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Baroness – War, Wisdom and Rhyme Lyrics 11 years ago
This song has a lot to do with the american civil war.

"Only an angel can feed on ashes and ovaries" Refers to the burning of homes and crops. "The peach and the rattlesnake" Georgia, along with the 'Don't tread on me' rattlesnake.

"Maybe the sawgrass did feel - burnt confederate steel" More fire. Probably the burning of the confederate navy in Florida, among other things.

Perhaps someone who's a civil war buff can make some more connections, or correct me.

Baroness – Steel That Sleeps the Eye Lyrics 11 years ago
This track is a giant glaring clue as to the biggest theme of the Blue Record.

"waves are screaming abraxan hymns"
Abraxas (or Abrasax), is a symbol/god of duality. Both good and evil. The theme is reiterated in 'Swollen and Halo' in the line "of god and beast." 'The Gnashing' also indicates the duality/Abaxas theme heavily.

As for this song, it seems to be about all the things revolving around a battle. Before, after, within and outside of the fight.

Mushroomhead – Destroy The World Around Me Lyrics 13 years ago
XIII, and specifically -this- song is Mushroomhead's magnum opus.

As for the lyrics, I don't believe they are about any particular war. But I believe they're about the victims of war, the feeling of being completely overwhelmed by what's happening, and the hopelessness they feel.

Vanden Plas – Christ 0 Lyrics 13 years ago
It seems to me that this song is also about the development of the Christ 0 persona/personality.
"Swallow all the hate I can eat" "Now I gather somebody else's lives" Christ 0 is being created from his anger and the characters in the horror movies he's watching (Refer to 'Silently')

"In broken words said from the other part of me.

Give me your heart give me your soul
Can you give me your life..." Christ 0 emerges.

There also seems to be exchanges between the original character and Christ 0.
"They are the reason for my day of living" -Christ 0
"I gave my soul away to the unforgiven" -Original

Kamelot – Soul Society Lyrics 14 years ago
What an awesome song.

Coincidentally, in the Bleach anime/manga, 'Soul Society' is where most people go when they die. And it's definitly not a flawless place. I wonder, if whoever wrote this song also has read the comic.

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros – Minstrel Boy (Film Version) Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree with you completely Maekrix. This is one of those songs that makes you feel good about music in general, and perhaps a bit patriotic. Not wanting to sully your music by playing it in times of despair, ruining the good memories.. there's just something moving about that.

Queen – Somebody To Love Lyrics 14 years ago
Now THIS is a real love song. People are surprised when I say I'm unimpressed with these pop rock, love songs of the week. They're generally uninspired, emotionless, bids to get a hit single. They turn those things out by the hundreds, they're easy to make. "Hey, here's a love song. Buy my album."

This song has emotion, soul.. and I love it, it's beautiful.

Rammstein – Mein Teil (English) Lyrics 15 years ago
Very catchy. "Denn! Du bist!.."

And very creepy. The last verse "Ein schrei wird zum himmel fahren..." is one of the most haunting things I've ever heard. C'mon, the guy is talking about cutting apart angels with his scream and their 'feathy flesh' falling from the sky. Awesomely twisted.

Judas Priest – All Guns Blazing Lyrics 15 years ago
Awesome song., it has definatly turned me onto Judas Priest. There's a very 'badass' feeling to it, it's screams DESTRUCTION.

Tool – Right in Two Lyrics 15 years ago
People do anything they can for money and power, instead of living in peace and sharing.
"Angels on the sideline again
Been too long with patience and reason
Angels on the sideline again
Wondering where this tug of war will end"
When are they [people] gonna learn?

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Little Wing Lyrics 15 years ago
If I had to guess, this song is about the perfect woman Jimi envisioned in his head. The woman being the other half of a set of wings (soulmates). Or, it could just be a tribute to women in general.

Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark Lyrics 16 years ago
I can't believe I haven't commented on this song.

I think this song is about that feeling you get when you walk into a dark room, or see a shadow moving in the corner of your eye. Perhaps Dickinson has seen shades (or 'shadow people', google it.) like I have. When I get overly paranoid, this song usually comes to mind.

KoЯn – Twisted Transistor Lyrics 16 years ago
Foolishness, foolishness. God wont save you, god don't want you.

I wonder how the christian reich will respond.

Badly Drawn Boy – Year of The Rat Lyrics 16 years ago
I get the feeling this song is about seeing everyone you care about, as often as possible. And caring about the people you don't know, because they can all be gone in a second.

It's definatly one of those songs everyone should hear.

System of a Down – Hypnotize Lyrics 16 years ago
IMO, the song is about Pop-culture and television dumbing us down and drawing out minds away from the things we should be thinking about. -The girlfriend represents someone who is sucked into all of this, while the person in the car is the free thinking 'outsider'. The 'girl' is afraid of becoming a free thinker/outsider while the person in the car is just waiting for the 'girl' to oper her eyes.

