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Thursday – Running From The Rain Lyrics 15 years ago
I really love this song, it might be my favorite off the new album. I was watching TV earlier today and a car advert. came on, with some very familiar music playing. Almost instantly, I cocked my head and thought "Is that... Thursday?" And, it was. This song is being used as background music for some fancy new car (I can't recall which).

I'm not sure how I feel about this. It's good, I guess, that Thursday is getting money and some advertising. It's saddening, too, that such a powerful song is cheapened by a car advert. I can't help but wonder if the execs. behind this decision really understand what the song means to the fans, and the band. *shrugs*

Howie Day – You and a Promise Lyrics 16 years ago
I agree with Mz.Christine731. The whole "being late" thing really clued me in on the pregnancy. Being late with her period what was I thought of it as.

And the phone call with him saying "I'll always be there..." I think the boyfriend wants to help, but from afar. It seems like he's treating the unborn child like it isn't his, but he wants to act like his girlfriend's close friend and still help out with the child. "I'll watch him while you get groceries, but don't expect me to pay for his daycare bills."

...At least, that's how I see it...

The Dresden Dolls – Glass Slipper Lyrics 16 years ago
I think it's a sort of resignation to not having better....? The girl knows that she's good for nothing (a whore or something similar) and she's not going to wait around for her prince and fairygod mother. And there are lines referring to abuse, so maybe abusive relationships are the only kind she can get involved in. I also think it could be a girl (the whore/stripper) telling someone who is trying to help her that it is no use... and that the person cannot be a prince if she is not Cinderella.

The Dresden Dolls – Ultima Esperanza Lyrics 16 years ago
I agree, there are some mentions of internet dating. But I think it's the darker, more obbsessive side of net dating. Oh, and Esperanza is Spanish for hope... I'm not sure if that impacts the meaning of the song... Maybe hoping that the person you think is dating over the net really loves you, or hoping that the person is really who they says they are?

The Dresden Dolls – Coin-Operated Boy Lyrics 16 years ago
I was thinking about it, and the "coin-operated boy" being a prostitute. But somone else commented that that wouldn't work because of the "not being experienced with girls." My thought is that there are more than one ways to be experienced with girls, not just in the physical/sexual way. Maybe he isn't experienced with having a steady girlfriend or actually interacting, without it being sexual, with girls. And since male prostitutes are usually just for one-night stands, that would work... correct?

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