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P.O.D. – Execute the Sounds Lyrics 14 years ago
well the song is great but it doesnt really make any sense!! i have a feeling that it may be about depression the chorus execute the sounds..get rid of the people/problems which i know can feel like screaming sounds in your head..positive come around let the positive feelings come back and leave the i'm guessing that the verses have something to do with that to..getting over depression-i dunno thats just how it comes across to me!

36 Crazyfists – Dislocate Lyrics 14 years ago
its so catchy!! i dont really get wat its about tho it may be a depressin song but it makes me feel pretty good!!

Atreyu – The Right Side Of The Bed Lyrics 14 years ago
its about him being cheated on but he can see what shes doing even when hes gone.. al her guilt is given to him to make him feel like its his fault its happening.. she shags other people obviously it hurts him an knows shes using them but he wishes just to be used to feel like she still loves him.. he hates thinking back to what they had as it hurts him but now hes letting her go but he's still wondering who will be there to take his place now he's gone he knows that its the best thing to do to let her go but it feels totally wrong eventually he moves on! an you just died seems to me as if she has now died in his mind. this song is ace!! its like a really happy tune for a quite depressing experience.

SikTh – Scent Of The Obscene Lyrics 14 years ago
yeah this is about two faced people i agree its like this certain person there singing about has a scheme to make friends to trust them and they lie and hurt them they also keep taking an taking..maybe giving the unworthy a message to see what there doing and how they make the hurt feel..the song is lush an the lyrics are awesome it gets out all emotion and everything they want to say to this person..its kool to be able to relate to this song for someone you know!!

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