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Darkest Hour – An Ethereal Drain Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm a student of English philology and I came across many hard texts...But this one's reeeaaally freakin hard...
still good though ;)

Heaven Shall Burn – Endzeit Lyrics 14 years ago
As already mentioned by todaystomorrow ENDZEIT (end time) refers to the last days of earth. But I wouldnt go as far as todaystomorrow and say this song only aims for the destruction of fascism. It might though - in an indirect way. But you gotta keep in mind that Iconoclast (the album) tells the story of warriors - 123 warriors avenging God for he was killed by all of us..
And this song's about their rise. They rise and make us pay for all our crimes..(which includes fascism)

Anyway: the story is written down in the booklet..for anyone who bought the album ;)

The track itself is just pure fucking awesomeness, especially the fade from the intro into Endzeit. Couldnt get any better.

Iron Maiden – Blood Brothers Lyrics 14 years ago
"and if you still dont understand (which i do, and im only 16) IRON MAIDEN IS SINGING ABOUT WORLD PEACE "
Nice one bro...I agree with you 100%

Wintersun – Beautiful Death Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is awesome!
if this is the question "Tell me what matters in life, if anything"

than this would we be the answer: "and I'll give my heart to you, before I go"

Use the time that you are given...

Stone Sour – Zzyzx Rd. Lyrics 15 years ago
It has already been said before, but you didn't seem to recognize it...I am a soldier myself and this song perfectly describes a soldier's feelings...Imagine you were in iraq, fighting a senseless battle and feeling cold and lonely. Of course, I am a German soldier and hence not in the iraq, but this is the way many of my "brothers" must feel...

Cannibal Corpse – Necropedophile Lyrics 15 years ago
Sick...but entertaining to read...stop taking everything too serious

Cannibal Corpse – Fucked With A Knife Lyrics 15 years ago
I wish he would to this to my ex...such a fucking whore

Vanessa Amorosi – Absolutely Everybody Lyrics 15 years ago
great song

Killswitch Engage – As Daylight Dies Lyrics 15 years ago
Wow the new material rips! I really like the more aggressive sound of KSE...
As far as the meaning is concerned: the lyrics are self-explanatory.

Heaven Shall Burn – The Few Upright Lyrics 15 years ago
Hell yeah, great song! This song deals with "Die Weisse Rose" / "The White Rose" - a World War II non-violent resistance group in Germany famous for a leaflet campaign in which they called for active opposition to the Nazi regime (taken from Wiki)

Heaven Shall Burn – Counterweight Lyrics 15 years ago
This song probably deals with religion, sects and further "soul collectors"

Heaven Shall Burn – Stay The Course Lyrics 15 years ago
Great song (as all new songs)... I think this song is about the poets, thinkers, inetellectuals and friends of justice and freedom who had to leave their home country - Germany - during the times of the nazi-reign of terror...

Mercenary – Soul Decision Lyrics 15 years ago
First of all: Thank you Valle for submitting all the new lyrics...great work!
This is my favourite song and it's plain simple: it's about a soul decision - a really hard decision!

Six Feet Under – Amerika The Brutal Lyrics 15 years ago
Did you figure that out all by yourself? :D

Korpiklaani – With Trees Lyrics 15 years ago
"I would rather fly with eagles, to the snow hills
I would rather run with wolves, between the trees
I would rather be with trees, than in the middle of noisy streets"
This goes for me as well...

Rihanna – Unfaithful Lyrics 15 years ago
What a dumb bitch...and what a wimp...Kill them all :D

Bloodbath – Eaten Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is obviously about the guy eaten by "Armin Meiwes"

Killswitch Engage – This Fire Burns Lyrics 15 years ago
Holy freakin\' crap, the new song song is great!
So what\'s it about? In my opinion this song deals with the strength of our will. If you really want to achieve something by all your heart nothing can stop you.

Bloodhound Gang – The Ballad Of Chasey Lain Lyrics 16 years ago
I am the best looking porn star!
(Dani woodward is cute as well :P )

Unearth – Zombie Autopilot Lyrics 16 years ago
The lyrics seem to be inspired by the poem "working on Wall Street" by May Swenson. It's great - check it out =)

In Flames – Touch Of Red Lyrics 16 years ago
i saw the video as well and i have to admit that i was really confused...
On the one hand there are the deep and intense lyrics and on the other hand there is this video that reminds me of every fucking hip-hop video.
Maybe it's a persiflage on the superficial hip-hop culture?! anyone got an idea?

Disturbed – A Welcome Burden Lyrics 17 years ago
Oh come on guys – this one’s quite easy to understand.
It’s “A calling to arms for lovers of heavy music”.

It is called “welcome burden” because “heavy metal” is – in a figurative way – heavy (->burden) but we all like to “carry” it.
If you keep that in my mind the rest is self explanatory.

Great song btw

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