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Lucero – Sounds of the City Lyrics 11 years ago
nvm, cleaned up with the cd booklet.

great album!

Lucero – Sounds of the City Lyrics 11 years ago
someone wanna help me out with that one missing line?
everything else seems close to correct, let me know if you think anything is different.

i'm pumped for the new album!

Cobra Starship – Hot Mess Lyrics 11 years ago
hahahhahha this is amazing.

Lucero – Hey Darling, Do You Gamble? Lyrics 11 years ago
can't wait for the new album!! :-)

Okkervil River – Do What You Gotta Do Lyrics 13 years ago
perfection in so many ways.

Joy In Tomorrow – The Victory (Part 5) Lyrics 13 years ago
I can't figure out the meaning, but i love the energy in the song

Josh Rouse – Sunshine (Come on Lady) Lyrics 13 years ago
my favorite josh rouse song, esp since my bf lives in cali at the moment.
its quite fitting

Ross Copperman – Found You Lyrics 13 years ago
this is on a cd we play at work, so after hearing it 10 times a day, it's grown on me. i like it, it's sweet.

Griffin House – The Guy that says Goodbye Is Out of His Mind Lyrics 13 years ago
this is really precious

"Now I'm back in town for a day or two
Mostly I came back just to see you
And even now, I dont want to go"

that one hits close to home.

Hellogoodbye – Touchdown Turnaround (Don't Give Up On Me) Lyrics 13 years ago
i dont like the version on the album :/
but life goes on.

Lucero – Kiss the Bottle Lyrics 13 years ago
awesome cover.
and quite a fitting song for lucero to cover.
nothing better than singing along, drunk at shows.

The Snake the Cross the Crown – Gypsy Melodies Lyrics 13 years ago
i love how it picks up tempo, as if the stormy weather cleared up and the sunshine came out :)

Tiger Army – Ghosts of Memory Lyrics 13 years ago
i love the bass at the very beginning of this :)

Trent Tomlinson – Drunker Than Me Lyrics 13 years ago
hahahahaa, man this seems to be me too many times.

Good Charlotte – Broken Hearts Parade Lyrics 13 years ago
"who knew trumpets and guitars could sound so good together"
have you never listened to ska music?

im pretty disappointed in this cd, im not gonna lie. i've been disappointed since after the young and the hopeless. the self titled was the fuckin shit, and they will probably never go back. im glad i downloaded this and didn't buy it. i'd have been kinda pissed.

Good Charlotte – The River Lyrics 13 years ago
man i hate A7X, but im diggin the song besides his part

Wilco – Please Be Patient With Me Lyrics 13 years ago
i feel as though im in this same spot right now with someone

Lucero – She's Just That Kind of Girl Lyrics 14 years ago
this sounds like me, the drunk girl that is.

Lucero – What Else Would You Have Me Be? Lyrics 14 years ago
to me this song seems to sum up all their past songs, or a majority of them: drunken love and its problems.
what else would i want lucero to be about?

Lucero – Drink 'til We're Gone Lyrics 14 years ago
haha we sang this in drawing class the other day.

Lucero – It Gets the Worst at Night Lyrics 14 years ago
it takes half a tank of gas for me to get home
and the fact that the one i want thinking of me isnt, there really isnt anything left for me here in tennessee.

this one def. hits home.

Lucero – Tears Don't Matter Much Lyrics 14 years ago
this is on the 'That Much Further West' album.
lucero completely got me into cory branan.

"I'm just another Southern boy who dreams of nights in NYC"
i love it.

Lucero – Bikeriders Lyrics 14 years ago
Ben is by far my favorite vocalist. It's like you can hear the whiskey in his voice :)
Its a story of a girl meeting a bikerider and sticking with him through so much then leaving him. not too hard to follow. im going to go check out that book its based on though, im pretty interested.

Lucero – Last Night In Town Lyrics 14 years ago
raise up that glass - goodbye tennessee.

one of my favorites.

