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My Chemical Romance – House Of Wolves Lyrics 14 years ago
i think this song sounds like the cure's 'the lovecats', but if robert smith had written it about wolves, instead of cats

it's pretty cool

My Chemical Romance – The Sharpest Lives Lyrics 14 years ago
i think this is about the life the patient led up to and at the point he was diagnosed with cancer. he lives like a vampire, sleeping through the day and partying all night, getting drunk and doing lots of drugs. for example "give me a shot to remember", could be him injecting drugs, specifically heroin, maybe? and when he says "a light to burn all the empires", could be him talking about preparing the heroin on a spoon. the drug is so bad that it could collapse an empire.

i also think the patient sleeps with a prostitute in this as well, or at least a random girl from a club. the way he says: "so why don't you blow me, a kiss before she goes" and "one kiss and i will surrender". and also, he's afraid that this girl will leave him like everyone else seems to be, because of his actions ("so you can leave like the sane abandoned me").

basically, he's just afraid of losing everyone

Be Your Own Pet – Ouch Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is a punk rock retelling of the greatest movie ever: 'dawn of the dead'. and i'm talking about the good version, the original.

the tagline for the movie was 'when there is no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the earth'.

Pixies – River Euphrates Lyrics 15 years ago
I always thought this song sounds kind of like 'Velouria', but only a little bit.

The Rakes – 22 Grand Job Lyrics 15 years ago
He said it was about when he went for an interview for a job that was 22,000 a year, and left the interview all smug, thinking he got it. He soon got a call telling him he wasn't "right for the job", as they say.

The Rakes – Strasbourg Lyrics 15 years ago
I think it's about people trying to escape Germany when the Berlin Wall was still raised. Well, that's what they said in an interview once.

The Rakes – Open Book Lyrics 15 years ago
I think it's about a break up, because the girl in the relationship isn't being open and honest. Alan (the singer) is reflecting on it, and is becoming worried that she won't come back to him.

The Rakes – We Are All Animals Lyrics 15 years ago
I think these lyrics raise the issue of people believing God created the world as it's told in the Bible, and scientists revealing that we actually evovled from animals. It can be seen in the line: "Will genes replace Genesis?"

Pixies – The Holiday Song Lyrics 15 years ago
"Sister" doesn't have to mean his actual sister. Some people use sister in the some way "brother" is used. So, "sister" could just mean "girl". Although, knowing what Frank Black's like lyrically, he probably is talking about his sister.

To me "He took his sister from his head/And then painted her on the sheets/And then rolled her up in grass and trees/And they kissed 'till they were dead" means that he was imagining he was having sex with a girl in a grassy area - maybe a tropical forest? That's what I imagine - until they couldn't continue, and he ejaculated all over his sheets.

Mclusky – To Hell With Good Intentions Lyrics 15 years ago
I always reckoned "My love is bigger than your love" was a more poetic way of saying "My dick is bigger than your dick". Which is poetic enough anyway.

Death from Above 1979 – Pull Out Lyrics 15 years ago
When I saw them live, Sebastian introduced this song with: "This song is about the joys of unprotected sex." I guess that sums it up.

Franz Ferdinand – Jacqueline Lyrics 15 years ago
The character Ivor in the song is actually a Glaswegian poet/songwriter called Ivor Cutler. He'll be 82 on January 15th, and the story in the song happened about around 10 years ago, so he would've been about 71 or 72 then. Anyway, he used to go the library that Jacqueline worked in a lot, and talked to her. Jacqueline thought it was innocent, and that he was a lonely old man looking for a friendly face, when he was actually quite attracted to the 17 year old girl. One night, I think Jacqueline walked Ivor home, because it was late and dark, and Ivor offered her up to his flat for a cup of tea, as a thank you. Jacqueline agreed and went up. Then, Ivor told her how he felt about her. Jacqueline was horrified that an old man was attracted to her. At this, Ivor became very sad and said that he didn't blame her, because whenever he looked at Jacqueline, he forgot that he was an old man and thought that he was 17 again. I hope that makes some sense, because I don’t think it looks right. Anyway, it’s quite a tragic story about an old man feeling young again.

The Rakes – Binary Love Lyrics 15 years ago
Actually, I don't think it's about computer sex anymore. I get the more distinct feeling that it's about a robot who has been implanted with an emotion chip, or something, and has fallen in love with his female creator. But, if not, then I recon it's an internet romance.

The Rakes – Binary Love Lyrics 15 years ago
To me, this song is about fucking a computer. But that may just be the whole thing about "metal and wires" and the name, 'Binary Love'.

Pretty Girls Make Graves – Speakers Push The Air Lyrics 15 years ago
This song pretty much explains my feelings towards Pretty Girls Make Graves. I heard their music and it "opened my eyes" to quote from the song. Trully amazing band.

Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug Lyrics 15 years ago
I think Reznor left this song to be interpreted in any way that the fans wanted to think of it. It could be about a lover or about drugs. I think he wrote it about a woman who he desires like a drug-addict desires drugs, but left it open for others to look at it as they wish, as many musicians, poets and artists do. Basically, I agree with what Oracle0204 said. Though, I do think Reznor was using the feelings drug addicts have - he being an ex-addict - in order to get the way this woman makes him feel across.

