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Of Monsters And Men – Yellow Light Lyrics 5 years ago
For the most part I agree, and I think that the comments suggesting that the song is "about" madness or death are missing the point. My reading of this is that it is a song about a person experiencing "true" (in the mature, enduring sense) love for the first time and being terrified at the prospect of realising that she wants to spend her life with that other person. This is, indeed, a frightening prospect, as it necessitates confronting one's own mortality - the corollary to spending your life with another person is that they will outlive you - which the song evokes splendidly with the references to howling beasts and being eaten alive, and the funereal closing section (which would not sound out of place on a horror movie soundtrack).

Super Furry Animals – Fuzzy Birds Lyrics 16 years ago
Well, the bit at the start pretty much explains what the song is about. The title comes from when they were recording it and a seagull flew into the pylon next to the studio. They found the dead bird the next day and it was "sort of fuzzy" as a result of the electrocution.

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