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Bob Dylan – Outlaw Blues Lyrics 14 years ago
Jesse James was a famous outlaw who was shot from the back by Robert Ford while he was hanging a picture

Bob Dylan – Most of the Time Lyrics 14 years ago
it reminds me of an old Sinatra song, I don't know the name, but maybe you do:

I get along without you very well, of course I do......

Bob Dylan – Meet Me in the Morning Lyrics 14 years ago
he sounds very sweey and tender
the best thing about this song is not the music nor the lyrics, but the way he sings it

Bob Dylan – Man Gave Names to All the Animals Lyrics 14 years ago
Spanish sonwriter Joaquin Sabina did a parody version of this
it was in Spanish, of course, but you'll get it anyway:

God gave name to all the animals, in His bikini

He stoped playin' after Dylan himself asked him to

Bob Dylan – Mama, You Been on My Mind Lyrics 14 years ago
It's not about a big overwhelming burning passion
it's a little feeling
nothin' special, just tiny
I mean, I'm not dying for you or anything, I don't have your name written with blood on my wall, or a shrine with your pictures. I won't stalk you or pine for you. Nothing like that.
It's just've been on my mind
....thought you should know

(I wish I had thought of it first)

Bob Dylan – Love Sick Lyrics 14 years ago
the grat thing about this kind of TimeOutOfMind lyrics is that Dylan is speaking in very simple, colloquial, non-genious phrases, and then suddenly he caughts you off-guard and bam!

I spoke like a child
you destroyed me with a smile
while I was sleepin'

it blows my mind!!!!

Bob Dylan – Love Minus Zero/No Limit Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree with what normalasylum said, but I would take the whole argument and just place it in the love field. Not communism or racial issues, just the structures and ceremonies and rituals sorrounding something so simple and natural as love. He's talkin' down on the whole abc: to ask out, to measure your partner by fix parameters (status, car, looks, family), the going out-going steady-boyfriend girlfriend-engagement-marriage-kids thing. It all seems to be written already, and love seems to be a game in wich you need to stick to the rules, following them by the letter. A stupid thing. On love, they repeat quotations, speak of the future, draw conclusions, carry roses and make priomises by the hour. Bankers' nieces seek perfection, expecting to be chosen and marry-up (this one has got to be the most foolish expression ever)
For the raven part, I think you are all familiar with Edgar Allan Poe's poem. The thing is that she has a broken wing, wich means she won't be leaving, and that she needs to be taken care of. And that she's somewhat fragile and imperfect.
Great song

Bob Dylan – Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Lyrics 14 years ago
It's a famous childeren story about a poor kid with a lot of brothers. And their parents try yo get rid of them by leaving them lost in the city. Tom Thumb, smart fellow, had suspected something funny was goin' on so he left breadcrumbs all over the trail from their house. This piece of breath was, of course, their only meal. So the brothers go back where their parents were crying in regret for leaving them. They get together and lived happily ever after. Ta - da!!!

The title speaks about getting lost in some weird adventures and findiig your way back. The Saint Annies, Melissas, Rue Morgues etc. are, once again, nicknames that Dylan uses to speak about the people he meets and the things he lives. But he likes to "re-arrange their faces and give them all another name" to protect his own privacy and to have a little fun.
Great great great underestimated song. Great version by Neil Young on the 30th anniversary

.... and she takes your voice....

Bob Dylan – John Wesley Harding Lyrics 14 years ago
I totally agree with theweeks123
The thing that nmustapha must realize is that Dylan's interviews are VERY misleading, as he himself tends to diminish his work and the effort he puts into it. He doesn't like the worshiping he gets, and is very private about his life, so he will always try to make it seem like no big deal
But it SO is

Bob Dylan – It Ain't Me Babe Lyrics 14 years ago
1- The idea of the guy being exactly what the girl asks for, but still she refuses to pick him, causing him to give up on her, is really new and fascinating for me.


3-He will only let us (fans) down? NOT!!! I couldn't think of nothing he could possibly do to dissapoint me. Not a bad album, nor a wrong statement, no nothing!

Bob Dylan – If You See Her, Say Hello Lyrics 14 years ago
maybe in the "blue hair" line he just messed-up. it happens

Bob Dylan – If You See Her, Say Hello Lyrics 14 years ago
thanks a lot bette_good
very interesting insight

Bob Dylan – If Not for You Lyrics 14 years ago
one cool thing is that when the message of the lyrics is clear, its music also is
like "I'll be your baby tonight"

Bob Dylan – Idiot Wind Lyrics 14 years ago
Can anyone please explain to me why the unofficial version is better? Don't just say "listen to it", 'cause I'll start looking for it right now. But if you could explain me why is it better, I mean, if it's faster, slower, more aggressive or what, I would really appreciatte it

Bob Dylan – I'd Have You Any Time Lyrics 14 years ago
why can you tell?

Bob Dylan – Floater (Too Much to Ask) Lyrics 14 years ago
yes. I think the whole concept of this album is very relaxed. Having a good time playin' and writin in a non-conceptual way. This song, as many others, are a lot of funny lines or thoughts put together without a particular order or correspondance of any kind.

