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Grimes – Oblivion Lyrics 7 years ago
Ok I would just like to say to the one and only hater on here, I think that its sad that you take them as a "joke". Is it just because she has a weird new sound to her? Because I personally think that her just being a little different and strange makes her set herself apart from everything else that's been sounding the same these days. Grimes is a very talented, innovated band. Just saw them live at Pitchfork too... absolutely amazing.

Phantogram – Running From The Cops Lyrics 7 years ago
No meanings yet? I'll try to take a dive... I think its about how your dreams can be frustrating because you feel as if you don't have control over them sometimes. But thinks like lucid dreaming can help discover them a little more. When the girl sings "new surroundings" I think its as if to say that by just being curious of who is in charge and part of the "master plan" is opening up yourself to new surroundings. I don't know about you guys but I feel like Phantogram has spiritual meanings behind a lot of their songs as well.

Phantogram – Let Me Go Lyrics 7 years ago
I agree with you 100% To me its almost as if the singer is trying to let go of the ego and just be at peace and at home. She's trying to get to her soul and feel she wants to let go off fake happiness.

Local Natives – Shape Shifter Lyrics 7 years ago
Totally agree hands down

Local Natives – Shape Shifter Lyrics 7 years ago
Totally agree hands down

The Academy Is... – Coppertone Lyrics 10 years ago
I think this song is about how at the beginning of like someone it's almost a tug of war game where you either chase or be chased. and I think everyone wants to get out of something that suggest commitment as quick as they can.

Sia – I Go To Sleep Lyrics 10 years ago
This song reminds me of how people can connect to others while they are dreaming. Like lucid dreaming. She is trying to connect to him while she sleeps.

Kate Nash – We Get On Lyrics 11 years ago
I love Kate Nash's lyrics... they all tell a story and they make you smile when you listen to them. She has a way of reaching out to her listeners and knows how to relate to them. The situations like these ones she sings about aren't as bad as it seems and you can just take it with a laugh.

Let's Go Sailing – All I Want From You Is Love Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is beautiful and pretty straight forward. Being in love with someone that isn't giving love back is frustrating the singer. and she is admiting that she is a complete fool for this love of hers. She will always be there even though he does not love her back.

The Hush Sound – Hurricane Lyrics 11 years ago
I believe that it's about an old love. the singer will always love this person who seems as though they were life changing for her. This old love came in and out of her life like a hurricane. and maybe she has a new love now but settle things remind her of her old love. the line "i could wait around for the dust to still, but i don't believe that it ever will" basically is saying she could wait for her old love to return and go back to how it use to be but it will never work out.

but Gretel's voice is beautiful and perfect for this song! and you can tell her voice has a more grown up sound from the last cds.

The Audition – What Gets You Through the Night Lyrics 11 years ago
Does Danny write the songs for the audition?

Vanessa Carlton – The One Lyrics 11 years ago
does stevie nicks sing in the background? or is it vanessa?

Feist – My Moon My Man Lyrics 11 years ago
well i highly doubt that feist would write a song about anal sex, maybe britney spears but not feist. anyways i like the style of the song, its very jazzy and sexy.

Azure Ray – Leap Year Lyrics 12 years ago
this song is such a great song. i can relate to it so much because the person i love is away in college and we love each other so much that i will wait for him no matter what. i think so highly of him and i think highly of azure ray for making such great songs.

Taking Back Sunday – Bike Scene Lyrics 12 years ago
does this have something to do with the girl from streetlight run?

Sia – Moon Lyrics 12 years ago
her voice in this song gives me chills. its so soothing and gives me a sense of serenity. and the lyrics break your heart when you listen to them. there's so much love through out the song from the way she sings it and the way the lyrics are written.
i think anyone can relate to the lyrics.

Sia – Don't Bring Me Down Lyrics 12 years ago
this song is about giving into temptation. its beautiful.

Taking Back Sunday – Blue Heaven Lyrics 12 years ago
this song always makes me think of a relationship i use to be in... i really loved someone and he said he loved me but he always abused me verbaly and emotionaly. every one of my friends told me that i shouldn't be with him and i knew deep down that i shouldn't have but still it was him i couldn't deny.

Two sides twist and then collide;
You're calling off the guards (Am I coming?)
I'm coming through. (Am I coming?)- that's like how we use to fight and he would tell everyone his side first to cover up him seeming bad.

You know, sometimes it just feels better to give in.-- i would give in to all the arguements.

And it's all too familiar
And it happens all the time.
All the cards begin to stack up,
Twisting heartache into fine
Little pieces that avoid an awful crime- he would always munipulate me into thinking i was wrong and he was still perfect.

Dull heat rises from the sheets- its starting to not feel like love anymore even when we are being intimate.

We swing and we sway
As this tiny voice in
My head starts to sing
You're safe, child, you are safe.
You're safe, child, you are ..
- this is my favorite part because it's the last sway( the last big fight) and then its finally over, we are done and i am safe and free.

this is just what i think the song means to me. i love it alot. its my favorite on the cd

Jimmy Eat World – Just Tonight... Lyrics 14 years ago
I think it's about a girl who's not really wanting a relationship and he's giving in to whatever she wants because anythings better than nothing.
she obvoiusly wants just a friends with benifits relationship, and he doesn't agree but he'll do anything for her.

Katy Rose – Glow Lyrics 14 years ago
In this song it seems like it has something to do with rape. and saying no matter how many times you try to hurt me. I'll always glow

Katy Rose – I Like Lyrics 14 years ago
I don't think the songs about abuse. I just think its about a relationship that might happen and she's telling the person that they just might turn into something she's going to like.

Katy Rose – Original Skin Lyrics 14 years ago
i think it does actually mean losing your virginity. and the feeling of becoming a woman and feeling romantic.

Letter Kills – Hold My Heart (Part One) Lyrics 14 years ago
great song. I think it's about someone is who not sure about a relationship, but is giving the person all he's got anyways.
great song!!! Letter kills is an awesome band.

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