A Perfect Circle – Passive Lyrics 16 years ago
To me it seems he's speaking to someone that he's attached to, that has become disenchanted with life or suffering from a disease that *might* or might not be fatal (or both).

He seems to think the person is strong, but they've given up completely. He's thinking 'you could've done/become a million things, but you've decided to continue acting this way; it's a shame' Towards the end of the song, things come to a head. The person has continued to be negative and he's had enough of it.

A Perfect Circle – Vanishing Lyrics 16 years ago
A breath on a cold day. Floating up, thinning out and disappearing. - At it's core, I think he's pondering about the inpermanence of things. Thoughts, emotions, people, money, everything.. like a breath disappearing into the winter sky. It's poetic.

Nothingface – I Wish I Was A Communist Lyrics 16 years ago

Nothingface – Ether Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is about how america views/conducts war.

We came to take control - remove your government
We came to sell you freedom - How about some oil?
We came to burn you down - bombed into submission.
We came to brainwash children - america is great, don't rebel.

Mudvayne – The Patient Mental Lyrics 16 years ago
I love the wordplay in this song. Some things Chad says can be heard in a completely differant way, depending who you are.

A passive speared ritual
(The passive spirit you're all)
Driven by our war ship
(Driven by, your worship)
The hate driven envy
(The hate driven in me)

In Flames – Touch Of Red Lyrics 16 years ago
I think this is about your own personal opiate. Be it wine, love or whatever.

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son Lyrics 16 years ago
Warmongering, the american hierarchy, the uninformed; this song takes a jab at all of them. We're not your pawns. - That said. This song is just as relevant today as it was back then. There are differant forms of patriotism. America was once a land without a hierarchy, but the princes just have differant titles now. We were once a land of the completely equal, the humble yet defiant. Not the oppressive.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Dross Lyrics 16 years ago
One of, it not my most favorite Pumpkin's song.

I think it's about the envy some people feel for stars.

Moonspell – Ghostsong Lyrics 16 years ago
Beautiful song.

System of a Down – B.Y.O.B. Lyrics 16 years ago
Banned: Good job of making an ass of yourself. You say we don't send the poor? Well I've got some news for you. These kids are being bribed into giving up their lives with the promise of money for college. Shavo? That sounds like a VERY normal childhood to me. If you don't think an artist or intellectual can come from that kind of life, again you are wrong. 'But as long as it's anti-Bush, lies are ok...' - I have yet to read a lie about Bush that didn't have basis in truth. Also, good job of missing the meaning of the lyrics. Stop watching Fox 'News' and start thinking for yourself. This isn't anti-american in the least. It's saying there's something WRONG with america. And that is Bush and his warmongering.

NOW. Instead of bitching anymore, I'll decypher some of the lyrics for everyone.

'Kneeling roses disappearing into Moses' dry mouth.'
Kneeling roses are placed on graves.
Moses led his people through the desert. His mouth is dry, so he's thirsty. (for oil? blood?)

Mudvayne – Fall Into Sleep Lyrics 16 years ago
Definatly seems about the apathy (and hatred?) of the world. Nobody gives a damn.

Dimmu Borgir – Mourning Palace Lyrics 16 years ago
For some reason, it reminds me of the story of Lucifer rebelling against god, and the 1/3 of the angels that sided with him... all damned to hell for all time.

Dimmu Borgir – Entrance Lyrics 16 years ago
I allways imagined this as the theme song of someone's fall to hell. :)

I actually thing the song is about the void.

Blackhawk – That's Just About Right Lyrics 17 years ago
Such a beautirful song, one of the few country songs I actually like. Obviously, it's about how we see things in life. Things are allways changing, and what we expect doesn't allways happen. I think the main theme of this song is to take things as they happen and not allways look to the future.

Rammstein – Mein Herz Brennt (English) Lyrics 17 years ago
I allways imagine a man putting his children to bed. And he's trying to comfort them by telling them he'll protect them fromwhatever may come in the night.

The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil Lyrics 17 years ago
Why would we have sympathy for the devil? Well, here's the reason. The devil is blamed for alot of the bad things that happen. When really, the devil doesn't exist. And the evil is part of us.The 'devil' is just a scapegoat. The person you blame things you did on.

The song gives several events that 'the devil had a hand in' when really, it was just the evil or greed of people. Basicly, the worse aspects of human nature. And here's what makes me think that:

"Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads is tails"
He's making a point about about how most people are two faced. What you see is not what they really are.

"Tell me baby, what's my name"
Who am I?

"I tell you one time, you're to blame"
I'm you.

The politeness of the speaker leads me to believe that he is representing the evil of man. He's smiling and being very nice to you, but he's probably plotting to kill you. -- It's all about human nature.

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