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Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl Lyrics 13 years ago
There is one piece of indisputable evidence in regards to the Anal Sex theory that no one has mentioned. While not written in the lyrics above, the words " Bit by Bit by Bit" are clearly heard at the end of the song. Those words have absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the song. But anyone who has had anal sex before can tell you that, unless your a porn star or a freak, you don't just ram it in there. You have to go Bit by Bit by Bit, so nothing gets torn. Understand? So clearly, the Brown Skinned Girl cover up was meant to conceal something even more taboo than interracial sex at the time... anal sex.

Elton John – Burn Down the Mission Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this song is more of a story than any allegorical concept or reflection of modern life.

In many areas around the world, the "mission" was a place of residence owned by the Roman Catholic church, where priests could engage in the conversion of heathens to christianity. Many times these missions were protected by soldiers or free men who served a higher power, such as a royal family or the papacy.

Many times these missions were not welcome, especially when poor, starving people would look and see missionaries and priests eating well, and living under good shelter. This was especially true when the hypocrisy became apparent between what the church preached and what it actually did.

I think the song simply reflects an uprising by the people who the missionaries are trying to convert. They are freezing and starving and have had enough. They burn down the mission for warmth and shelter.

At the end.. the high powers come to seek justice and drag the man, who we must assume is the ringleader, away.

Jethro Tull – From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is the bartender talking to the character Ray from the Too Old to Rock and Roll concept abulm. The bartender is reminiscing about his youth and how times have changed.. The lyric about bombs being banned every sunday is a throwback to the 60's in london when people would protest Nukes on sunday afternoons. British musicians were heavily influenced by the beat movement in america and is represented in the lyrics about sax players and famous beat artists like Parker, Kerouace, and Magritte.. the bartender was part of the movement as he refers to himself as a "deadbeat". Not the deadbeat of american origin, but deadbeat representing a person who was part of the beat movement which is now ended. The bar tender is now an old greaser.. At the end of the song, Ray, who is from a later generation of rocking bikers, tells the bartender that he wasn't part of that life and that he doens't care.....

Lovely song... one of the true gems from that album.

Jethro Tull – Requiem Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is about loss and pain.. both the bird and the butterfly, who are lost represent the loss he feels as he leaves his lady. Obviosly it is a theme in his life, as he says that it is "the same old story". When he sees a bird the second time, he looks away, not wanting to be hurt again....

Beautiful song all in all, one of Tulls best.

Jethro Tull – Velvet Green Lyrics 16 years ago
Obviously a song about young lust and fertility. Everything abou this song talks about a rendezvous between young lovers in the countryside. Several lines show the lustful aspect in the song. "Never a care, with your legs in the air, loving" obviously refers to a womans legs in the air while making love. "I'm tight against the seam" means that he has an erection. "Washes out the wild oat seed on velvet green" refers to the idea of "sowing one's wild oats", having lots of sex before eventually settling down for marriage. It's purely sex... as the girl has to "walk home cold and alone on velvet green"

Awesome song by Tull, very folksy and all around great acoustic work.

Jethro Tull – Up the 'Pool Lyrics 16 years ago
Blackpool was a famous seaside vacation spot for Londoners around the time that Anderson wrote these lyrics. Thus the lyric "going up the pool, from down the smoke(london) below". The Iron Tower was basically a lighthouse and politicians are mentioned because they tended to frequent the vacation spot as well... Edward Bear refers to a politician that took a lot of criticism around Andersons time.

Jethro Tull – Wond'ring Again Lyrics 16 years ago
The second half of the song, when the music slows represents the aftermath of civilizations downfall. Searching for the last pigeon represents the loss of life and how precious and rare it has become...this mourning is represented in the lady's sadness after she crushes a flower inadvertantly. These few survivors are wondering about whether or not they will be able to bring new life to the earth.

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