David Melillo – Knights of the Island Counter Lyrics 14 years ago
summer song no doubt.

'it's a shame when i wake i can't recall a thing'
def. been there.

Every Time I Die – Apocalypse Now and Then Lyrics 15 years ago
by far my favorite on the new album.

Every Time I Die – Bored Stiff Lyrics 15 years ago
when i first heard that part i had to rewind it and listen again, and i laughed for a while.

Every Time I Die – Kill the Music Lyrics 15 years ago
shit, wrong song.

Every Time I Die – Kill the Music Lyrics 15 years ago
gerard way from MCR is on this. i don't think it's one of the strong points on the new album, but thats just my opinion. as for the meaning, i have trouble with any of their songs.

The Early November – Decoration Lyrics 16 years ago
when they performed this live the chorus was done by ace and jeff. if you listen you kinda kinda hee the voice difference.

Hidden in Plain View – The Point Lyrics 16 years ago
relationship gone bad or never started. he did everything but it wasnt enough and she left him anyway? he will wait through everything for her though hoping she will come back to him.

eh just my guess, whats your thought?

(this is my favorite on the cd, i love how there is the right balance of slower and harder songs on the cd, and they are mixed just right w/ each other.)

I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business – Salvy Lyrics 16 years ago
Look at yourself, tracing circles of life.
That everybody's on.
Walk on your own. trip and you'll fall. get up.
But you love who you've become.

i think its saying we all seem to follow the leader through life and we are just walking in circles. but if we break that, go on our own. we may screw up but it wont matter because we are our own person and thats what counts.

Hidden in Plain View – American Classic Lyrics 16 years ago
in a way it could be coming from their point of view looking back at where they as a band started (2nd verse) and where they are now (1st verse).

Mae – Soundtrack For Our Movie Lyrics 16 years ago
" This song has "away message" written all over it. " hahaha! i must agree.

The Early November – Pretty, Pretty Lyrics 16 years ago
i agree with the first meaning.
girl leaves, boy still loves her, wants her to be happy, she only sees things from the outside and he thinks if he was diffrent somehow on the outside she would want him back.

i really wish this was not just a demo and was at least a bonus on a cd.

The Early November – Decoration Lyrics 16 years ago
thank you for submitting this! i couldnt figure it all out. (& wtf jeff left the band....again.)

Hidden in Plain View – In Memory Lyrics 16 years ago

this feeling never dies
the fever never breaks
it shakes under your skin
and drips across your face

it speaks to me
telling me you're terrified
of this disease
cause you look so weak
as it's ripping through your body
it's tearing through me

if these are your last words
i'm sorry
right before my eyes
I can't believe
this is goodbye
keep staring right into my eyes
and look at me for the last time

so empty but your eyes are filled with apathy
be careful with your words
to save your energy
speak to me
cause I'm so terrified
of what's happening

so be strong for me
cause it's so easy to die
when it's so hard to breathe
to see you suffering
oh my god I think it's killing me

if these are your last words
I'm sorry
right before my eyes
I can't believe
this is goodbye

if this is the last time
I've never been so terrified
if this is the last time
I'll never look in your eyes

Hidden in Plain View – The Point Lyrics 16 years ago

my voice is tired
and I can barely speak a whisper
these words clear our minds
and these broken bottles and glasses
heal our lives

so drinks to the skies
and blood to your eyes
this rooftop is understanding
swallow your pride or choke till you die
cause this fall is unforgiving

so call on your angels
to catch your fall tonight
I'm crawling on my hands
pouring out my insides

I'll wait for you
hoping you change your mind
hoping is all I can do

these days are tired
and these nights are overwhelming
as we spoke through silence
a routine silence with
nothing more to say except

drinks to the skies
and blood to your eyes
I'll be understanding

I'm dying cause you're leaving
hopes abandoned and
my heart's stil beating
but I never gave up trying

I did everything for you
I did everything

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