The video itself is very interesting. Judging from the period-esque setting, I think Reznor is being cast as an Edgar Allan Poe character. A lot of the evidence is there: the bottles of absinthe/laudanum which Poe was heavily addicted to, the raven which flies around the screen (perhaps taken from the poem "The Raven"), and the portrait of the young girl which seems to haunt (this could also be a nod to "The Raven" in which Poe reflects upon the portrait of Lenore). I love the dark imagery and style of the video, also.

Pretty Girls Make Graves – If You Hate Your Friends, You're Not Alone Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this band and this song, they're really amazing, both on record and live. I think the lyrics of this song can be serious and comical at the same time. If I'm in a certain mood, I can imagine it being a ghetto, high school bitch fight. Andrea is amazing

The White Stripes – Black Math Lyrics 16 years ago
I never thought about the learning guitar idea before, but looking at the lyrics, I suppose it could relate to the guitar learning method.

The "longer words" that "are really breaking my back now", could perhaps be more complex chords, etc. that he's finding hard to grasp. Similarly, "Drawing a square with a pencil in hand" could relate to the term 'throwing shapes' guitarist use to describe their solos, with the "pencil in hand" his plectrum, even though Jack plays with his thumb, fore, and middle finger.

I never thought about the Freemason's referencing either, mainly because I know practically nothing about the Freemason's, but the arguements here seem to reveal the references. I always just thought this song was about school and learning - one the school kids could identify with.

The Bravery – No Brakes Lyrics 16 years ago
I thought this song sounded slightly reminiscent of Pulp. Like an American Pulp or something. I never thought The Bravery were any good, but I heard this song and I thought it was brilliant.

Queens of the Stone Age – Feel Good Hit Of The Summer Lyrics 16 years ago
I heard Josh Homme say this was the list of drugs he took during his Millenium party. Brilliant song though- Queens of the Stone Age are magnificent.

Franz Ferdinand – Darts Of Pleasure Lyrics 16 years ago
I heard this song about 2003 on John Peel's Radio 1 show. I was hooked on them immediatley. Franz Ferdinand are most definitely the best band around at the moment. I love them.

The song's probably about a one night stand. In the video, it shows Alex (or his mouth) kissing some girls, and afterwards (possible the next day) a guy comes up and punches him outside Stereo. Maybe the girl's boyfriend/brother/dad? But the "line of dark fantastic passion" does conjure the image of snorting cocaine to me, but I don't think FF are drug users.

Franz Ferdinand – Your Diary Lyrics 16 years ago
Oops, I meant December, not September.

Franz Ferdinand – Your Diary Lyrics 16 years ago
I too heard this live at the 'Christmas Show' they did in Glasgow in September. Their new stuff is really good, a little bit more developed and evolved from the first album, but not so much that you think 'Why did they change?'

Cant' wait for their next album.

Franz Ferdinand – Shopping For Blood Lyrics 16 years ago
For some reason, I always thought this was about Alex's run in with the police. He was arrested once for running a bar without a license in The Chateau, and spent the night in jail. I thought this was what the police maybe said to him.

But, I have heard him mention it was something to do with Glasgow's upper class, who look down their noses at everyone

Franz Ferdinand – Jacqueline Lyrics 16 years ago
I know that Jacqueline was Paul's ex-girlfriend.

The chips in the bit about Gregor are actually chips that you eat (French fries for Americans), not gambling chips or whatever. Anyway, he's getting beat up by neds (Glaswegian thugs) and is too drunk to fight back, so he just let's them continue. As sOCS479 said, go to the site and you'll see the lyrics in a story form.

Franz Ferdinand – This Fire Lyrics 16 years ago
I think this song's about being passionate with someone, and that you're such a 'hot couple' that you'll 'burn the city'. Or something. Hmm...

I do know that the city is Galsgow - woo!

Franz Ferdinand – Michael Lyrics 16 years ago
I absolutely love this song, I think it's fantastic and so witty. I used to think it was about girls who were in love with a guy called Michael, and how they all wanted to do sexy things to him.

According to the band, it was written about a friend of theirs (Michael McGaughrin of Scot's band V-Twin) who went to the Glasgow club Optimo (the "beautiful dancefloor"), got blitzed and danced all sexily with another guy. Michael himself has admitted that it's true. What's funny is that both guys are straight, and were going out with girls who were annoyed at the incident.

Franz Ferdinand – Auf Achse Lyrics 16 years ago
I think 'Auf Asche'/'On The Road' is about a guy who become obsessed with another girl, to the point where he is stalking her constantly. His friends are saying "Why are you going after here? She's not so great", but the guy won't listen to them and is so deep in his obsession, he can't escape it.

"Now you wish she'd never
Come back here again
Oh, never come back here again"
I think the above means that the guy has realised his mistake and is regretting it, because whenever she appears he can't keep his eyes off her.

With the final part: "Now I'm nailed above you..." The guy has maybe been revealed as the girl's stalker and she has said to he friends, etc. what he's been doing to her - following her around - and he's saying to the girl "You've practically killed me now."

I hope that makes sense, I can never explain these things properly. I noticed that there's a typo in the album that says "She's not so special/So look what you've done, Bob". Maybe that could be a subtle hint to who the song is about - Bob?

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