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O.A.R. – One Shot Lyrics 5 years ago
if life gets stale its never too late to reinvent yourself

Opeth – Death Whispered a Lullaby Lyrics 8 years ago
this song is just awesome. its so well written and the music is spooky. it kinda gives me the creeps because it makes me imagine shadows in the fog or a dark creepy wooded road

Deftones – Sextape Lyrics 8 years ago
i love it. lots of water references in deftones songs...beware, cherry waves, digital bath

Between the Buried and Me – Fossil Genera - A Feed from Cloud Mountain Lyrics 9 years ago
awesome song! i dont think TGM topped Colors but i do think its just as good but they are so different but both so awesome. but ya agree with a couple of these posts, i would have to say its about conspiracies and secret societies that are running the world from behind the scenes. good job termina on catching the "night owls" reference i didnt put that one together yet!

No Motiv – Space Age Love Song Lyrics 10 years ago
ya even tho its not their song i love it

Soundgarden – Burden in My Hand Lyrics 10 years ago
ya but i think its alcohol becuz it mentions it in the first verse plus a bottle can also be the burden in his hand. alcohol will also kill everything about you and what you love.

Cave-In – Innuendo And Out The Other Lyrics 10 years ago
seems like its saying that a lot of time people will talk shit about what they want and have big plans for themselves but make no effort to achieve their goals, just expect it to come to them. someone else ends up with the prize at the end and theyre stuck wonderin why.

Cave-In – In The Stream Of Commerce Lyrics 10 years ago
i think its about major record labels but i could be wrong, "the stream of commerce" meaning the recording industry is a business, all labels are worried about is selling albums.

miles of red tape have choked us dead

kinda like theyre being told to not step over the labels creative boundaries...

Between the Buried and Me – All Bodies Lyrics 10 years ago
it kinda makes me think of religion in general. religion is supposed to be about doing good and better yourself and helping but in a lot of cases it drives people to do terrible things.

O.A.R. – This Town Lyrics 10 years ago
yah i agree with u kenton, this is definitely going to be a great live song. got a great sing along chorus and it perfectly describes the concert atmosphere. im goin to see them tomorrow i cant wait

36 Crazyfists – We Can Not Deny Lyrics 10 years ago
this is a very sweet song! i love the dual vocals its got great lyrics and melodies. i always kinda thought it was about dealing with ur own issues because in the end u really cant count on anyone but yourself.

Between the Buried and Me – Prequel to the Sequel Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is so awesome the intro gives me a musical erection

Between the Buried and Me – White Walls Lyrics 11 years ago
i kinda got the idea this was about how different the colors album was. i like how they reference camilla rhodes thats pretty kool

Deftones – Cherry Waves Lyrics 11 years ago
You hang the anchors over my neck (Saw your end).
I liked it at first but the more you laughed, the crazier I became.

this kinda makes me think of some one that maybe is taking advantage of someones trust or like even after being helped. some people just have a way of bringing you down.

after he swims down after this person they put the anchors on his neck to keep him there. he likes it becuz he feels good about helping his friend but then starts to become "crazy" probly becuz he knows this person wouldnt have done it for him

Veruca Salt – The Morning Sad Lyrics 11 years ago
ya i like think song is about fighting. it makes me think about having a drunk white trash fight with my g/f. i always end up feeling bad the next day haha

Deftones – Pink Cellphone Lyrics 12 years ago
why is everyone being so sensitive? its nothin to get offended about. the song isnt that bad and there are certainly lyrics out there that are alot worse

Catherine – Latnemurtsni Lyrics 12 years ago
Latnemurtsni = instrumental backwords im sure you all new that though lol excellent jam none the less

Catherine – Tom The Overlord Lyrics 12 years ago
i probly wouldve never thought that tierney, but it makes sense lol

Catherine – Party on the Interstate Lyrics 12 years ago
seems to me like its about having meaningless sex with a slutty chick. alot of it sounds like its talking about how much she gets around

Goldfinger – Superman Lyrics 13 years ago
no ones gonna talk about the song?

controlling everything in site
I'm feeling weak
I don't feel right
you're telling me
I have to change
telling me to act my age
but if all that I can do
is just sit and watch time go
then I'll have to say good bye
life's too short to watch it fly
watch it fly

i heard this song today and i listened to this part and it really made me think of myself and the position im in right now

O.A.R. – Love and Memories Lyrics 13 years ago
wasnt too crazy about it at first but its grown on me ;)

Atreyu – Dilated Lyrics 13 years ago
this songs not about drugs handydandys entry up there....good job bud ;)

Local H – Half-Life Lyrics 13 years ago
that is most definitly the idea i got from the song u hit it right on

36 Crazyfists – At the End Of August Lyrics 13 years ago
has anyone seen the movie stand by me? watch the very last scene where the older gordie is writing on his computer.

"I never had friends later on like the ones I had when i was twelve. Jesus does anyone?"

311 – Stealing Happy Hours Lyrics 13 years ago
what can i say that hasnt alraedy been said? its beautiful

311 – Frolic Room Lyrics 13 years ago
i also like the reference to stealing happy hours thats great

311 – Frolic Room Lyrics 13 years ago
sounds like a party, maybe at a specific bar or club. i wish i was there right now! good tune love the new album

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – That Bug Bit Me Lyrics 13 years ago
what the hell theres so many goddam songs about drugs that people cant tell a song that isnt about drugs. this song is about falling in love

Guttermouth – Do The Hustle Lyrics 14 years ago
yah that first line is great i love it. i dont think there were roller blades in the 70s though

Story of the Year – Until The Day I Die Lyrics 14 years ago
i think this song is about caring about someone even tho things are hard to deal with or maybe things fell through the cracks

good song though being from st louis i miss the big blue monkey about 5 years back when dan played drums thats old school shit right there

Custom – Beat Me Lyrics 14 years ago
i want to be the prayer
answered when you meet me

thats the koolest line ever

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