Bob Dylan – Gotta Serve Somebody Lyrics 14 years ago
It's a little extreme, but, when Dylan got into Christianity, he really sunk his teeth in it. A fanatic of the worst kind. Like it or not. He refusted to play the old songs on his shows and interrupted them with neverending preaching. I've read some messed-up speeches about how the end of the world was coming, with the Cold War (but we survived, didn't we?) and that KISS were devilworshipers.
I'm Catholic, but that kind of fanatism always embarrasses me

Bob Dylan – High Water (For Charley Patton) Lyrics 14 years ago
Hey Alex_kx3
Man, I don't mean to offend you, but yours has got to be the stupidest opinion I have ever read in SongMeanings.
I mean, not only are you wrong on your conclusions, which you are, but you're wrong from your starting approach.
You cannot judge backwards effects of 9/11. They only work onwards. You can see Katryna on Modern Times, buy you can't hear Modern Times and say that it refers to any unexpected event that may happen later. That is just ......wrong.

Bob Dylan – I Believe in You Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm a left-wing liberal Catholic.
For many people I've met being Christian or religious in any way is equal to being a right-wing conservative moron, or being under the opression of them by believing in the whole bs.
I considered myself way closer to George Carlin than to George W Bush, but I still believe in God.
So this song is very important to me.

Bob Dylan – I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) Lyrics 14 years ago
I've read that "Another side of" is a rock and roll album, only played with folk instruments. I agree. This song is much more rocknroll that any of those huge megabands with thair solos and their hairdo

Bob Dylan – Bye and Bye Lyrics 14 years ago
The future for me is a thing of the past
Only Bob Dylan can say that. Such an authority on that issue.

Bob Dylan – 4th Time Around Lyrics 14 years ago
I don't think the whole crippled thing is JUST a metaphore.
I mean, it is, of course, but being a parody, a joke, both of the girls ARE crippled. I guess you may read a lot into it, but I don't think Dylan meant for it to be any speech about anythying.
Lennon has a one night stand with a Norwegian girl, and there goes Dylan with those crippled chicks. It's a beautyful song. But also a cruel joke.

Bob Dylan – Oh, Sister Lyrics 15 years ago
I think he's using religious excuses to take a girl to bed...
you know, like "hey, don't you know we gotta LOVE each other?"

Bob Dylan – Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands Lyrics 15 years ago
And by the way, I think the "sad-eyed prophet" is actually himself

Bob Dylan – Ballad in Plain D Lyrics 15 years ago
Anyone in the world would be proud of "are birds free from the chains of the skyway?". Of course, only Dylan can allow himself to regret this masterpiece.

Bob Dylan – Queen Jane Approximately Lyrics 16 years ago
possitevely, aproximetely, obviously five believers. By that time I think he was just playing with the names of their songs

Bob Dylan – Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) Lyrics 16 years ago
By that time Dylan went to see a play about Rimbaud's life, and there was a judge who walked on stills. I don't know more than that, that's why I'm asking

Bob Dylan – If You See Her, Say Hello Lyrics 16 years ago
Man, you got it all wrong. Someday you will understand

Bob Dylan – With God on Our Side Lyrics 16 years ago
ok you guys, I think by now you've made your points quite clearly. I have followed your arguements, and I think it's time for me to ask a very important question, and I would like to know what you all think about it. Does this kind of songs make any difference? And I'm not talkin' about how it may have changed your life. I mean, does Clinton, the president who honored Dylan, does Bush, or Al Gore, or Condolezza or Kerry or any of the people "In charge" take these thoughts in any consideration? I would love to hear what you have to say about it, specially our expert.

Bob Dylan – Visions of Johanna Lyrics 16 years ago
To me it's quite clear.
He has just made love to Louise, and she's asleep right next to him. So entwined. But he just can't sleep, because of that horrible heat, and the noise and pretty much the whole after-sex-with-a-woman-you-don't-love-uncomfort:
So he gets up and starts looking through the window, to what's going on outside, while thinking about Johanna, the one he really loves, the one he just can't forget.
That's basically it. At least for me. Everything else is either what he's spying through the window or remembering and thinking.
The line about electricity is not that complex, is about the light reflecting on Louise's face. It is anyway such a brilliant way to put it. Just like "these vissions of Johanna have now taken my place".
By the time he sees the fish truck loading is already dawn.
If you hadn't noticed that by now, this Louise chick doesn't live in a pretty good neighbourhood, so "the mule" is slang for drug dealer.
And that line about the harmanicas, is the radio, that has been on all night.
DAMN! I wish I had written that song

Bob Dylan – With God on Our Side Lyrics 16 years ago
Masters of war is more dramatical, and more passionate.
But this one is way better, is much more clever and wise. Anyone could have written "masters of war" - I don't think they could do such a good job at it, but anyone could have ...conceibed the idea. "god on our side" is a evry original aproach.
A point of view.
That's what US needs right now

Bob Dylan – Isis Lyrics 16 years ago
Cool fact.
Because this song is very white-stripy. Music and lirically (they were married, you know)

