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Stavesacre – Sundown Motel Lyrics 17 years ago
This song helped me through a time when I was struggling with the decision to leave a certain form of Christianity (and a church)...

Stavesacre – Freefall (from Hand To Hand) Lyrics 17 years ago
Beautifully written... that's all I can say.

Stavesacre – Zzyzx Scarecrow Lyrics 17 years ago
The ultimate cry for poetic justice...

Einstürzende Neubauten – Hirnsäge Lyrics 17 years ago
This is excellent.

Paramaecium – Gone Is My Former Resolve Lyrics 17 years ago
I love this song, especially the beginning and the ending. To fully grasp its meaning you'll have to read the book "Within the Ancient Forest" by Andrew Tompkins...

I think that the last verse is beautifully written...

Michael Jackson – Shout Lyrics 17 years ago
One of the weirdest MJ songs I know of...

Michael Jackson – You Rock My World Lyrics 17 years ago
This song absolutely sucked. What a "come back"...

Michael Jackson – Jam Lyrics 17 years ago
Religious confusion?

Ashton Nyte – Consequence Lyrics 17 years ago
I like this song a lot... it just expresses the way people who dress "out of the normal" feel a lot of times...

Circle of Dust – Consequence Lyrics 17 years ago
Thanks for the lyrics... are they verified?

Argyle Park – Headscrew Lyrics 17 years ago
Thanks, man. Where did you get the lyrics?

Argyle Park – Doomsayer(reprise) Lyrics 17 years ago
I guess only the authors will ever know what caused this amount of hatred towards some part of Christianity/the Christian scene...

Celldweller – Own Little World Lyrics 17 years ago
Yeah, I also think that's pretty much what it's about... artistic freedom seems to be a rare good...

Celldweller – The Last Firstborn Lyrics 17 years ago
I agree. I love this song, although I felt affronted by the techno elements at first... but the way the musical styles blend is just... amazing. Brilliant work.

Saviour Machine – A World Alone Lyrics 17 years ago
The author states that "I have always felt that it is a tragically sad song that leads to no conclusive answers yet poses many questions. At the heart of the song lies the single most common human emotion, loneliness." (taken from the Synopsis cd booklet)

Saviour Machine – Jesus Christ Lyrics 17 years ago
I like the way the point of view shifts here... (if you compare the verses)

Saviour Machine – Ludicrous Smiles Lyrics 17 years ago
According to the author, "a cryptic exploration of sanity in the midst of spiritual revelation. This intense yet atmospheric song was written in early 1990 during a time of great trial and transition in my life. The content of the song is centered around the search for peace of mind and heart during immense chaos and suffering." (taken from the Synopsis cd booklet)

Saviour Machine – Overture (from Legend I) Lyrics 17 years ago
All musical themes of the "protagonists and antagonists" from the Legend Trilogy are present in the Overture:

- the "basic evil" motive
- Satan (cf. The Ancint Serpent, War in heaven, The Beast)
- Antichrist (cf. Antichrist I, The Covenant, and many more)
- The False Prophet (cf. The False Prophet)
- Israel (cf. The Woman, The Promise, and others)
- God the Father (cf. The Ancient of days (?))
- Christ (cf. I Am, The Bride of Christ, etc.)
- The Holy Spirit (cf. The Holy Spirit).

Saviour Machine – Overture (from Legend I) Lyrics 17 years ago
emendations of the above:
those WHOM THOU HAST given...
but ALSO for those...

into thy hands I COMMEND my spirit

I love you more than JESUS

Saviour Machine – The Locusts Lyrics 17 years ago
a musical interpretation of Revelation 9:1-12...

Saviour Machine – Paradox Lyrics 17 years ago
hmmm.... lots of samples from "The Exorcist"... the Our Father... disturbing noises and voices... religious confusion... the ideal intro for "The Stand"!

Saviour Machine – The Gates Lyrics 17 years ago
I don't know about that... I think it's meant as a musical bridge/introduction to the more "confusing" part of SM II, beginning with "Enter the Idol". Note that in SM I the narrator stated, "and soon prepare to pass through the beautiful _gates_ of symbolic conviction..."

Saviour Machine – The Wicked Window Lyrics 17 years ago
Hmmm.... the prevalence of mass media?

...if this song weren't so old, I'd say it's filled with allusions to the first "Matrix" movie... too bad.

Saviour Machine – Saviour Machine I Lyrics 17 years ago
According to the author, "The opening track from SM II is an introduction to the story that follows. It foreshadows the coming events and acts as a passionate invitation to listen on." (taken from the Synopsis cd booklet)

Saviour Machine – The Mask Lyrics 17 years ago
"Lurking in the doorway
I saw him hang by the power
Covered in scabs
Covered in scabs
Covered in faceless Masks of men"

I wonder... Could this be a reference to Christ, and the way man-made religion tends to cover up his true nature?

Saviour Machine – Carnival of Souls Lyrics 17 years ago
Nice interpretation, Drake...

Saviour Machine – A Prophecy Lyrics 17 years ago
An invitation into the epic world of the Legend Trilogy, involving several allusions to the "Our Father" and other Biblical passages.

Virgin Black – Lamenting Kiss Lyrics 17 years ago
I think it's pretty much open to interpretations. The author says that the lines
"I held hope's hand
But let her forsake me
May I be faithful
To hold onto yours"
pretty much sum up what it's about.

God bringing new hope to a world of hopelessness.

Virgin Black – I Sleep With The Emperor Lyrics 17 years ago
I agree that it expresses an individual's longing for God.

At the same time, I don't think any expression of a certain doctrine (as you descibed) is intended... it has a lot more to do with emotions.

Virgin Black – Beloved Lyrics 17 years ago
No, it's a song about spiritual abuse...

Virgin Black – A Poets Tears Of Porcelain Lyrics 17 years ago
I love it.

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