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The Afters – Beautiful Love Lyrics 14 years ago
This is such an amazing has this sweeping feeling to it that makes you want to run away at midnight and find your true love. Simple but beautiful words, brilliant music...lovely song.

Jet – Look What You've Done Lyrics 14 years ago
This song reminded me soo much of the beatles I nearly cried...ok maybe not but it was so good it was definately comparable to the beatles. It has so many layers of meanings, and I find that it could apply to so many situations of my life. I astronomically love it!!!

Texas – Inner Smile Lyrics 14 years ago
YES! From BILB...I was obsessed.

When I hear this song, it's such a high. It really conveys what you feel for love...and I love how it sometimes barely finished "you make me feel..." because it's that feeling in you where you try so hard to get it out, but you can't describe the feeling. It's just like a wind inside of you, best described by:

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

I could dance to it all day. Cheers!

Franz Ferdinand – Come on Home Lyrics 14 years ago
Ultimately my favorite song.

He's trying to convince himself that he'll be better off alone, but he yo-yos back in forth between "I don't need you" and "I do need you".

I agree with Eternie about the "who are you trying to convince?" He seems to be convincing himself that he doesn't need her, but he keeps going back to the initial feelings.

He's trying to say, we're better off now by:
"You're where you want to be
I'm where i want to be
Come on we're chasing
Everything we've ever wanted
Replace you easily
Replace pathetically
I flirt with every flighty thing
That falls my way" But then he immediately goes back to:
"But how I needed you
When I needed you
Let's not forget
We are so strong
So bloody strong!" as if to beg and say, "but we has so much going for us"

An amazing song. Three's addictive music in the beginning hooked me on it, and it really captivates many of my emotions in the first first. Incredible.

"Although my lover lives
In a place that I can't live
I kinda find I like a life
This lonely
It rips and pierces me
In places i cant see
I love the rip of nerves
The rip that wakes me
So I'm dissatisfied
I love dissatisfied
I love to feel there's always more that I need ..."

Franz Ferdinand – Can't Stop Feeling Lyrics 14 years ago
This is a fairly simple song, but what I got from it is that it's an endlessly reeling chain of emotions, and he doesn't know where it'll take him. I sort of catch a sense of confusion and naive surprise because someone hurt him unexpectedly and he's left there, bewildered.

He's saying, "this is the pain you brought to me, but you don't know it"

Sort of another ode to broken hearts, but this with a twisted take at it like "here we go again"

Sum 41 – There's No Solution Lyrics 14 years ago
He's reeling with thoughts of confusion about what to do, and there's always a doubt. And when he thinks he has it, he doesn't, hence the "there's no solution". There is no happy ending, and that it's always going to be that way. In the end, he just wants to get away from it all because all he can see for himself is constant failure.

Sum 41 – Open Your Eyes Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is amazing.

I think it's about sort of deviating from reality and deeper into your intangible emotions until you're lost. I think that his unreal passiveness or reactions to the real world have begun to show him how easily he's slipping farther from himself, hence the:

"This isn't me
This isn't you
But it's just everything we do
Till you open up your eyes
and understand this isn't real
This isn't me
This isn't you
This is everything but true"

He's finally realizing that he needs to wake up and get out of his dream because it's causing him to drift away from the real world, and he's changed.

Sum 41 – No Reason Lyrics 14 years ago
I think it's about hopelessness on a big in the world. There are so many problems, and he's basically saying there is "no reason" or excuse to wait around, because "when we all fall down, it will be too late" and there will be blame thrown around, when it's really equally everyone's fault for being passive.

Snow Patrol – Ways and Means Lyrics 14 years ago
What I get from the song is that he's trying to make a relationship work, but it isn't because there was some sort of conflict, which I think is that she thinks he's lying by the lyric, "If I lied you'd know it instantly, so I just had to look away." Basically, he's telling the truth and trying to move on, but it doesn't work and he's trying to sort of get out of the pain.

Also, I think it's sort of a love that has expired, but is still strong. As in, he loves her but it's all gotten to be too much. He can leave, but then he can't. There are too many unresolved problems there, and too much love to walk away from. In a nutshell, he's tangled in a bad situation.

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