Bob Dylan – Tangled Up in Blue Lyrics 16 years ago
Blood on the tracks is about his heart being put in every song, and also refers to a crime scene. Anyay, that's my guess

Bob Dylan – Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again Lyrics 16 years ago
Hey elephant_range
I've always thought that "the landlord" is God Himself. Take a look at it

Bob Dylan – Romance in Durango Lyrics 16 years ago
the Spanish bit is stupid. I hate this song. I'm Chilean, so it kinda throws me off to hear the Sad-Eyed Prophet in horrible Spanish, sounding like a stupid gringo,

Bob Dylan – Mississippi Lyrics 16 years ago
I just can't forgive nigtingalerider for posting that opinion and not quoting this:
"I know that fortune is waiting to be kind"
that line always gets to me. Fortune SHOULD be waiting to be kind. Any minute now. I mean, it HAS to be so

Bob Dylan – Idiot Wind Lyrics 16 years ago
One more thing about it. The song seem to burst out of him, against his own will. I've always thought that he started off with this great first lines, tryin' to write a story, a funny one, even. As in "Lily, rosemary..". But as the writing developes it goes its own way, and without realizing it, Dylan has opened his chest wide open talkin' about Sara, his wife, all his darkest feelings. And yes, as melancolley so clearly puts it, he ends up even more sincere about hs own regrets. So, in conclusion, he starts off trying to write a story and his own heart betrays him into being honest. A tale-tell heart

Bob Dylan – I Want You Lyrics 16 years ago
Don't get funny, goodmorningmisterben. It wan't such a stupid idea. I mean, Dylan WAS an explicit and recognized influence on the Beatles work, not only musical (Norwegian wood, you've got to hide your love away, etc.) but also lirical ("Feel so suicidal, just like Dylan's Mr.Jones" - Yer Blues, White Album, 1968). I not only have a bootleg of a Dylan' version of "yesterday", but also one of the beatles playing "Blowin' in the wind" in India.
Anyway, I was just asking - would have been cool though

Bob Dylan – Sara Lyrics 16 years ago
Wow! Cool story.
Although it would have been much cooler if it had been your brother...
I think it's beautiful how songs can touch your life in such a decisive way, and also how they sort of become a personal secret (after all, you can go explaining everyone what you were named after, right?).
I'm Chilean and I can't share Dylan lyrics with anyone, not only because of the obvious language barrier, but because of his complex way of writing, as in "Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands", so I've come to consider his songs - and every song, for that matter - a very personal and intimate trasure.

Bob Dylan – A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall Lyrics 16 years ago
One of the most beautiful lines is

I met a young girl, she gave me a rainbow

It's just so touching and tender. Please notice that this is the only line that doesn' refer to something sad or cruel. So the line itself is like a rainbow within the song. Got it?

Bob Dylan – Desolation Row Lyrics 16 years ago
I don't think Desoloation Row is about WWII or the nuclear bomb, since he was over that political phase.
I think it's about finding himself in the eye of the hurricane that his fame has brought, and he is describing the crazy people he has met, and how his entire world seems almost like a Circus.
"All the people that you mention
yes, I know hem, they're quite lame
I had to re-arrange their faces
and give them all another name"

Bob Dylan – Sara Lyrics 16 years ago
Hey Guerillabaabaa, could you name those songs so I can go look for them?

Jet – Rollover D.J. Lyrics 16 years ago
So, does anyone of you guys have Nicole Kidman's phone number??
I'll settle for Elle McPherson.

The Beatles – Rain Lyrics 16 years ago
Ringo's favorite.
He's most proud of his drum playing.
The little drum solo in "The End" was't his idea. In fact, he did'nt want to do it because he doesn't like drum solos.
And here's his favorite drums. Discreet. Subtle. Yet, cool. A very important lesson to learn by all the young rock drummers who think that playing drums is all about playing fast and loud. Guitar players too for that matter

Bob Dylan – I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine Lyrics 16 years ago
Wow. What a beautiful interpretaton. This one and "Dear Landlord", which I also think has a religious meaning, are my favorites from John Wesley Harding (JWH, as in Jaweh, or Jeowah, the name of God)

Bob Dylan – I Want You Lyrics 16 years ago
Do you know if this song had anything to do with "I Want You (She's So Heavy)"?

Bob Dylan – Just Like a Woman Lyrics 16 years ago
1 - Whenever there's a song that's hard to read through, comes the "drug" theory.
2 - When you're high, everything you hear seems about drugs and makes sense

Bob Dylan – Neighborhood Bully Lyrics 16 years ago
I just read that. What a lame lyric. I'm not criticizing his one-sided point of view, I'm criticizing his complete lack of doesn't seem a song written by the genious of Dylan. We could be talking about his worst lyrics here - well, maybe God gave name to all the animals is even worse

Bob Dylan – One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) Lyrics 16 years ago
Thanks, man!
It doesn't matter if you're wrong. Now it makes sense. Finally!

Jet – Look What You've Done Lyrics 17 years ago
Yes, you're right. The rest of the CD thir Rolling Stones impersonaters!

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