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Incubus – Drive Lyrics 16 years ago
simply put, choose water over the right things even though you may not like that choice the best, willing to accept what life brings, be in control of where youre going, MAKE YOURSELF get there...good advice for the young adult

Billy Joel – Shades Of Grey Lyrics 16 years ago
This is so meaningful. OK. Through the years you live your life thinking you've had it figured out. And somewhere along the line you lose it. And just as your eye sight blurrs with age, sometimes you lose clear sight of why you're still here. He's beginning a second sort of "soul searching stage" in his life, one you usually have in your early adult years. I think he's questioning, is my life really all about my music career, what other stuff could i have been...and he's become sort of humble through his experiences and wisdom, so he sees young arrogance and is intimidated by its confidence...he starts to doubt himself...and what he's always been told (kill the competition) doesn't really seem to apply anymore. I like this song.

Billy Joel – Famous Last Words Lyrics 16 years ago
This is not his final goodbye so to speak. It's his bittersweet "I'll see you later". He's saying I'll be back some other time to fulfill my obligations to my music, but this is all i'm gonna have for a while, but he'll be back again on tour and what not...after he overcomes there being nothing left in him to write about his life...he's given us his entire life in his career and in his music, now it's his time to just starting living his own life that he doesn't have to share with the public. There will be other words some other day means that when he has lived more of his life he'll be back to write about it if it's something significant enough, but as for now that's all he's got to tell...i'm so proud of this man...check out Vienna and think of a guy my age in college

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