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Solid Sessions – Janeiro Lyrics 10 years ago
It's home, not hope.

This is my home
This is where I love to be...


Wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive explanation about the meaning.

"Janeiro" is a vocal trance music track produced and released in 2000 by Solid Sessions.

The song is about a girl who falls love with a DJ on tour who visits Icaraí Beach in Nikiti, Rio de Janeiro State during a chance meeting. She loses contact with him when he goes home and pines for him. She meets up with him again at a later date on the same beach, again by chance. She makes her interest known at this time and asserts her wishes to remain with him. Over the years many fan based interpretations were derived from the original.[1]

The success of the track is largely attributed to the vocal remix done by Pronti and Kalmani, whose studio was next door to Solid Sessions' studio in the same building. Pronti and Kalmani liked the track the first time they heard it but they felt it could use some extra production work and wanted to write vocals for it. They asked Solid Sessions if they would like to collaborate on the track with the guarantee that they would respect the beauty of the original work and that if it was not agreed that both producers liked the remix it would not be released.

In 2002 the song's popularity grew with new remixes by big-name DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Kyau & Albert and James Holden (producer). The song was remixed again in 2006 by 4 Strings and San & Sebastian Moore. In 2009 the song appeared again in a new version on the album 'The new daylight' by Dash Berlin. Dash Berlin later released his 4AM Remix which was featured on A State Of Trance episode 455. A remix by Signum was featured on Corsten's Countdown 149.

Pronti and Kalmani's remix featured vocals by Russian vocalist Vera.
The music video was actually recorded in Rio de Janeiro featuring a Brazilian and a Greek super model.

Conjure One – Center of the Sun Lyrics 10 years ago
There are a few people saying the girl is a prostitute. In reading the lyrics carefully myself, I don't think that conclusion is a given. I can see why someone would draw that conclusion, but without some specific line in the song pointing more in that direction, then I would say that is definitely open for interpretation. And I would personally prefer not to draw that conclusion.

As others have pointed out, taking the lyrics at face value, the experience the girl is going through sounds a lot like "guys being guys" ... saying rude and insulting things and causing her to feel bad. From what I have seen on TV about the way prostitutes think, they have "thick skin" and don't care about insults and name calling. It's part of the job, they are use to it. I can't see a prostitute getting emotionally upset about guys being jerks.

I think we can conclude that the girl is beautiful from the second line "Music to the men." To me, that says she's pretty. The reason I bring that up is because at one point, I thought maybe she was an ugly girl who was getting made fun of. And later on a "nice guy" steps in and treats her well. But when I took a closer look at the words, I decided that wasn't the case. Right at the beginning, the sight of her is "music to the men."

There is a common saying "Music to my ears." which implies a good thing. Some employer tells the employee he's doing a great job and if he keeps it up, he'll get a raise. The employee will think "That's music to my ears."

So the men leave and the girl is upset. Again, in my opinion, a prostitute isn't going to be upset by guys being mean to her. They are use a-holes.

This girl doesn't like the verbal/psychological/mental abuse and it makes her cry. (Her eyes are red. Insinuating she's crying.)

Many people have heard the idea of finding a place "inside yourself" where you can be at peace. There is a phrase "Go to your happy place" which refers to a mental exercise of blocking out external physical and/or emotional pain.

So when she "hears violins" when she closes her eyes, I think this is her idea of happiness. It soothes her and helps her return to a peaceful state. I love the words "I am at the center of the sun"

I think that is obviously a metaphor for her "happy place" ... warmth, light, serenity, peacefulness, calm, and so on. When she finds this state of mind, she "cannot be hurt by anything this wicked world has done"

As far as the boy goes ... as others have pointed out, the boy is a standup guy so to speak. He sees the verbal abuse that is going on and is "out of his head" because of it. It bothers him greatly.

Then comes the "kicker" of the song. When he closes his eyes, he hears violins. In my opinion, this is demonstrating that they share a deep connection. Perhaps a "love at fist sight" kind of thing. He's clearly attracted to her because he says "they break the most beautiful things" and then says when he looks into HER eyes, he feels like he is at the center of the sun.

This also makes me doubt that she is a prostitute. It's possible that some guy could see a beautiful girl in that situation and fall in love with her, but I just don't think the song lyrics support the notion that she's a prostitute.

So that's what I think. I love this song. I only found it recently, but I have listened to it dozens and dozens of times. I think it's beautiful ... the music is calming and the images the song puts in my mind are very tranquil.

