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Jesse James – Shoes Lyrics 16 years ago
jesse james arent ska and this song isnt sk

[spunge] – Jump On Demand Lyrics 16 years ago
tanya your talkin absolute bull ive seen em about 4 times and evrytime ive met em theyre realy kool bands, theyre allwas online to chat to people and DO care about the fans, watch thier dvd and i quote "the best part for me is actually meeting the people who listen to our music" Sellouts mt arse they still ahdn round afta a gig to talk to the fans

[spunge] – Wake Up Call Lyrics 16 years ago
love this song i have it as my alarm clock tune :)

[spunge] – Skanking Song Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is amazing aboviously just about skanking. its amazing live the ultimate crowd pleaser

[spunge] – Second Rate Lyrics 16 years ago
an amazing song and by the way leilah khans new bands is sonic boom 6 theyre realy good :)

[spunge] – Roots Lyrics 16 years ago
yeah i love this song every time i hear it it just makes me wanna go out with my mates : )

[spunge] – Ode To Slimy Bassless Lyrics 16 years ago
yeah this rong rawwwwwwwwwkkkkkkkkssss its about simon bayliss(smart isnt it!) thier old bass player

[spunge] – All She Ever Wants Lyrics 16 years ago
erm, i think its about a realy cligny girlfriends or summit w=meh who cares \m/(>

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