styles, from black-metal screams to clean majestic-esque singing and even 80's arena rock high pitched yells. The fact that this group are this tight (check out the part where it sounds as if the CD is skipping!) and only a 3 piece really says something about their talent .

OutKast – Ms. Jackson Lyrics 17 years ago
*well rounded

OutKast – Ms. Jackson Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is very good. I have always thought of Outkast as a weel-rounded, very original rap duo, from their selection of beats & rhythms, lyrical content, even clothing. I particularly like the opening reverse synth & drums, and the piano sample that adds a hint of sadness. Nonetheless, the lyrics are straight foward for the most part, although the 2 MCs seem to be dealing with their own "baby mama dramas". Where Big Boi seems to be frustrated in a struggle to carry on a neutral relationship with his baby mama for the sake of the child having 2 parents, Andre is apologetic for the mutual loss of love/interest that once existed between him and the mother of his child, yet pledges to keep an active role as a father.

As far as all those who gave a negative comment about this song, feel free to compare this song to whatever cover the Vines may have done of it, but don't ignorantly discard it as trash because you fail to embrace hip-hop music. Someone posted this song had"way too much hip-hop influence" yet "Hey Ya was OK because it had a rock influence". Don't disrespect entire genres of music simply because you have an affinity for a certain type or fail to recognize talent in others.

Tool – Stinkfist Lyrics 17 years ago
As some people have touched on earlier, this song uses anal fisting as a metaphor regarding the consistent desensitization of something. I'm pretty sure it relates tpo the American public and it's desensitization beginning around, let's say the 1950s. The finger which protrudes deeper; to the knuckle, the elbow, the shoulder. It's all a representation of how numb we have become since the advent of televison, internet, and all greater facets of media & advertisements.

Blink-182 – Adam's Song Lyrics 17 years ago
For all future posts: This website, while dedicated to music, focuses on SONG MEANINGS. In other words, it's original intent was not a forum to outright bash a particular artist, rather have open discussion about what the song means and what it is about. If you don't like the song, then at least back it up with some actual thought as to why or what is wrong with the meaning you think it is trying to convey.

I like this song. As mentioned already, it's about suicide, which is a dark subject. However, this song doesn't come very depressing, but more so along the lines of a sweet sorrow or sadness. I think the clean guitars, backup vocals during the chorus, the piano interlude... All of this played alongside somber lyrics of nostalgia and doubt contribute to this feeling. This song (among others) is one which displays Blink-182's ability to be versatile in their song structure, making them one of the better pop-punk bands (I think).

Meshuggah – New Millenium Cyanide Christ Lyrics 17 years ago
Meshuggah has constructed some really well-themed pieces of music, usually dealing with the technological, futuristic, and apocalyptic. Their sound is a great display of this: Very Mechanical/Technical/Choatic. While to the untrained ear it's nothing but a cacophony, it's actually extremely complex and well organized; not only in terms of sound, but in terms of instrumentation as well (Haake & Thordendal being the standouts). Its extreme metal with heavy influence from prog & fusion. Both present in their sound and lyrics, their ideas are focused into one comprehensive structure, thus creating more than just a "song", but conveying imagery as well.

To me, New Millenium Cyanide Christ is a futuristic setting. The spoken lyrics are a speech, given to the human masses by an altered, post-human cyborg. Throughout the song, the speaker discusses all of the technological "improvements" made on his body:

"I replace my bones with bars"
"My receiving eyes exchanged with fuses"
"Ceramic blades implanted past my ribs"
...and so on...

Through the words, the speaker indirectly alludes to the fact there exists some form of control over humans; an oppressor (most likely machines...similar theme to FBM). He's been built with the intention of censoring and ceasing humans from defying against one another and/or their oppressor.

"I tear my worldly useless skin. Staples to pin it over my ears. Non-receptive of ungodly sounds - I disable the audio-generators of fear. Hexagonal bolts to fill my mouth, sharpened to deplete the creator of all violence; Without speech there will be no deceit"

The music of the song is a very "big" mechanical feeling; a very large machine: This relates to both the speaker and the oppresor. Thordendal's lead sounds something like what you'd expect to hear from the internal workings of this machine: Quick bleeps & blurbs of electricity (which is actually a fast paced legato playing style of pull-offs & hammer-ons) while the rhythm guitar, bass, and drums pound out the sound of mechanical movement.

The ending, which begins with a snap of Haake's drums, is the most powerful part of the song. It's like the speaker is on a podium with his fist in the air as he preaches. His last words are followed by something I can't describe other than it makes the hair on my neck stand up.

This song is certainly a futuristicly theme setting with a shout against any overly-controlling agent of human activity, be it religion, government, or in the future, AI & machines. The twisted contruction of the cyborg is a symbol of what will become.

In my opinion, songs like this should have been used in the Animatrix series, especially episodes like the Renissance.

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