BT – Never Gonna Come Back Down Lyrics 15 years ago
I found this online:

Renowned dance producer BT (whose real name is Brian Transeau) has just released his third solo album, "Movement In Still Life," and the first single from the LP, "Never Gonna Come Back Down," has just cracked the Top 50 at alternative radio, according to "R&R."

"Never Gonna Come Back Down" was a collaborative effort between BT and former Soul Coughing frontman M. Doughty. The two recently discussed the colorfully bizarre track, which includes Biblical allusions as well as references to the comely Charissa Saverio--also known as DJ Rap.

"It's just great," Doughty told MTV News. "For 'Never Gonna Come Back Down,' he just picks the mic up and is like, 'All right, get on the mic.' So, whatever, I just went off the top of my head, talkin' about stuff, and [BT] was like, 'OK, do it again.' So, again, off the top of my head, just talkin', and then a third time."

"Then I went downstairs," he continued, "watched a little 'Braveheart,' got my Mel Gibson on, and then I came back upstairs and it was this track. It was the least labor intensive thing I've ever done in music, so I was like, 'I gotta get with this guy.'"

BT also admitted that he was surprised at the ease at which the song and the vocals came together.

"Poor Doughty was like, 'Are you sure you don't want me to do more vocals?'" BT remembered. "I was like, 'No, dude, we got it. We're good, trust me.' It was so cool, because each one of the takes--I mean, we literally [only] did three or four takes--and each one of the takes was about completely dissimilar things."

"On one he was talking about the book of Revelation," BT added. "One he was talking about DJ Rap. So, it was just insanity, and cutting them together actually ended up making sense."

"Well, the whole first take is me going, 'Oh, DJ Rap, you're so good looking. Brian, give me DJ Rap's phone number, now!" Doughty said. "And the second one is like, 'And the seven thunders uttered from the book of life.'"

"So it ends up making sense in some irrational, surreal sort of way," BT interjected.

"And when we say, 'Never Gonna Come Back Down,' we don't mean drugs," Doughty explained. "Oh, no."

"No, I still don't know what he means," BT said, laughing. "He won't tell me. He was like, 'I'm writing this in code. No one will ever understand.'"

"Yeah, like 'Doubt will be the fire,'" Doughty said, referring to some of the song's lyrics. "I was thinking about that. What the f*** does 'Doubt will be fire of your delight' mean?"

"I have no clue," BT answered. "You wrote it, dude."

"That's what they tell me," Doughty concluded.

BT and Doughty have also teamed up for another track, "The Heat And The Hate," that will be featured on Doughty's forthcoming solo album (see "M. Doughty Talks Solo Plans With BT").

As for BT, he is currently gearing up to launch a tour in support of "Movement In Still Life" on July 12 in Orlando...

BT – Never Gonna Come Back Down Lyrics 15 years ago
Interesting to read everyone's thoughts here. I'm part of the "I have no idea what this song is about, but I like it anyway" crowd. There are several parts in this song that I just really like the sound of, even if the lyrics sound like incoherent babble. :) I would be really interested in knowing where the lyrics came from though. There's got to be some kind of back story there, even if the lyrics themselves don't mean anything.

Shinedown – All I Ever Wanted Lyrics 16 years ago
I think it's about a vampire. In the first lines, he lies in his coffin right at sunset - right before he comes "alive". Vampires are completely dead during the day. At night, they are undead. But right as he comes alive (undead) at sunset, he knows he has to go out and hide from the world.

The chorus is about the vampire's torment with his need for blood. And his desire to go back to how things were before he was made. "all I ever wanted was a place to call my home". It has two meanings. As his vampire self, he just wants a safe place to hide during the day, and to miss him at night when he's gone. But he is also yearning for his old life. All he ever wanted in his old life was a home, probably a wife and 2 kids, and wanted them to miss him when he was at work.

"If there's a way to a remedy then lead me straight to it". He wants a cure for his vampiric curse.

"If there's a path or a door I missed, then show me now, show me this." He thinks he might have missed an opportunity to find a cure.

Usher – Yeah! Lyrics 16 years ago
The good thing about this song is that it has a very distinct sound. When people hear the first 2 notes, they know what song is on. Fortunately for those of us that hate this kind of music, this song will soon fade away. Even the people who love it now will feel bile raise up in the back of their throats when this song is played a year from now.

Metallica – The Thing That Should Not Be Lyrics 16 years ago
I think the lyrics have a dual purpose. On the surface, he is writing about the fictional creature that lives under the ocean. But I think the deeper intended meaning is his own inner torment that roars and rages beneath his own proverbial sea of calmness. At least that is how the song makes me feel. " Crawling Chaos, underground", "lurking beneath the sea", "in madness You dwell".

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