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Glassjaw – Ape Dos Mil Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is about a guy breaking up with his girlfriend, and her moving on and him being stuck in the past
''Yeah, it's over.
You can bet in mid-october,
I will still be ranting 'bout early may.''
He knows it's over, he just really doesnt want to come to terms with it properly. His ex has got a new boyfriend who's perfect. And im not too sure about this bit but to me the lines
''Yeah he's a winner,
He's a goddamn sinner.''
Suggest that he seems to be great but he cheats on her (being a sinner).
It's so easy for people to tell someone get over a person. I think this song is saying Its really not that easy. This song is about not being able to move on.

Also I think there are some errors in these lyrics, im not positive though so don't shoot me if i'm wrong...

I always thought it was:
''Or the letter when you first referred to it''
''It's all calypso. But it's not easy to know.'' (first chorus says ''easy you know'')
Also in the first verse it says
''To walk around with your shoulders down frowing''
I think it's ''You walk around...'' throughout the whole song.
I may be wrong

Panic! at the Disco – The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage Lyrics 16 years ago
Where is the title of this song from? Whatever it is, its so true! Matyrdom is practically suicide apart from so much more of attension is given towards it! Great song... p!atd gettin kinda old now though...

From First to Last – Emily Lyrics 16 years ago
My name is emily so obviously i like this song, but i have to say it is kinda boring coz the tune duznt really change at all. I love the way Sonny sings like he's gonna die. like he sounds like he rele means what he's singing. altho c'mon, we all know Emily is a popular girls name and they wuda sold a lota singles by calling it that.

Placebo – Pure Morning Lyrics 16 years ago
''My friend confessed she passed the test,
And we will never sever''
To me that definately says that she took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. and now that they're going to have a child together they can never sever because they will always have the child connecting them.

Placebo – Peeping Tom Lyrics 16 years ago
I think this song is about being obsessed with somebody, and not being able to have them. All they can do is watch the one they want over their wall. Makes me think of the phrase ''so close and yet so far''... I think the person has just got to the point where they just don't have anything left to loose anymore. They have alcohol and drug problems ''Problems with the booze'' ''Problems with the gear'' and they have just kept telling themself that all they need is this one person. In the second verse i think its realisation of how low they have become and that deep down they know that even if they had this person the world wouldn't be a perfect place. Hence why instead of saying '''Cause you're the one Who makes me feel much taller than you are '' (in the first verse) it says ''The one that makes me seem to feel much taller than you are''
An amazing song...

Placebo – Commercial For Levi Lyrics 16 years ago
I like this song because if you listen to the lyrics their serious and like the refernces to golden showers and beasiality are kinda filthy (in my opinion), but the music is quite happy and u know the bit in the background at certain points of the song (sorry that was vague, dnt kno how to describe it but you all know what im talking about) makes it sound almost like a christmas song. so its quite strange really.

Placebo – Blue American Lyrics 16 years ago
I don't know much about Brian Molko's back ground but if what greengirl27 is true, then i think he's kind of having a go at his mum and saying that everything she preached to him about christianity isn't true. Because in Uncle Tom's Cabin they were all Christian, and the white people believed they were superior because somehow they managed to interpret the Bible as saying that they were. Ebonics is a type of English spoken by some African-Americans. So by saying it rules our song, to me is saying that now everyone has realised black people are just as equal as white people and that the motherfuckers got it wrong. I dnt quite understand how the last verse fits it though. great song anywayz.

Placebo – Haemoglobin Lyrics 16 years ago
I can make some sense of most of Placebo's songs but i cant this one. I agree with most of u that its about anti racism and that although we all have different skin colours, haemoglobin makes all of our blood red. i dnt know if that made sense. and mourningthebestofme, no i don't think what you said is racist. its ur interpretation of the song and i agree with it

Placebo – Spite and Malice Lyrics 16 years ago
when i first heard the rapping i was kinda shocked coz it isnt Placebo's usual style. But now i think its a really good contrast. and for everyone who keeps asking, it isn't Brian Molko, its Justin Warfield. it says it on the back cover of the album cover for 'Black Market Music'

Placebo – Special Needs Lyrics 16 years ago
I'm not as clever as you lot so im not entirely sure what this song means. But to me [And think of me stuck in my chair that has four wheels] suggests the person is in a wheel chair. 6 months off could mean being in hospital and the bad behaviour may have been drink driving or something? The person isnt exactly feeling sorry for themself, There just watching a friend/loved one becoming famous [Remember me when you're the one who's silver screen] suggests being on tv [Remember me through flash photography and screams] saying about all the press and fans n shit. I guess there just kind of saying ''When your having a great life, doing what you've always wanted to do and forfilling your dream. Remember me''

TLC – Waterfalls Lyrics 17 years ago
Basically, the dude got jiggy jiggy with some girl hu had an STD. She passed it on to him and he died.
''His health is fading and he doesn't know why
3 letters took him to his final resting place''
Im not sure but when i read that it made me think the 3 letters are HIV? it would make sense but it #s just a guess

Simple Plan – One Lyrics 17 years ago
To me this song is the opinion of a group of kids who were bullied at school and are singing the song to the bully.
We’re the pride of your lives
We’re the light shining deep in your eyes
We’re the choice that you made
We’re the smile on your face when you sleep at night
I think this verse is talking about how by making other people feel small, the bully feels really good about himself. Then The verse that goes:
We’re the pain that you feel
We’re the scars that don’t heal
We’re the tear in your eyes
We’re the reason you cry

We’re the voice in head your head
We’re the lies that you said
We’re the best think you had but you pushed us away
Is talking about how guilty the bully feels once he has grown up and realised how wrong bullying is. He hears voices in his head of the kids he bullied and the scars will never heal and he will be stuck with the guilt of making them kids lives shit forever. Just like many other songs, i think this is an anti-bullying song telling people not to pick on people coz there different coz later on it will always come back and haunt you.
You may have interpreted this song another way and think what im sayin is a load of bullshit but its just what i imediately thought the song was about after hearing it.

Nirvana – Polly Lyrics 17 years ago
Untill i went on this website i seriously had no idea what the song ''Polly'' was about. Now I know, i really cant listen to it in the same way. It makes so much of a difference listening to lyrics you know are true. It's kinda freaky actually. If what everyone says is true, then it's quite sweet that kurt cobain feels so strongly against rape. I mean, i kno evryone with half a brain is against rape, but i havnt seen ne other bands write a song about it. I seriously admire Kurdt Cobain. R.I.P

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